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Basically Ermac can jump over the opponent on knockdown in the corner and do his aerial teleport to blow up 90% of wake-up attempts in the game and get a full combo punish. The down side is if it is blocked, you're punished obviously for doing a full screen teleport attack. BUT in the corner his teleport makes Ermac "phase" through the opponent which puts your opponent in an awkward situation. Many attacks or retaliations will whiff, which will make you some what safe for the most part. What whiffs during this scenario is entirely character and match-up dependent.

Your opponent will most likely have to lab this to discover what consistently punishes Ermac when he does the teleport phase. Most players will probably get thrown off guard or fail to punish you properly the first time they see this. Check out the videos below:
Ooples Anime
1925 Rutland Dr. Austin, Tx 78758

1. ATP (Wrestler Jax, Mystic Ermac)
2. Blujay512 (Nimble Reptile, Shirai Ryu Takeda)
3. LoveIn60FPS (Nimble Reptile, CSZ)

Finally after four weeks of drought our weeklies returned! We had 3 newcomers as well as OGs Dazengie and, the Dark Lord himself, LoveIn60FPS. Round 1 started off strong when Dazengie put LoveIn60FPS on tilt, nearly coming back 3-0. The downplay was strong with Old Dazengie. Round 2 was predictable save for Rage's 3-1 upset over former decorated champ Henzzar!

And regarding comebacks, ATP nearly came back 3-0 against Blujay512 in Winners Finals. Both players threw fundamentals out the window but Blujay512 would come out on top after a heated scramble to the W. Heads flew on the Losers side until finally LoveIn60FPS and ATP met in Losers Finals. After being disgraced in an 0-3 loss The Dark Lord threatened to unleash the forever feared Alien next tournament.
Hey guys! Since EVO, Mustard and I have been working on a bunch of post tournament content consisting of all the footage we gathered from the event. This time round, those of you that met us at the event saw I was holding a camera that was an actual camera! Not just my crappy phone!

Our first video is about the players of EVO 2016, we caught up with some players to get their thoughts on the event, how they feel about the tournament/their game etc. Players include @SonicFox5000 and @Beyond Toxin!

It went up on the ESL UK Youtube Channel, so go check it out if you want!

More is coming, stay tuned! :)
Sup Guys! I leave a little trick to change the gameplay Kung Lao - Buzz Saw in the corner.

*Caution when running this in the Jinsei stage. Glitch?


Boon talks Injustice 2 with IGN (MK News Too?) featuring New Gameplay Footage 7/24/2016
Boon talked to IGN at SDCC this weekend, and they talked Injustice 2, showed some new gameplay footage in the process (think 1989 Batman in the Batwing & the moon!), and even MKXL was brought up...so check it out below: (if the time stamp doesn't work, go to 3:34:00)
Hey, internet! Unfortunately we had no stream from OPSS30, because I was out on vacation. But this time not only we had a stream but we did an English commentary. Well, for the most part anyways)
So, let me just say that this was the first OPSS victory for SelloVeN, our youngest player. And we hope it was the first of many more to come. SFV top-4 was pretty exciting as well, so even if you're not that much into Street Fighter go check it out.

Footage is available at our YouTube channel, timestamps are in the description:
I know that this conversation has been talked about time and time again. But I decided with the help of @TopTierHarley to creating a ranking system that we as a community can use to either help seed players or just just as bragging rights. Cause lets be serious here sometimes its nice to gloat a bit about being ranked higher than X person. Now please do not use this system as a reason to not go to events. Every event is special in its own way. Some community members and TO's even work hard to make sure that the event runs well.

The main reason for this thread is to give your opinion on the ranking system. Point out possible flaws such as missed tournaments. Cause i will be honest i don't know every event that happens. I am hoping to get input from different people of the community. But don't be a fuck please. We really need a better ranking system since SRK is not done well at all and they will probably not fix it. Mine will not be perfect but i feel it is more balanced. Check it out:
NRS released a new character reveal trailer today at the Injustice 2 Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2016. Wonder Woman, who is celebrating her 75th Anniversary, and Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes are joining the roster for the 2nd installment of the Injustice series. So without further ado, here's the trailer!!!
Hello ladies and gentlemen, My name to most of you is Mr Aquaman, to some it is some form of a reference to the glorious arch that bestows my upper lip. I am here today as a tournament organizer for The Common Wealth, or TCW. We at TCW took pride last year in being the only real tournament with a focus on you, the NRS scene. This scene has been my home for many years now and I started working on TCW with the full intent to give this scene the love and attention it truly deserves. From the bottom of my heart thank you to everyone that came to the first event and watched it live from home, you guys are the real mvp. Now we fast forward over a year.

TCW September 17-18 2016
Maximilian released a video today with his Top 5 Hypest Moments from this past weekend's EVO 2016 Tournament in Las Vegas. And YES, MKXL made it in there, as did the expected HUGE upset for
@Sabin aka Arturo AND the Top 8 moment for @LI_Joe in the SFV Tourney. Check them all out below!!
The show isn't over - straight up. Many of us were expecting something to be announced/unveiled at EVO, but perhaps we had the wrong perception. Before EVO Boon mentioned an announcement in regards to EVO and following that was the $50K pot bonus that would go towards the EVO top 8.

Regardless, we THANK NRS/WB Games once again for the extremely generous tournament pot bonus. On top of that, Boon has stated recently on twitter that there is in fact, MKXL news coming soon. Kombat Pack 3? Mobile updates? One last balance patch?

We will speculate, but we'll also have to wait anxiously and see
This weekend, the world of Mortal Kombat converged on Las Vegas to determine who is indeed the real Top Dawg. Considered the Super Bowl of Fighting Game Tourneys, Evo is the World Championships. After an all day of pools on Saturday, the MKXL players had a short rest over night & were the first on the amazing stage set up at the Mandalay Bay Events Center....And the players did not disappoint. Kongrats to EVERY MK player who went & represented our community at Evo. 706 of you are probably disappointed, but TYM is proud of 707 of you. Check out the Results below:
Hey all, here it is, the highly requested Alien Scrub Class. I wasn't planning to make this a series, but your overwhelming support on the last episode was just too much! You voted for Alien, so please enjoy! Peace!
Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time again -- the greatest fighting game spectacle on earth is set to convene again in the dustbowl of Vegas.

And as usual, with it comes a chance for us to stick our necks out for guts or glory, and predict what will happen come the weekend.

Now to note: I am looking for juicy, in depth predictions here (no, "Sonic Fox will probably win" doesn't count). What I want to know:
  • Who will shock the world and rise to an unexpected placing or victory at EVO 2016?
  • Who will fall prey to a memorable upset in pools and possibly not make Finals day?
  • Which characters have been slept on that have potential to wake the world up at EVO?
  • Will "Broken Kano" make Top 8? Jax? D'Vorah?
  • US, Canada, Brexit, EU, SA? How many of each.
  • etc.
If you've got the juice, let's set it loose and enjoy looking back afterwards to see who was right or wrong.

Here we go!
Hi guys, one mechanic I don't see a lot about is parries. Well I decided to lab it and was kind of shocked at how things just didn't make sense as I went through the characters' special moves. Just wanted to share the info and hopefully with the talk of a kp3 possibly being on the way, we can get these issues fixed. Check out the video below:
Possible speculation that a balance patch may be heading our way some time after EVO?

UPDATE: Polls Are closed:

Winners are Sub Zero :https://twitter.com/noobde/status/754094614244564992?lang=en
And Tremor: https://twitter.com/noobde/status/754094832197435392?lang=en

Question 1:

"Which DLC fighter could use a buff the most in MKXL?"
- Bo Rai Cho
- Goro
- Jason (Currently winning in votes)
- Tremor

Question 2:

"Which original cast fighter could use a buff in MKXL?"
- Kenshi
- Kitana
- Kung Lao (currently winning in votes)
- Sub-Zero

Discuss! And keep in mind the characters listed as "currently winning" can change at any time depending on the influx of votes.
JUST AN AMAZING SHOW! It's to sum up the Born to Fight #8 of last friday night! The MKX warriors came on the ring of the Born to Fight in order to get the last ticket for the great Born to Fight : Battle of Gods in Sept. 2016.

And the winner is Irishmantis who defeated a great MurkoAiden26 at the Final Stage. However, as he had qualified already, MurkoAiden26 is the last warrior to win his ticket to take part to the Battle of Gods. Just remind that Murkaiden did 3 TOP 2 since BORN TO FIGHT 6! He deserves widely his place!

First of all, congratulations and thank you to all challengers who came on the ring of the Born to Fight Tournament #8. Special mention to Irish (You are really the best JC, thanks for the show ), Murko(you are the best Scorpion bro, always a pleasure to see this style), Harry_Nightmare (a big fucking sonya, ggs) - HappyPow(Really the best Reptile, damn son we are proud of you), LLL.Taco for the come back (this man is not dead), our team mate Yuzu Ganondeurf (ggs), Asodimazze ( nice bro), FH_StuntManMike_13( good job for your top 8). We also want to thank all the viewers who were and are always here to support them with hype and respect!
Hey guys,

EVO is right around the corner, Mustard and I are 100% confirmed to be commentating, which is great! Huge thanks to the EVO guys for making this happen.

This has meant we've had to take a serious look at our situation as competitors, and for a multitude of reasons, we will be taking a backseat as competitors this time and forfeiting the competition.

Here is our full discussion and reasoning:
The PS3 ports of MK Komplete Edition & Injustice Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition are now a part of the PS Now line up. Not only are MK9 & IGAU added, but PS Now also added six more bone-crunching hits to our ever-expanding collection of games. This month’s new contenders include WWE 2K15, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend, and Arcana Heart 3: Love Max! Check out the trailer released today, below:
Well we have some good news and some bad news... The good news is we had the return of Magicmeerkatman this week! We hadn't seen him since Hypespotting but he came back this week to show his Cyber Sub was still in good shape. The bad news is that during losers finals we had an unexpected power outage resulting in the loss of most of the footage from this week :( We do still have two matches though, including the debut of Scott the Scot's Cybernetic and Orangutan's Lasher as well as grand finals!

Here's the results for GK #23: