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R1p's Arena Season 2

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It's going to be tough to top season 1's insanity, especially with that $1,100 prize pool, but Season 2 is already off to a great start! I'll keep this thread updated with the schedule and results.

Announcing The MK11 Arena League with a $1,100 Prize Pool for Season 1!

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To learn more or to sign up,
CLICK HERE to visit the R1p's Arena Discord.
How To Watch EVO 2021 Online — (NA MK11 is Today/Tomorrow! Post Steams)
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Hey, everyone! So for the first time ever, there's a fairly unconventional format for the EVO championship this year. Everything is online, and the main tournament is held across two weekends instead of one. It'll take a little more work to keep track of the action across Twitch, so here's how you can watch:
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Announcing R1p's Arena: Daily MK11 PS4 and PC Ft10s, Beefsets, and Money Matches

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Are you an MK11 fan on PS4 or PC? Then you need to join R1p's Arena!!! Players of all regions and skill levels are welcome!