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MizBiz's Arena: Asia Top-8 Invitationals

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Looking for something to do this Saturday? Please come support the Asian MK kommunity by attending the Top-8 invitational tournament hosted by MiseryBusiness!!! The event starts at 9pm (GMT+8) (8am Sunday EST). STREAM LINK

Announcing The Kolosseum Season II! Inj2, MKX, and MK11

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The Kolosseum is back and better than ever with Season II! We decided to bring back a familiar format but give you the players more games and less downtime. We are bringing back a long point based season and a new format called Matchmaking. Essentially it will be like queueing for a Ranked match only amongst other competitors. Points will be on the line and if you place top 8 in matchmaking get ready to play on stream! Top 8s each week are single elim with some added flare for players and viewers alike. Round 1 is FT3, Semis FT5, and finals FT7. Make Top 16 in points at the end of an 8 week season and you are in the Finale! Good luck everyone!

R1p's Arena Season 2

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It's going to be tough to top season 1's insanity, especially with that $1,100 prize pool, but Season 2 is already off to a great start! I'll keep this thread updated with the schedule and results.

Announcing The MK11 Arena League with a $1,100 Prize Pool for Season 1!

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To learn more or to sign up,
CLICK HERE to visit the R1p's Arena Discord.