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Johnny Cage Flash Parry Concept from MonkeyBizness
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After Kombat's crazy showing last weekend at CEO, Johnny Cage has been back on people's radar. If you were looking to see what he's capable of for yourself, scope out this flash parry setup using his Fatal Blow cancel.
CEO 2019 Top 8 Results
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It's Sunday! Which means the start of a new week! And the end of CEO 2019. With that, we have the best of 700 NRS players battling it out for pro tour points and here's the breakdown of what went down as it happened.
Ed Boon Teasing Nightwolf Reveal
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With CEO starting today, Ed Boon is adding to the hype train by dropping a Nightwolf teaser on Twitter. Just an image, but there's definitely more to come.
CEO 2019 MK11 Pools Starting
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CEO 2019 is definitely a thing that's happening. And it's happening right now! Florida's biggest major and MK11's second event is going down, and you can catch that all over here.

CEO 2019 - Stream Schedule (10 Years Strong!)

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CEO's 10th event is happening this weekend, and we've got stream and pool info for every game, from Mortal Kombat 11 to Brawlhalla. If you want to see who's got Ninjakilla or SonicFox in their pool, check this out.​
Kitana anti-roll OPTION SELECT in the corner
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I was playing around with trying to get a free neutral jump on knockdown, and figured out that B142 grants the advantage to do it. I set the opponent to roll to see if they can punish the whiffed B231 but to my surprise the string didn't come out, and standing 3 came the other way. And then a light went off in my head and I theorized that an option select could be possible. And sure enough, IT WORKS.
Mortal Kombat 11 Servers To Be Down for Maintenance from June 25, 2019 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM CST
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As the title suggests, a notification was broadcast from the MK11 Notifications tab that MK11 Servers will be down Tuesday, June 25, 2019 from 8:30 to 12:30 CST. Only Story Mode, Klassic Towers, and Practice Mode will be available during this time.
MK act on America's Got Talent!!
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America's Got Talent recently saw a Mortal Kombat inspired dance routine put together by Adem Show. It got the entire audience on their feet, and impressed the famously hard-to-impress Simon Cowell. Scope this out down below.

[Offline] Gamers World Vernon Hills Weekly Tournaments! (Vernon Hills, IL)

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Greetings Kombatants!

My name is Ken I am the T/O in charge of the Mortal Kombat 11 Tournaments. Gamers World has been branching out and evolving our store to house more events and make it a place for people to come freely and play various board games, and now video games to their hearts content. We've been housing a Smash Ultimate Tournament since launch and have been housing Mortal Kombat 11 as well from launch. We have the Kombat Pack as well as keep to up with each patch as they come. WE WILL ALSO BE HOUSING A SHANG TSUNG ONLY FREE TOURNAMENT ON THE 18TH

Mortal Kombat 11 – Official Kombat League Announce Trailer

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Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) has risen to be one of the most popular games in the world following its release, as many members of the game's community are working to improve their skills and become the very best Mortal Kombat 11 players they can be. It is no secret that playing against tougher opponents will help players become better themselves, and the newly announced MK11 Kombat League is looking to be the avenue for players to do this. If you are curious about what the MK11 ranked league entails, be sure to check out all of the recently revealed information about the new Mortal Kombat 11 league game mode below.
Terminator accidentally konfirmed?!
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I've seen a couple of people on various websites confirm they tried this and got the same result, but roughly five hours ago, if you were to google "Mortal Kombat Terminator" you would get a result that looked like this...
Ed Boon Teases Thunder Skin for Xbox Players
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If you bought an Xbone way back in 2013, you probably owned Killer Instinct. One of the first exclusives for the new consoles, it's held a place in the FGC with a passionate community keeping the game alive to this day. Thunder is that franchise's Native American representative of the cast, a big guy who hits stuff with axes.
NRS reports current netcode is "Running Normally" amid Instability spike reports
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*UPDATE: This seems to have been addressed with the latest update to the game. If you are on current patch and having issues, fix your internet

Since the newest patch to hit Mk11 has come out users have been taking to twitter and other platforms stating they are having
issues with the netcode in its current state..but NRS begs to differ..
According the an r/mortalkombat reddit post Nrs staff user WB_Will stated that everything is "running normally"​
Kombat League Official In-Game Announcement
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From the notifications in the game:

GET OVER HERE - Mk11 Xbox Patch Notes [6/11/19] PS4

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A patch came out of nowhere for Mortal Kombat 11. Catch the patch notes here if they aren't in game yet. If they are, catch them here anyway
Mysterious Kombat League Delayed a Week
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So you know that icon for something called "The Kombat League" that pops up whenever you go to play MK11 online? The countdown timer had us set to find out what that was today, but it appears to have been reset to go live "In 7 Days".

Ninjakilla confirmed to beat Sonicfox in set 10-3

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Last night, Sonic Fox got wrecked in 10-3 in a match with who appeared to be a random Jacqui player. We've now learned the identity of this random player, who isn't actually a random.

Delicious "OVI-LOOPS" for Queen D'vorah!

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Some video and tech for those of you looking to play D'vorah. How to use her effectively, and some things you can do to psyche your opponent out, check it out!

Anti-Wakeups U+3 & Anti-Flawless Block Tech

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Sup guys!

This is quite advanced but something similar in MKX already worked. For this reason I am already applying it and I hope that it will serve those of us who do not know this technology.
Kombat Kast Recap 6/5/19
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After a billion years, we have a new Kombat Kast! A real one! Talking about MK11! This time around, we have a breakdown for Shang Tsung, the next DLC character coming out sometime in the near future.