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Mr. Aquaman Teases Return of Kombat Cup
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Mr. Aquaman, notable mustache aficionado, is known for many things in the NRS community: being one of two people to play Ares in IGAU, his amazing commentary work after Ares drove him to retire, and for hosting two gigantic online competitive leagues for MKX and Injustice 2. And as of last night, it seems like we can add Mortal Kombat 11 to the list.
Kombat Kast 4-22-19 Recap *last before MK11 edition*
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8 more hours until Mortal Kombat 11. And to go over some last remaining details that haven't officially been looked at (or have been unofficially misunderstood) we have another Kombat Kast! The chief topic of discussion this week is Shao Kahn and what you get for pre-ordering sometime in the next 8 hours.

Test Your Might News Show #1 Now Available

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Join Jolt, a new member of the TYM news team for the first episode of the TYM news show! The Test Your Might News Show is a new piece of content for the community. This is a video roundup of news for the Test Your Might community. This will often feature a quick summary of some of the recent events that we have covered on the website. The first episode is now available, it summarizes news from the last week pre-MK11 launch.
Noble Raptor Creates New Website for Tech and Guides
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If you dipped out of the scene during the later half of Injustice 2, you might have missed all of the sweet guides Noble Raptor put together on how to play every character in the cast. While being one of the few things keeping the scene busy during a slow time, they also served as a great resource for people looking to learn a new character. Taking advantage of Mortal Kombat 11 coming out next week, Raptor has created a website dedicated to sharing guides and tech.

Insight Into The Minds of Tournament Players!

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With MK11 on the horizon, there’s a lot of buzz going around and everyone is hype for the return of Mortal Kombat. The NRS community has come a long way since the MK2 and UMK3 tournament days. I remember the pre MK9 days. Tournaments were 100% for pride only, a test primarily to determine who the best was. There were rarely, if any, pot bonuses, and the community was small. Over the years, our community has grown and developed into a juggernaut and the hard work from everyone in the community has paid off. The reason this website was even created was because of tournaments and we wanted a place that focused on the competitive side of not only the NRS community, but the FGC as a whole. So with that in mind, Tournaments are the main focus of this article.
Vote-Ins are over!
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With that, the vote-in stage for Summit of Time is over. The final spot goes to Kitana Prime! The 4 vote-ins are Wazminator, Tweedy, Gross, and KP. 2 more spots to be decided at LCQs before summit.

Mortal Kombat 11 - Launch Trailer

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Another trailer for MK11 has just come out, this one featuring that one song from the movie everyone likes and a look at some more characters appearing in the story mode. Check it out!

The 3rd Summit Spot Goes to DR Gross!

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Gross finally makes it in and is the 3rd player to be voted into the summit! Only one spot left! Who will be the final player that makes it in!?? Only Biohazard, Kitana Prime and Rewind remain! Vote now!!


16 Bit and Saucy Jack Game Informer Grudge Match
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Continuing their exclusive coverage for Mortal Kombat 11, Game Informer has put out a video with 16 Bit and Saucy Jack playing a set on what's presumably the final build of the game. If you want to see those with the most knowledge (currently) square off, this is the video for you.

Shao Kahn official reveal trailer

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With less than a week until launch, we finally have a trailer for the Emperor of Outworld himself, Shao Kahn! Check it out below to watch him in all his hammery glory.

Summit Voting Part 2: The 2nd spot goes to Tweedy

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The 2nd Summit Spot has been decided just a few minutes ago. After recieving a massive spirit bomb, Tweedy takes the 2nd spot from the clutches of DR Gross.
Well deserved popoff Mr Tweedy

MK11 Pro Kompetition Circuit Revealed (In-Game Tournament Stage Shown)

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Mortal Kombat 11 is closer than ever. With the dawn of a new title comes to lure of competition and MK11 will have be no exception.

With over $250,000 in prize money, the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition will stretch across tournaments of the world, provide pot bonuses, and encourage the level of competition we expect from such a renowned title.


First Summit Invitation Goes To...

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As a lot of you might know, voting for summit of time is currently happening. The first invitee was just selected around 30 minutes ago. The first spot went to
Dominic Cianciolo on How NetherRealm Studios create the Story Modes
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Here is a spectacular video showcasing how NetherRealm Studios creates their Story Modes, which are like their own animated films. GameInformer asks a ton of GREAT questions to Dominic Cianciolo... check it out!

Credit: @BanTheTesters

Spoiler Thread. People officially have the game already (NO STORY SPOILERS)

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Only 1 week to go and it looks like it's a reasonable time for the flood gates to be open.

The other spoiler thread was locked so I think it's a good time to make one again where people could post their spoilers.

NRS Staff's Favorite Fatalities (Johnny's 2nd Fatality Premiere)

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The NRS staff spill the beans on their favorite fatalities in MK11. While it could have been predicted that Ed Boon was going to pick Scorpion's great spear fatality, a few others agree that Johnny takes the cake with his ridiculous ones.

I'm not the biggest fatality fanatic, but yeah, both of Johnny's are my favorite in MK11 without question.
So good lol.

The Most Elusive Kombatant

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With MK11 just a short 11 days away, speculation for who could be coming as future DLC is more abundant than ever. While people are campaigning for the Mileena's and Rain's of the world, Tabmok99 has an interesting character to throw into the ring. Here's his video on "The Most Elusive Character in Mortal Kombat" Lucifer.
Kombat Kast Recap 4/12/19
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We are almost there! With less than two week to go until release, we have just a handful of Kombat Kasts left before we all actually have the game. This week, it was lady's night, and it was feeling right with Kitana, D'vorah and Cetrion.
Tweedy's Summit of Time Diss Track *NSFW*
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Getting into the spirit of the competition, a few nominees for the Summit of Time are trying out different things to get your precious votes: Honeybee is doing fundraising streams for Biohazard, groups like Console League Gaming are doing giveaways if their pick gets in, and Tweedy is starting up a rap career.

Official MK11 TV Spot

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Here you go folks. First deeper look at Kitana!