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The EVO 2019 MK11 Hype, Salt and Discussion Thread!

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It's that time of year.. It's that time of the day.. We're in there boyz, it's EVO 2019. Discuss the craziness of this weekend and everything that happens here!

Kombat Pack Trailer August 21st + Leak LOL!
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In a surprisingly open move, NRS put out a mini-trailer for a "kombat pack" trailer, opening up with a barrage of angry Twitter comments about the silence.
Night Wolf Trailer!!
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The long awaited Nightwolf trailer is here. Watch him channel spirits and axe stuff to death in the video below. On top of that, we have the reveal of our next DLC costume pack, which looks to be "klassic arcade fighters" pack for parts of the roster.
Another Nightwolf Confirmation for Tomorrow (with an outro)
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So if you look right below this post, you'll see that Ed Boon teased out some Nightwolf information to come tomorrow. Today, he reaffirmed their plans for that Nightwolf reveal/showing, but this time, he posted an outro for the character. If that interests you, and if you have 11 seconds, watch below!

This Is How Fatal Blows Work

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Sonic Fox put out a breakdown on Fatal Blows, how they work, what the different skulls and shields mean and why you should know all of this before you go into a match. Check it out below!

Possibly Getting Nightwolf This THURSDAY!

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Ed Boon, most notable of all the people named Ed Boon, posted something on Twitter suggesting something Nightwolf related might be happening on Thursday, right before EVO gets rolling. Check out the post below.

Scorpion: Perfect Pressure Tutorial (Advanced Tech)

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Hello. This is some really high level dirt, explained and demonstrated in detail.
Anyone who would like to optimize their offense with Scorpion, watch this video, and feel free to ask me any questions you have here in the forums, on twitter @FGMonkeyBizness, or on the Youtube video comments section itself.

Kung Lao - Combos With Interactions (New Setups) (Before EVO)

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Some more Kung Lao tech to think about throwing into your gameplay if you are going to EVO. Or if you are just staying home, there's sure to be something for every Lao player out there.
EVO 2019 Commentators and Times
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EVO2019 is this weekend, and as such, we are going to have a lot of people talking during the matches to help keep things spicy. So we have an official announcement for who's going to be on mic, as well as some sort of locked in times for the games and panels going on.
TYM News Show 3 - with Jolt
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After a bit of a hiatus, the TYM News Show with @Jolt is back, recapping the major stuff you may have missed from last week. Scope it out down below!
D'vorah TECH Series: Bug Trap and Jump Clipping
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Frustrated with opponents jumping out on wake due to your slow normals? Fear no more!
A certain setup connected to ovi rush will stop jumpers AND leave you at massive advantage.
WB Game Studio Sale on Xbox One Store includes savings on Mortal Kombat 11 & Injustice 2!
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It looks like WB Studios (NRS's parent company) Is pulling out all the stops on their xbox one games including Mortal Kombat 11!
Nightwolf Early Access - August 13th
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A leak from Nintendo Switch site/store has the next character, Nightwolf, coming out on 8/13 early access (season pass holders). Image below taken from Reddit.
Season of Time - Announcement
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It's already time for a new Kombat League: the Season of Time! Where this time, you will spend your time grinding out challenges in a timely manner before it's time for it to end.
EVO2019 Game Schedule and Numbers
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EVO, the biggest FGC event of the year, is happening next weekend. With that, we are getting some finalized details for what is looking to be the biggest EVO in EVO history (technically second biggest, EVO 2016 still holds that record). Exact times aren't in place, yet, but we have the order and days for each game, as well as pools and entrants across the board.

Insane Towers of Time Rewards List

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Found this online, so far it all checks out. This madman put together quite the list. Helped me find a few gearpieces I wanted.

First look at Nightwolf in game!

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After weeks of teases and nothing else, we finally have a real look at Nightwolf in Mortal Kombat 11. Scope out the preview from Ed Boon's Twitter below.
Earn Purple Twitch Rivals Skins in Limited Towers - Today Only
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So Twitch Rivals is doing a thing today. Partners and Affiliates have access to super secret Towers that they are "competing in" for best times/completion scores. The winner gets $35,000 and the honor of being the best Twitch MK11 player to Twitch stream. But for those of us unable to compete, we still can play some not so super secret towers to get some neat skins and other rewards.
Babeality Partnering with CGL for New League
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In case you missed it, over the weekend the crew running Babeality, the women's weekly NRS showcase, has announced a partnership with Console League Gaming for a new women's league with prizes on the line, including a paid trip to a major. Dates and details below:
Poopy-Loops: D'vorah Bug Respawn setups
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Returning with some more D'vorah tech, this time we have "poopy loops" for you to consider adding to your gameplan.