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Ed Boon Teases Thunder Skin for Xbox Players
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If you bought an Xbone way back in 2013, you probably owned Killer Instinct. One of the first exclusives for the new consoles, it's held a place in the FGC with a passionate community keeping the game alive to this day. Thunder is that franchise's Native American representative of the cast, a big guy who hits stuff with axes.
NRS reports current netcode is "Running Normally" amid Instability spike reports
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*UPDATE: This seems to have been addressed with the latest update to the game. If you are on current patch and having issues, fix your internet

Since the newest patch to hit Mk11 has come out users have been taking to twitter and other platforms stating they are having
issues with the netcode in its current state..but NRS begs to differ..
According the an r/mortalkombat reddit post Nrs staff user WB_Will stated that everything is "running normally"​
Kombat League Official In-Game Announcement
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From the notifications in the game:

GET OVER HERE - Mk11 Xbox Patch Notes [6/11/19] PS4

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A patch came out of nowhere for Mortal Kombat 11. Catch the patch notes here if they aren't in game yet. If they are, catch them here anyway
Mysterious Kombat League Delayed a Week
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So you know that icon for something called "The Kombat League" that pops up whenever you go to play MK11 online? The countdown timer had us set to find out what that was today, but it appears to have been reset to go live "In 7 Days".

Ninjakilla confirmed to beat Sonicfox in set 10-3

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Last night, Sonic Fox got wrecked in 10-3 in a match with who appeared to be a random Jacqui player. We've now learned the identity of this random player, who isn't actually a random.

Delicious "OVI-LOOPS" for Queen D'vorah!

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Some video and tech for those of you looking to play D'vorah. How to use her effectively, and some things you can do to psyche your opponent out, check it out!

Anti-Wakeups U+3 & Anti-Flawless Block Tech

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Sup guys!

This is quite advanced but something similar in MKX already worked. For this reason I am already applying it and I hope that it will serve those of us who do not know this technology.
Kombat Kast Recap 6/5/19
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After a billion years, we have a new Kombat Kast! A real one! Talking about MK11! This time around, we have a breakdown for Shang Tsung, the next DLC character coming out sometime in the near future.
Universal OS? (Concept video)
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MK11's Blocking OS
This OS will out right beat or counter your opponent's defensive options in one form or another. The input itself is fairly simple; :d:blk + whatever special or command normal you want to come out in a neutral state, I'll explain the reason later. This OS covers 4 options:

Bruce Campbell makes "hinting" komment to KP1 trailer

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Bruce Campbell, actor for Ash from the Evil Dead, posted a tweet about MK11 that suggests his involvement with one of the remaining guest slots.
Shang Tsung Gameplay Trailer & Kombat Pack Revealed!
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It's finally here! The DLC trailer showing off Shang Tsung and letting us know who is still to come. Check it out!

GameSpot Gameplay Kombat Kast DLC Announcement

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Gamespot may or may not be hosting a Kombat Kast today and it may or may not be showing off Shang Tsung. Who knows, but we'll find out in 10 minutes.

Mortal Kombat 11 - All Flawless Block Gaps

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In Mortal Kombat 11, the Flawless Block mechanic was introduced. If you press the 'Block' button within a (3) frame window while being attacked, you will have performed a 'Flawless Block'.

I spent quite a bit of time putting together the following video that explains some of the benefits of the Flawless Block mechanic in addition to having included every string and special in the game that contains a gap where Flawless Block can be used.

Here is the video that explains this in greater detail:

It has Begun...DLC reveal FRIDAY MAY 31 2019

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We are going to see some Shang Tsung stuff at some point today. When that is, no one knows. Will he be cool? Yeah, probably. We got some minor teases as to how he'll play from Ed Boon, with Shang possibly being able to turn into other characters as part of his moveset.

How to Combine DiveKick Crushing Blow in Combo (Lotus First)

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¡Sup guys!

¡This breaks the rule again!

Reviewing in the matrix I could find the way to combine DK CB in combo in the following way:

Nightwolf possibly hinted at by Ed Boon on Twitter

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Ed Boon likes to post nonsense on his twitter quite commonly, but his recent post seems a bit more of a nod to the DLC announcement next week.

He shows off green Axe deodorant which is leading a ton of people to believe that our green axe wielding fighter Nightwolf will be announced in the Kombat Pack soon.

What does everyone think of this? Is this just Ed trolling? Do you think Ed will hint at all the other DLC characters this way? Does this further confirm that recent DLC leak with all the characters?

Also, and most importantly, what are RedSpoons?
Combo Breaker 2019 Results and Breakdown
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Combo Breaker is finally done. 800 players entered and only 1 remained. With some big upsets going on throughout the pools, this was a fantastic start for the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Circuit and the most energized the NRS scene has been in a LONG time.

Dlc announcement next week

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Boon tweeted that, if all goes well, kp1 announcement will be sometime next week, accompanied by a shang tsung gif where cary tsung screams IT HAS BEGUN!!!

Combo Breaker 2019 Top 8 Set!

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Mortal Kombat 11 at Combo Breaker has proven to be an excellent showcase in gameplay with perhaps the most diverse competition we've had so early on in an NRS title with representatives from all over the world including Australia, The Netherlands, Canada, and many more! Competition has been consistently fierce from pools to top 24 play and the momentum hasn't slowed down.