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Only a week after EVO and the competition continues to rage on! Although DreamHack Atlanta is not considered part of the Injustice 2 Pro Series, the event still saw over a hundred participants for Injustice 2, which had a $2,500 pot bonus up for grabs.

The finals featured a large fraction of NRS talent from Atlanta, including HomeLee, Trepound, Xenomorph, Jonnitti, Fierce and so on. We even saw PG Punk make an appearance in the Top 16 using Black Adam.
She's being revealed tomorrow at the San Diego Comic-Con. Details in this tweet.

Her reveal will be happening tomorrow at 1PM PDT (3PM CDT & 4PM EDT).

Who's ready for Starfire?
Tom talks Sub-Zero with many strategies and video explaining below.
On July 11th, the UltraChen show took a deep dive into Injustice 2, especially with @UltraDavid . UltraDavid was the captain of this coversation. He discussed the overall community vibe and community discussion around 'who is the best character' and the predicaments players have been jumping to. Keep in mind that this was recorded before EVO and after CEO.

With that said, UltraDavid makes predictions about what would happen at EVO. Check it out and see if he was right!

The top 8 is here. See below for the match results...
Another year has come where all players from many countries have gathered to throw down. It has been Injustice's biggest tournament at over 800 entrants. Then there was 1...​
Ladies & Gents, so far the first four competitors for the Top 8 for Injustice 2 at EVO 2017 have been decided... see below.
Omen of Sorrow present at EVO 2017

At AOne Games we are super excited to let you know that we’ll have a playable build at EVO 2017. This upcoming demo will showcase 4 characters in total; Caleb, Gabriel, Zafkiel (a completely new character), and an updated version of one of the first characters shown on our videos (we do want to keep some surprises for people attending, so you’ll have to check that one out on site at booth 110).
Ladies & Gents, it's just about time. Tomorrow officially begins EVO 2017. See the schedule yourself for specific times. Injustice 2 action is to start at 4PM PDT Friday.
https://www.twitch.tv/bcfighting on July 27th. See image for time zones.

These will be Injustice 2 matches between multiple top players including Slayer.

Credit: @Krayzie via BCFighting / @bcfighting
In two days, Sub-Zero will be released. Yesterday NetherRealm hosted a Watch Tower stream to cover a breakdown of Sub-Zero. In the video below, Steve, @tylerlansdown and Derek not only cover Sub-Zero, but they also talk tournament-talk, who they're looking at for EVO 2017 including CoachSteve, Sonic Fox, Biohazard, THEO, Rewind, Semiij, EMP Knicks and Madzin.

They also discuss some patching details. Tyler states that there will be a balalnce patch AFTER EVO. Check out the breakdown below.

Today at 1PM PST / 3PM CDT / 4PM EDT via https://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm the Mortal Kombat guest character, Sub-Zero (coming to Injustice 2) will be featured on the Watch Tower stream! Don't miss it!
EVO 2017 hits us NEXT WEEK! Wow, it is seriously that close. Are you ready?

Commentators for the event have been announced for the first time? Anyway, they include some prestigious NetherRealm voices who will definitely serve the NetherRealm justice in calling the game through every single second of hype! Check them out!

Source: @EVO
Winner: Trip to UK + ₹25,000 Cash Prize + Viewsonic Gaming Monitor + Hyperx Cloud II Gaming Headset

1st Runner-up: ₹15,000 Cash Prize + Hyperx Cloud II Gaming Headset

2nd Runner-up: ₹10,000 Cash Prize

So, winner gets to go to VSFighting to represent the Indian community.

Hopefully, we don't get screwed over by Visa problems like what happened for the MK X cup.

We'll come say "hi" to the Brummies :p

@Clutch8 @rubmytaco @Pig Of The Hut
@PND_Ketchup @PND_Mustard
For those who might have missed the War of the Gods action from this past Saturday, you can now find it directly below. The set features Semiij, Dragon, Iluusions and more.
Tune in: https://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm

With currently over 40 players for tonight's Hometown Heroes, be sure to tune in for some Injustice 2 action! See the forthcoming Hometown Heroes schedule below.
Injustice 2 Pro Series Online 2017, message from Alex Valle

The Injustice 2 Pro Series is the official esports league of the smash hit DC fighting game. With players from around the globe competing for glory, bragging rights and a piece of the massive $350,000 prize pool, the next champion could be you! Join the open bracket events and become a hero!
Taking place on August 12-13 at Millennium Point, Brimingham United Kingdown, VSFighting will be featuring Injustice 2 Pro Series. This event is sure to showcase the UK's finest, with many more to follow. Visit http://www.vsfighting.com/ for more information!
It was only a matter of time before this vigilante of an Injustice player was picked up by a sponsorship. Rogue Gaming were the smart ones to strike when they did. MF Slayer is one of about ONLY four players to be able to take down the elusive Sonic Fox at a tournament-level. In fact, Slayer was the one to eliminate Echo Fox's Sonic Fox at CEO 2017 in an epic Black Adam mirror match.

Without further ado, please join me in congratulating this man on this well-deserved achievement!
It's the biggest. It's the baddest (meaning most badass)! And it's less than one month away...

Ladies & Gents, EVO 2017 is right around the corner and register has closed. Don't panic though, you can still register at the event.

Also, Mr. Wiz took to twitter to announce the final preregistration numbers and it's safe to say that we will be seeing the 2nd largest NetherRealm Studios turnout in our history. Over 800+ players will be competing. Ahhhh... just thinking about it... and that hype train. Are you ready?
Read below, folks:


General Gameplay fixes
  • General offline & online stability improvements
  • Move list corrections
  • Forward and Backward dashes now require a more precise input when buffered
  • Setting Input Shortcuts Off in controller settings makes buffered special move checks in cancel windows, reversals, & wakeups have to be more precise
  • Bug fixes to lingering visual and sound effects related to some Multiverse Modifiers
  • Added Restart Match option to the pause menu in Multiverse where applicable
  • Removed Event Select and Main Menu from the pause menu in the Endless event.
  • Added End Event Run option to pause menu in the Endless event which grants rewards as if you lost your current match.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the boss version of Brainiac to become unresponsive if Drone Summon attack was interrupted at a specific time
  • Fixed several issues with resetting practice mode while using interactions
  • Adjusted...