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Bruce Campbell officially denies the rumor that he's DLC in MK11. Truth? Or smokescreen?

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Either this is an attempt of Bruce to troll us, or NRS trolled us all along, or … well, I don't know. This is getting really weird.

Or possibly reverse psychology at its finest.

CONCLUDED: Earthrealm Dojo Feat: NinjaKilla, FOREVER KING, Slayer and more!

Kharacter Tower Requirements Hotfix

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NRS just hotfixed the kharacter towers.

For example instead of 75 Fatalities and Brutalities on Stage 2 its now 10 each.

Or instead of 100 Krushing Blows for Stage 3 its now only 25.
Kollectibles Map for the Krypt
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Yeah, I spelled collectibles with a "k", what are you going to do? Nothing, that's what. Because you'll be too appreciative of reddit user The6thCelestial who put together this map of the chests in the Krypt.

Mortal Kombat was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame today

E-League MK11 - May 1 - July 24 at 5pm ET (MrAquaman + UltraDavid)

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  • 5 teams of 2 players each
  • Teams race to win 80 matches of online play and 2x 15-win streak endless towers runs
  • First team to complete the challenge becomes the Khan
  • Remaining teams are ranked based on how many matches and living towers they've completed
  • Each match win = 1 point
  • Each 15-win streak on endless towers = 15 points (14-win streak = 0 points)
Hosted by @UltraDavid and @Mr Aquaman
"Defenders of the Realm" Tournament Invitational (Today) (Santiago, Chile)
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We have created an urban intervention, never seen before with Mortal Kombat 11! We have entered some devastated ruins and prepared the site as a place from which we are hosting an invitational tournament.

Today 6 PM (GMT-4)

Link transmission facebook live:

MK11 PC / STEAM version promised to catch up to 1.03 by next week

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NRS/WBG is showing more transparency by offering us an insight into their nearest plans on updating all versions to 1.03 by next week latest.

For PC, we have two patches in progress. We’re aiming to have the first patch in the series released in the next day or two. This patch will include:
Shimmering Stone Available in 1 Fight Tower
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So if you've looked at the Towers of Time at all, you noticed the blank section where you can use a "tower key" to summon up an awesome tower with a lot of rewards. Well, to go with the recent patch for the Towers to make them more fun, one of the new towers up is offering up a Shimmering Stone to conjure up one of those super duper towers.

Version 1.03 out now on PS4 (FULL PATCH NOTES NOW AVAILABLE)

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UPDATE: Full patch notes out.

Version 1.03 is out on PS4.
Patch(es) for Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch "coming soon"
Easter Eggs and Hidden Mechanics You May Have Overlooked
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So over the weekend, was seeing some tweets and rumblings about some Easter Eggs and other things in the game that people have been finding. Figured "hey, this is a website meant to compile things for MK11 and discuss them? Why not do a big post with some of those things for those who aren't informed?" So here we are!

PSA: There is reportedly a game breaking bug that stops all progression

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EDIT: Derek Kirtzic says this has been fixed now:
If you are still having the problem, try smashing a Shao Kahn Chest in The Krypt so it gives you Souls and then put back on the blindfold. This should fix it. Thanks @Roy Arkon
Mortal Kombat 11 is $10 Off on Amazon, Walmart and Other retailers!
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Hey all BanTheTesters here! It turns out Gamespot's Jenae Sitzes Is reporting that the New NRS game is already $10 off at select retailers! Bringing it to a total of $50 (thanks @HellblazerHawkman lol!) A great opportunity to pick it up for those of you possibly still on the fence!​
Rules and Details for the new Kombat Cup: Win a Trip to Combo Breaker
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A few days after teasing its return, we have official details on the return of the Kombat Cup! Shorter format, but more immediate prize: a paid trip to Combo Breaker 2019 (or $1000 cash if you are already going. Scope out the relevant information down below.
4/24/19 Emergency Kombat Kast Recap
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With concerns popping up with various issues surrounding the initial launch of Mortal Kombat 11, this emergency Kombat Kast was called to address concerns. Items on the docket were fixes related to difficulty of Towers of Time, reward progression, and more.
Mr. Aquaman Teases Return of Kombat Cup
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Mr. Aquaman, notable mustache aficionado, is known for many things in the NRS community: being one of two people to play Ares in IGAU, his amazing commentary work after Ares drove him to retire, and for hosting two gigantic online competitive leagues for MKX and Injustice 2. And as of last night, it seems like we can add Mortal Kombat 11 to the list.
Kombat Kast 4-22-19 Recap *last before MK11 edition*
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8 more hours until Mortal Kombat 11. And to go over some last remaining details that haven't officially been looked at (or have been unofficially misunderstood) we have another Kombat Kast! The chief topic of discussion this week is Shao Kahn and what you get for pre-ordering sometime in the next 8 hours.

Test Your Might News Show #1 Now Available

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Join Jolt, a new member of the TYM news team for the first episode of the TYM news show! The Test Your Might News Show is a new piece of content for the community. This is a video roundup of news for the Test Your Might community. This will often feature a quick summary of some of the recent events that we have covered on the website. The first episode is now available, it summarizes news from the last week pre-MK11 launch.
Noble Raptor Creates New Website for Tech and Guides
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If you dipped out of the scene during the later half of Injustice 2, you might have missed all of the sweet guides Noble Raptor put together on how to play every character in the cast. While being one of the few things keeping the scene busy during a slow time, they also served as a great resource for people looking to learn a new character. Taking advantage of Mortal Kombat 11 coming out next week, Raptor has created a website dedicated to sharing guides and tech.