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EVO 2020 Redesigned

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Thanks to @Arqwart for posting this as a status update, but it's probably a good idea to have a thread for discussion.

The LAB Top 8 Online Invitational

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SMASH.gg : ttps://smash.gg/tournament/the-lab-top-8-online-invitational-mortal-kombat-11/details

LAN Lords Gaming Centre Presents The LAB Weekly 1 Qualifier
This is a qualifier event for the $1000 CAD Top 8 Invitational. All rules for the Top 8 qualifier can be found here: https://smash.gg/TheLABTop8

Anyone who is invited will be eligible to play for a total prize pool of $1000 plus other merch, medals/trophies and memorabilia for The LAB!

Rules for the Weekly
  1. Entry is FREE upon following us on Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, or Instagram
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/lanlordsgc
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lanlordsgc
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lanlordsgc/
  2. Online tournament starts at 7pm-11pm EST.
  3. Attendees...

Ed Boon Interview With Gamespot About the Future of MK11: "One Year Later, Mortal Kombat 11 Is Just Getting Started"

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-Wants to support the game for long time.
-Would love to have Kustom Variations in Competitive.
-Already working on their next project.

Taking cues from its predecessors--Mortal Kombat X and the DC Comics fighting game Injustice 2--MK11 is an evolving game, and the game we have now isn't the game we had at launch. Celebrating its first year anniversary this month, MK11 shows that the series is firing on all cylinders with its competitive tournament scene and a suite of updates. These have improved current characters and introduced new ones, including the most recent guest appearance, '90s comics icon Spawn.
While MK has had a reputation for sticking close to its gimmick of cartoon violence, MK11 features the most refined combat and in-depth customization to date, proving there's much more going on under the hood than some people think. Furthermore, it doesn't get enough credit for also being a highly approachable fighting game, giving newcomers plenty...

Kombat Afrika Online 3 vs 3 Regional Series

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Presenting Kombat Africa! Where Africa’s finest MK11 competitors will be running a 3 vs 3 team exhibition match to see which is the top region in African MK11.

30 March 2020 the first team battle will take place with Team Zambia going up against Team East Africa as we see GEM | Mr 5000, Ai | Cortex as well as Ai | Killjoy from Zambia taking on FTG | Mr Stacks, Grant and RMP | Baraza from East Africa.

- Zambia is currently holding the crown of “strongest players in Africa” and they are at full force with their team but that doesn’t mean the rest of the continent aren’t at their necks ready to take that number 1 spot! With all our great local talent be sure to catch the crazy FGC Africa action live at:

The Kombat Africa regional series will involve other teams that will be from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola and more.

More informations as we update, just keep in touch with this thread.


Patch Note Breakdown by Mustard (covers the block buffer change)

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The beginning of the video has him going over and showing the changes that the block buffer adjustment made.

Spawn Kombat Kast - Wednesday 11th (tomorrow), 3:00pm CDT

Official MK11 PS4/XB1 Patch Notes 03/10/20

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Below are the patch notes for the 03/10 Mortal Kombat 11 PS4 & XB1 patches:

General Gameplay Adjustments
  • Move list corrections
  • Improvements to AI logic
  • Fixed issues with some augments not granting correct bonuses
  • Increased the button input buffer when exiting a block hit reaction from 2 to 5 frames
  • Practice Mode > AI Options > Kustom > Block Attack options now have more defined options Fast, Delay, Late which will perform the Block Attack on the first frame, randomly delayed or on the last frame
  • Practice Mode > AI Options > Record now has a new Recording Slot to be used for Kustom Getup / Reversal
  • Practice Mode > AI Options > Kustom > Reversal Attack now has an option for Kustom Reversal & Kustom Reversal with Navigation which uses the Recording Slot Kustom Getup / Reversal starting with the button press or the directional input when with Navigation
  • Practice Mode > AI Options > Kustom > Getup Attack now has an option for Kustom...
Spawn Gameplay Reveal Trailer!

New Krypt Event today March 1st

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Containing Skarlet and Raiden Gear

[April 3-5, 2020] Cincinnati Kombat Klassic UMK3, MK2, MK Trilogy (Arcade Legacy)

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Presenting the 5th Annual Cincinnati Kombat Klassic!

Held at Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati Ohio, April 3-5, 2020.

Tournaments for UMK3, MK Trilogy (N64) and MK2!
Spawn bio & detailed figure revealed
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Look amazing, just not digging the sword since I was hoping for chain heavy attacks, would be awful if he's limited in that regard and they replaced it with a basic sword...we have enough of those already. The bio is just basic info, which is nothing worth mentioning. Just glad they didn't force any MK lore into it.
Larry Wheels is the Mystery of the Week
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Amidst a bloodbath of a bracket for Kombat Cup on Sunday, there was one particular puzzle that confounded both viewers and commentators alike. And that was: who is "Larry Wheels"?
The Stakes Are High for Tonight's Kombat Cup
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As the Kombat Cup: Road to LCQ roars full speed ahead toward a close, tonight marks the last of 3 weekly brackets to select a final 8 who will play it out for a trip to Chicago's Last-Chance Qualifier for Final Kombat. With a whopping 391 entrants, tonight is not only the biggest Kombat Cup yet
Biohazard is the Hero of the Week
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Warning: For those intending to watch this week's Kombat Cup, this article contains some spoilers.

For those who haven't made their way into the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Series Top 12, the LCQ in Chicago on March 7 offers a last chance to make it into the series finals. The story going into this week's edition of the Kombat Cup Road to LCQ qualifier (the second of three) centered around the threat of Jacqui Briggs
Coach Steve and DarthArma Support the NE MK11 Scene Through Regular Locals
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It's no secret that the NJ/NY area of the US has produced one of the more recognizable and talented groups of players of Mortal Kombat 11 to date. Players like Kombat (12 in the Pro Series standings), Grr (16th in the Pro Series standings), K7 Showoff (recent winner of Frosty Faustings), Splash, Pulse, etc. have been mainstays of Top 16s and Top 8s in both the online and offline scenes. A number of them are also active streamers with their own followings on Twitch.
John Tobias Interview! Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Podcast
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John Tobias Interview! The Mortal Kombat co-creator reflects on his amazing career and how he created one of the most important games of all time! Enjoy!

Announcing The Kolosseum! A new online MK11 series

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Missing that big online weekly feeling in your life? We have the answer for you! Alongside the community of Atlantis we are proud to bring you this 8 week MK11 series with weekly points that lead into a finale. Each Sunday kompetitors will enter an open bracket finishing once Top 8 has been set, then picked up on Wednesday night to finish out the week. Completely crowdfunded each week. For the community by the community! Are you ready to enter The Kolosseum?
Upset about EVO? Viennality & Combo Breaker
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Shortly after the news of no Mortal Kombat 11 at EVO came in a message from the CEO and founder of Viennality, who has hosted forever memorable Netherrealm tournaments in the past. Check out this message and try not to feel warm and cozy inside...
Mr Aquaman Presents : Kombat Cup
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Mr Aquaman has re-launched (under the radar of this site) Kombat Kup... yes that's right the best Online League in the FGC, from MKx to IJ2 with War of the Gods is BACK!!!

MK11 Not Returning as Evo 2020 Mainstage game

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Evo's main lineup has been announced, and MK11 is missing. What are your overall thoughts on this?