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MK11 Alpha Showdown - June 19th

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My buddy, R1pperrr, does an incredible job streaming fun, high-level MK11 matches (link). It's legit become my favorite stream; dude is seriously crushing it. On Saturday, June 19th, at 2pm EST, he's running a special "Alpha Showdown" stream, featuring several notable EU players. It's sure to be a blast, so please come join us in this celebration of high-level MK11!

WePlay's WUFL Season 1 Is Here! (3/25-3/28)
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Ukraine's WUFL event kicks off on Wednesday, featuring Sonic Fox, Dragon, Kombat, Rewind, Hayatei, Tekken Master, Foxy Grampa and more..
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Honeybee Injustice 2 bi-monthly tournament
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Starting in February honeybee has been doing a bi-monthly tournament for injustice 2. He gives medals for the top 3 and the current pot is 250$ more infos available here:

Mortal Kombat takes down 'Deadpool 2' and 'Logan' as most viewed red band trailer ever

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According to Deadline's Anthony D'Alessandro reported Thursday that Mortal Kombat is now the most viewed red band trailer of all-time after racking up 116 million views in its first week. The action fantasy remake bested previous records held by Deadpool 2 and Logan.

That escalated quickly, I guess that’s a big win for the MK lovers