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Brazil Game Show 2019 - MK11 Pro Tour - Stream Schedule

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165+ Entrants including most of the Pro-League Leaders and other high profile NRS Players. This will be lit!!
Variation 3 is : Valid
Terminator is : Not Valid

Smash GG - Brackets and Pools

Never Fail another Boss Tower again!
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Here's a simple walkthrough to help anyone get a guaranteed win in a boss tower (with the right gear). Check it out!
Krypt Event happening now - Raiden skin and hat
Kombat Kast 10-2-19 Recap
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New Kombat Kast this week, the Terminator branded one. For a look at this ballsy stud who smokes his stogie anywhere he wants, click below so that you too may learn how you may also avoid needing a hideout place.
Terminator Official DLC Trailer
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Terminator's trailer has officially released, and is available for viewing. He faces off against a few different members of the cast, while we get a first look at his abilities, strings, and Fatal Blow/Fatalities.
MK11 Patch Notes 9-30-19
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MK11 recently had a patch. This patch, along with getting us ready for Terminator's release, brought forth 3rd variations along with some a bunch of balance updates. Check out the notes down below!

Mortal Kombat 11 October Patch Notes (patch 1.10)

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October Update Patch Notes
OCTOBER UPDATE --Currently live on Xbox One and PS4
General Gameplay Adjustments

· Move list corrections
· Improvements to AI logic
· Added a third Tournament Variation for all characters, which can be used in Kombat League, offline Tournament mode and any match with Kompetitive mode enabled
· Added a visual indicator when you have new items available within the Kustomization menus.
· Added new animations for several characters when losing a round
· Added several new Brutalities for players to discover
· Added new end of round taunts for players to unlock
· Visual prompts will now update correctly when a player changes controller settings inside of Fatality Training
· Removed the ability for some characters to...
Terminator Gameplay Trailer to 2019, October 1st, 0600 hours
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In a really cool teaser reveal, we've got word on the first gameplay trailer for the Terminator coming tomorrow. We also have a Kombat Kast for him planned this week, so expect a lot of Arnold to be hitting your screen over the next few days.​
Kombat Kast 9-25-19 Recap
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New Kombat Kast, this one detailing 3rd variations for the cast and a mysterious new game mode. If you couldn't watch for yourself on Netherrealm's Twitch, then read on for a brief breakdown of what they discussed.
Mortal Kombat Movie Actors Robin Shou (Lui Kang) and Linden Ashby (Johnny Cage) FIGHT..In MK game Interview
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Via Destructiod writer Chris Moyes comes a dial-a-combo article/video link that will bring a smile to ANY old school Mk fans face..
TYM News Show 9 with Jolt
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Jolt has returned with the latest breakdown of the weekly happenings in the NRS scene. This week, he's talking about some of the many tournaments that have been going on and what's coming up through 2020 and beyond.
New Game Mode and 3rd Variations to be Revealed Tomorrow
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Official announcement from the NRS Twitter page has a Kombat Kast happening tomorrow, this one discussing a new game mode as well as 3rd character variations.
Krypt Event 7
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Sub Zero Tundra skin and Cryomancers Calling mask event is live in the courtyard Go through the Jails in Goro's lair and up that elevator.
Mortal Kombat Opening in the style of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
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The other day I saw somebody retweet a video from and artist named Bleys, who redid one of the openings from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, but with Mortal Kombat characters. I don't even watch JoJo, and this opening was super cool to see. Check it out below, and make sure to follow them by clicking their name above to see what's coming next.
6th Krypt Event info!
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A teaser for the next Krypt Event was posted by Ed Boon over on Twitter.​
TYM News Show Episode 8
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All in the title, next TYM news show with Jolt is up. Going over some of the big stuff that happened over the last week as always, check it out.

Kung Lao HightLights Kombat League III (Combos/Setups)

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Hello guys !! I have been playing the 3rd session of the Kombat League and I have compiled the best plays, combos and setups with Kung Lao along with their new patch. I hope you like it
Next Qualifier for Destroyer's Online Event and CGL
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"Hey, you said this thing was tomorrow? But that header says the 24th!" You are right. That's because Destroyer is hosting two separate things: the next part of his super hype qualifier series is taking place tomorrow, but he's also a part of CGL's Konsole Kombat, and there's an event for that coming up soon.
"Arcade Perfect", New Book Looks at History of Mortal Kombat
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New book written by David L. Craddock and illustrated by Milan Jaram takes a look at the history of early video games and the impact they had.

Excerpt from the book can be found at Polygon. Basically, it's a collected history of early games with Mortal Kombat included. It has an interview with John Tobias himself if that kind of thing interests you. It's written as more of a narrative, so it won't be as stale as you might find in another book of the same type. It's a cool lookback if you weren't really cognizant when these games came out, or if you want to go back to when you were a kid to remember how cool it was to see a Street Fighter game where a dude gets his head punched off.

If you are looking to buy this one, you can grab a copy for yourself on Amazon...
Mr Aquaman hosting CGL Invitational Qualifiers
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Mr Aquaman, commentator for the NRS scene and mustached man with a plan, has announced a new online series for MK11, leading up to a $10,000 invitational at the end.