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As we had all been anticipating, big news for Injustice 2 dropped today. Earlier on, the "The Lines Are Redrawn" story trailer was released, revealing many interesting details about NRS' upcoming title.
So, at this point you should know that we're expecting a tidal wave of news, hype and excitement to surround the the desolate, silent space we've filled while waiting for Injustice 2 news. I have one question for us all...

Are we ready?
Hello everyone, as you're already familiar with @PND_Ketchup and @PND_Mustard community cup video thread:


I wanted to have a recap here of all the ESL activity regarding free community cups for the European side of the world which includes players from:

at, be, bg, ch, cz, de, dk, es, fi, fr, gr, hr, hu, ie, il, is, it, lt, lu, mt, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, se, si, sk, tr, ua, uk

straight from the upcoming/past cups page,
our rotation right now is:

Tuesday 1 on 1 community cup:
- PS4 Germany starting @19:00 CET
- PC/Steam NEW!! starting 24 January @19:00 CET
- XBOX ONE starting @20:00 CET

Wednesday 1 on 1 community cup France
- PS4 starting @20:00 CET

1 on 1 Thursday cup
- PS4 starting @19:00 CET

Sunday 1 on 1 community cup:
- PS4 starting @19:00 CET - top4 will be streamed by K&M, fight for that spotlight!!
If you missed the action for tonight, I'm sorry, that's all I can say. This top 8 is nuts and we should all be looking forward to this Wednesday at 8PM EST.


See below for your week # 11 Top 8!
Dear all,

UPDATE: For those who may have missed the stream - see below for the top 8 footage!

Please join us on stream to watch an online tourney we made including Southern African and Central African players.

It will start in a few hours at 12pm central African time.

https://www.twitch.tv/fgcafrica COME SUPPORT THE LOCAL MKXL AFRICAN PLAYERS TOP 8 WEEK 1 @NetherRealm #BringKombatKupToAfrica

The bracket link:http://challonge.com/Sasteamkomkupweek1

The MKX Africa team
Well, it's not the 17th yet, but it appears we have our first character reveal after months of waiting. We still of course have to wait for official word from NetherRealm, but we'll let the image below do the talking. Maximilian tweeted out a photo of Injustice 2's Playstation store image. See below!
Following a simple tweet, may we receive a flood of hype. May we find out more on 01.17.17.

UPDATED: See below for updated gif images.

Yesterday, we finally got a shred of news, more like a teaser, but still. According to @tylerlansdown our minds will be blown come 01.17.17, which is next Tuesday, so be sure to be locked in to Test Your Might as all hell better break loose.

Below is a collection of gif images that seemed to be dispersed from various
Some new shirts have surfaced and have even been advertised by the Master Pesina himself on his Facebook and Twitter. These t-shirts have the original Mortal Kombat actors on them, plus very nice, full designs. These are definitely the shirts you wanna have if you're the nostalgic Mortal Kombat fan.

Check out a glimpse
I'm happy to bring some good news to all MKX fans. Competitive MKX lives on! StreamMe have announced that they will be hosting a Kombat Kup Season 2!

This is great news for those who have enjoyed the first season and want the competitive scene of MKX to run for as long as possible.
He's one of, if not the most well-known character specialist. Tom Brady has recently made another BradyCast and this time he states it's his final review of the character he specializes in; Sub-Zero. Ever since Mortal Kombat 9, Tom has devoted his resources, energy and skill into the Sub-Zero community. In fact, the Sub-Zero forums are often the largest due to this.

In this video, Tom Brady
First off, to anyone who doesn't know what the Mannequin Challenge is... it's basically a collaboration of people frozen in an act of motion. In this time, someone filming walks and records around the entire scene; almost like being in the matrix. The choreography is very important as well as all participating persons maintaining their "frozen still" position. In mainstream terms, this challenge has become viral.

Moving on, in this 2:22 video, the folks of NetherRealm Studios (visibly recognized: Dan Forden, Daniel Pesina, etc) have put together an amazing Mannequin Challenge video that not only shows off the incredible folks that work on our games (there's like over 100+ employees, right?), but is also
Tonight, KIT (Kumite in Tennessee) 2017 has come to a close and what better way to end an event than with MORTAL KOMBAT X!

Featuring a very dominate top 8 w/ Echo Fox, and Noble Illusions leading the charge. See just below for the match-up portraits provided by KIT
The last 8 men standing are here as day two of Kumite of Tennessee is finally starting to settle... until tomorrow. They are all fighting for the 1st place spot. SonicFox won this event last year and he one of two of the ONLY returning top 8 contenders w/ WoundCowboy being the other. Will history repeat itself or will someone prove an upset over the newly named "Echo Fox | SonicFox"?

We'll have to wait and root for our players tomorrow at 6PM Central! In the meantime, check out your Top 8 below!
January 28th 2017 @ 1800 GMT
After talking with some other Scottish players, I'm happy to announce that I am hosting an online monthly MKX tournament, specifically for UK and Irish players of all skill levels.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Youphemism, Nausea, Scott the Scot, Orangutan, Wigy and Deakins for their help and patience.


  • The Bracket Will be Capped at 32 Players UK and Ireland Region
  • The Tournament will be PS4 ONLY. Sorry, Xbox and PC users
  • The Tournament Will be Single Elimination || 3 out of 5 Games
  • Will Call out to be Streamed Matches & On Deck Matches for 1st & 2nd Round. The stream will be held at https://www.twitch.tv/kaledonian_kombat
  • All Top 8 Matches Will be Streamed
  • Will make Update Posts in THIS THREAD about finalized bracket or any changes
  • Sign Up with your PSN in this thread or at...
For tomorrow, technically today, Mortal Kombat X will be receiving much stream time love across two channels starting at 10AM Central (8AM PST & 11AM EST). Below is the stream schedule for this weekend's Kumite In Tennessee event lead by @Vandy . If you wanna check out the pools again, go here. Otherwise, see the schedule below.

Quick links : www.twitch.tv/funkyp www.twitch.tv/pandaxgaming

Predictions anyone? Will the new EchoFox player(s) take another tournament win or is someone going to stop them? Give us your thoughts.
Check it out below. I think many of us were anticipating an April release, but it has been confirmed that the Americas will see the game in May. Yes, that means about one more month of waiting than we were anticipating! Use that time to grind Injustice: Gods Among Us or Mortal Kombat X!
We recently learned of the exciting news that eSports team EchoFox had signed up our very own SonicFox and Scar. YahooEsports have conducted some very interesting interviews with both players, revealing details about their contracts and futures in the FGC. This is quite an exciting time for the FGC, and if you're interested in the competitive fighting game community and curious about how these Esports teams work, then give these interviews a watch.
How do you stop this momentum, really? I would think that anyone caught in SonicFox's path this week would be facing defeat after his (along with Scar's) exciting announcement of joining Echo Fox. Last week, Sonic simply didn't get the Kombat Cup in time, however, for week 10 he did not make the same mistake. This week, he strolled into the top 8 and he took the Grand Finals over GTG Semiij's Mileena w/ Tanya.

Along this week's top 8 were many regulars including Circa Destroyer, Dragon, that keep making the top 8 but are no doubt
As if StreameMe hadn't done enough for us, by providing us with exceptional tournaments in the form of the Kombat Kup and Konquest tournaments, they have now announced that they will be hosting an Injustice: Gods Among Us Invitational on the 5th of February.

This is a great chance for those who miss the hype from top level Injustice tournaments and for those who missed out to catch up before the release of Injustice 2.