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Announcing 2v2 MK11 Invitational

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I'm excited to announce the upcoming MK11 2v2 Invitational Tournament! With a prize pool of over 200 Euros and some of the top EU players participating, it's sure to be one insane event! The stream starts this Sunday at 11am EST (5pm CEST time). Hope to see you there!!!

MK11 Alpha Showdown - June 19th

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My buddy, R1pperrr, does an incredible job streaming fun, high-level MK11 matches (link). It's legit become my favorite stream; dude is seriously crushing it. On Saturday, June 19th, at 2pm EST, he's running a special "Alpha Showdown" stream, featuring several notable EU players. It's sure to be a blast, so please come join us in this celebration of high-level MK11!

WePlay's WUFL Season 1 Is Here! (3/25-3/28)
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Ukraine's WUFL event kicks off on Wednesday, featuring Sonic Fox, Dragon, Kombat, Rewind, Hayatei, Tekken Master, Foxy Grampa and more..
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Honeybee Injustice 2 bi-monthly tournament
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Starting in February honeybee has been doing a bi-monthly tournament for injustice 2. He gives medals for the top 3 and the current pot is 250$ more infos available here: