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New Spawn Render Released
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Spawn is a thing finally happening. After being assured by people for the past 8 years that he was definitely going to be the last DLC character in whatever game was out, that dream is finally coming true. Today, NRS has put up a render showing off how he looks in the new game engine.

European Online Kombat League

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Good evening,

my name is Matthias I am 30 years old and from Germany. Back in 2016 I've organized anEU only MKX online league with @Vjeekes and people from Devil Apes. Many people attended and we have a lots of fun. I'll revive the Kombat League in MK11 at September 15th starting with a 32 Player Group Phase kick off. When we have lots of more competitors i will allow up to 64 Players.

Celtic Throwdown 2019 - MK11 Pro Series Event - Stream and Event Schedules. (31st August - 1st September)

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Celtic Throwdown is Upon Us!!
SOON™ - Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack – Official Roster Reveal Trailer
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With the DLC trailer coming tomorrow, NRS has put up a countdown video on Youtube. The DLC has possibly leaked as well, so beware if you are trying to avoid spoilers.​
Cetrion Combo/ Music Video Ft. Cricha
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Hey all!

A good friend of mine made a sick EDM Cetrion based track so I did a music video to it. I went a little Artsy with it, little combo videoy with it. Hope You like it!

MK11 Pro Tour Top 8 Character Usage

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I have been keeping track of what characters, which variations, and how many games they have been played throughout the MK 11 Pro Tour T8s. All of this should be mostly correct, but I won't pretend that I didn't drink a lot of beers while watching these...so giving or taking a game for some of the higher numbers might be an okay idea. Also, I didn't count mirror matches as double, this is just a straight up count of how many times a character was seen in a Pro Tour T8 game.
TYM News Show 5 with Jolt
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Latest episode of the TYM News Show, this one covering some upcoming events and the balance patch. Check it out!
PSA: Jax "Steel Patriot" skin and "Jax Klassic" arms in Kronika vault
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Confirmed to be a new series of events via Ed Boon, you can find Jax's bionic arms in a golden Kronika Vault in the Krypt. Guaranteed for the next 24 hours, don't miss them!

New midcreen oki OS

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Hi everyone!

With the buff to Kollector's 443 string he now has a sick OS midscreen off of his command grab.

TFGT 11: Summer Regionals (250$ POT BONUS!) (8/17/2019) in Buffalo, New York!

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Sorry to give TYM only a weeks notice on this one, but TFGT's magnificent comeback is happening next Saturday, at Buffalo Game Space in Buffalo NY!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with TFGT, the former 10 TFGT tournaments were popular tournaments held in Buffalo, NY. Buffalo has a strong, populous MK11 scene, and can be used as a meeting point between scenes in Ontario in Canada, Ohio, Central New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and more!

Here is the description of the event written by the lead organizer, Brian Stone, from the event's Facebook page.

TYM News Episode 4 - Evo, Nightwolf, Balance Patch, and more!

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Hey guys, the TYM News Show is still around with a weekly round up of the latest happenings in the NRS/TYM community. The new intended schedule is a new episode at the beginning of each week (Monday/Tuesday).
Kombat Kast Recap 8/7/19
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Long time no Kast! The Kombat Kast returns today looking over our newest addition to the roster, Nightwolf, as well as going over balance changes in the upcoming patch. Info on all of that down below.
[8/7/19] August PlayStation & Xbox MK11 Patch Notes
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Patch notes for the new update to Mortal Kombat 11 are live, along with the patch which you can download now. Check it all out, it's a lot to take in.
The MK Meta Episode 3: Mortal Kombat Armageddon with PND Ketchup
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So in checking out their channel with the recent Choose Your Destiny on Nightwolf, I noticed Ketchup did this meta-analysis video of one of the most broken games in the MK series, Armageddon. About 2 weeks old, but we didn't do a post and this was cool, so here you go.
MK11 - Choose Your Destiny - Nightwolf
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Even more Nightwolf breakdowns, this one coming from the Condiment Bros in their patented "Choose Your Destiny" series. Just in time for the Kombat Kast, check out this look at the new DLC from the master of technical breakdowns, Ketchup.
Nightwolf with UltraDavid and James Chen
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It looks like several people got a chance to check out Nightwolf last weekend, Ultra David and James Chen were also on the list. If you wanted to check out the character from another side than Mr. Aquaman, scope out their 15 minute video below.

MK11 Valkyries Tournament Hype and Discussion - Week 4 GRAND FINALS August 26TH @ 8PM EST

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The tourney starts tonight, August 6th, at 8PM Est. It repeats for 4 weeks in a row!

It will be streamed here:
Nightwolf First Look (Courtesy of WB and Mr. Aquaman)
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Mr. Aquaman, resident hype man of the NRS scene, was given an opportunity for an early look at Nightwolf, releasing on 8/13 for season pass holders. He put out a 30 minute video showing off his competitive variations, what he can do with them, his gear, and everything else you'd want to know about Nightwolf.
EVO 2019 Results and Breakdown
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EVO2019 is almost finished, but it's totally done for the NRS scene. From over 1000 entrants down to a final 8, tonight is the night we crown the reigning champ (until next EVO/MK Pro Tour Finals). And if you didn't feel like staying up until 2 AM to see who won, we've got you covered.

Win a Luxury All-Expense Paid Trip to Evo 2020 (Includes Travel, Hotel Suite, Daily Spending Bonus, Registration Fee; US Only)

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Hi all, I figure now is as good a time as ever to start up this offer. Any number of participants can win the Evo prize. If enough people win, I'll rent out an entire floor of a luxury hotel near the Evo venue for myself and all the winners. Even if you don't win the prize or don't care about Evo, you can still earn a 5-figure payout, so read on to see what's up. This offer is only good for residents of the US who are 18+. I'll cover your travel (1st-class air travel and hotel), Evo registration fee, and a $200 daily per diem. This is in addition to a substantial cash payout.

As some of you know, I'm Woody, owner of Woody's Trivia and Woody's Bingo. I invented and patented a new kind of entertainment, a robotic gameshow host that can run live shows in bars and restaurants as if a live host was there in the...