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Announcing The MK11 Arena League with a $1,100 Prize Pool for Season 1!

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To learn more or to sign up,
CLICK HERE to visit the R1p's Arena Discord.
How To Watch EVO 2021 Online — (NA MK11 is Today/Tomorrow! Post Steams)
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Hey, everyone! So for the first time ever, there's a fairly unconventional format for the EVO championship this year. Everything is online, and the main tournament is held across two weekends instead of one. It'll take a little more work to keep track of the action across Twitch, so here's how you can watch:
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Announcing R1p's Arena: Daily MK11 PS4 and PC Ft10s, Beefsets, and Money Matches

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Are you an MK11 fan on PS4 or PC? Then you need to join R1p's Arena!!! Players of all regions and skill levels are welcome!

Announcing 2v2 MK11 Invitational

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I'm excited to announce the upcoming MK11 2v2 Invitational Tournament! With a prize pool of over 200 Euros and some of the top EU players participating, it's sure to be one insane event! The stream starts this Sunday at 11am EST (5pm CEST time). Hope to see you there!!!