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Today @Sabin tweeted about holding an MKXL event at Next Level in New York. However, he needs to know the interest level AND what day players would prefer to have it. He needs some very simple and serious feedback from the players.
Check out one of REO's latest videos showcasing all armor attacks that consist of either 2 or 3 hits. This video is over 5 minutes long and shows you
This one's for the collectors out there who have the Mortal Kombat statues the rest of us drool over. PopCultureShockToys has the best stuff, let's face it. Yes, it's not cheap, but you're also getting what you're paying for.

With this said, in minutes PopCultureShockToys is going to be unleashing pre-orders for their latest Sub-Zero statue. This statue depicts Sub-Zero from MKX
Tonight's Kombat Cup saw a staggering count of more than 300 entrants, but only eight would qualify for this Wednesday's Top 8 finals!

Before we reveal who they are, we would like to extend a courteous thank-you to Stream.Me for being so gracious as to host this competitive online league for our awesome MKXL players! We also extend a handshake to @Aqueous_Echo and @Mr Aquaman for assisting with event organization and commentary!

And now...check out your first weekly Top 8 players for the Kombat Cup!

Whose Turn Is It? Games
2708 S. Lamar Blvd
Austin, Tx 78704

1. SenorAbram (SR Takeda, Ninjutsu Scorpion) -- San Antonio
2. Mutiny Starcharger (Kitana) -- Houston
3. KH Royale (Kano, Kitana, Boneshaper Shinnok) -- Houston

4. BLTMr.Nauj (Quan Chi) -- NorCal
5/6. Westcoast Jeff (Gunslinger EB) -- SoCal
5/6. Henzzar (CSZ) -- Austin
7/8. Tweedy | ATP (Tarkatan Alien, Mystic Ermac) -- Texas
7/8. LoveIn60FPS (Shinnok) -- Austin


Not only did the stream fail, but my recordings got corrupted. No vods. Very sorry! Next year we will work more directly with Fightsessions and use their expertise to assist us in our weaknesses. This Tuesday night we plan to cast a discussion about the event overall. Please join @ twitch.tv/ryuujin882. I'll be streaming directly from my PS4, so no issues should occur...

Thank you to all the players that made this possible & congrats to the top 3!!
With the recent conclusion of the Plantronics Cup, ESL continues to support the Mortal Kombat XL community by introducing the Community Cup series! As of right now, these cups are being held for Playstation 4 players in the North American and European regions, and entry is for free!
After winning SoCa Regionals 2016, PG|KH Scar was interviewed by Mashable. Despite winning the generously provided pot bonus from NetherRealm Studios, it had essentially become an even greater accomplishment to beat his rival, SonicFox. Scar tells Mashable a little about what he has endured from both SonicFox and the process of adjusting that he had to perform from the recent October MKXL balance patch.

Below, Scar explains a bit of how he practices, plus there's
In the past few hours, EVB has announced that they will no longer be financially supporting their players. EVB wrote via their twitter page that they were unable to generate outside funding to support the team.
This one is pleased to present your SCR 2016 results. Every year this tournament brings out the very best of the best and this year was no different. Stacked, hype, heartbreaking and twisty till the end this event delivered high level play with a variety of characters, new faces and old gods.
UPDATE: Courtesy of @Jynks, we now have the official stream schedule included with this post! See the link below.


From reviewing the link above, it appears that MKX pools will begin at 10 A.M. PST this Saturday, lasting until the bracket is reduced to only the top eight participants. These players will then re-convene this Sunday at 2 P.M. PST to finish the tournament. All of the MKX action will be broadcast at https://www.twitch.tv/leveluplive2!

For more information regarding SoCal Regionals, please follow this Twitter account: https://twitter.com/levelupseries.

"The calm before the storm..." - Batman

"And here's the storm!" - Aquaman

...oops! Wrong game. :p

But for real, it truly is the calm before the storm, and now we are treated to a glimpse at what is to come for this weekend's SoCal Regionals! Via smash.gg, the MKXL brackets have been released! Please note that with on-site registration available, these pools are subject to change.

ATP's House
Austin, Tx

1. Henzzar (CSZ, GM Sub)
2. BLTMr.Nauj (Sorcerer/Summoner Quan)
3. SWM500Magnum (Inferno Scorpion)

Our first weekly since the XL balance patch! With less than a week of major game and character changes *** definitely hit the fan. Henzzar benefited from his character buffs. Ghost, JerzeyReign and myself all scrubbed out. Brucifer had his best run yet. And SWM500Magnum became the people's champ.

In Losers Semis ATP and SWM500Magnum played for the first time since ATP called Magnum out to a FT5 Inferno mirror. The original conditions were that the loser was to drop their main (Inferno or Tarkatan) forever. In the heat of the moment, they dropped those conditions for more dire stakes: bragging rights in FT3 tournament set. The result speaks for itself...maybe Inferno isn't so bad afterall...especially since the balance patch.

Grand Finals Henzzar (L) vs BLTMr.Nauj (W)
Despite the character buffs for Henzzar and Nauj looking a little unsure with his main, huge props to Henzzar for running it back twice against Nauj. Earlier in tournament Henzzar lost 1-3 to Nauj. Henzzar fought his way back to 3-0 Nauj and reset the Grand Finals set. Nauj could not keep up and Henzzar remains champion!

Next Time...
Our next gathering is Lonestar Battleground II, where Texas' best and most passionate players will gather to claim supremacy. Keep an eye out for the best talent around!

Below is the changelog for the October 10th hotfix:

HOTFIX 10-10-16

Version number = XB1 - 0.305-6-d51182b9 | PS4 - 0.305-6-bf557ca7

General Gameplay fixes

  • Move list corrections
Character Specific Fixes

  • Bo Rai Cho (Dragon Breath) - Fixed a bug which was causing Up Fire Spit to be at advantage on block
  • Jax - Removed armor from Dash Fist
  • Jax - Increased damage of Dash Fist to 14 and Downward Dash Fist to 12 (up from 10)
  • Erron Black (Outlaw) - fixed a bug where Tarkatan Infection would lose its armor before the active frames
  • Kitana - Removed armor from Throat Slash
  • Takeda - fixed a bug where Fist Whirlwind would lose its armor before the active frames


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Announcing The Kombat Cup, Powered By StreamMe

We’re halfway through October, which means it’s time to sit down and talk about one of the coolest things that’s going to happen this year here at StreamMe: the Kombat Cup.

Slated to kick off on Playstation 4 in North America, October 23rd, the StreamMe Kombat Cup will run until January 29th with scheduled holiday breaks (So you don’t have to explain to mom that you can’t carve the turkey because you’re too busy ripping some spines out). Free registration will begin this Sunday, October 16th, and events will begin every week with registration for qualifier bracket play that will take place that upcoming Sunday. Registration will be limited to 17+ years of age & will be hosted with brackets by Smash.gg , which the StreamMe twitter & broadcast page will release weekly. Those who place in the top eight on every Sunday will qualify for the weekly finals the following Wednesday.

Each week, $450 USD, and 250 league points will be broken down between the top sixteen contenders, for a grand total of $10,000 in prize money to be distributed throughout the entire season, as listed below:Matches from both Sunday and Wednesday will be streamed to the official Kombat Cup StreamMe channel. Mr. Aquaman and Echo will both be guests on the stream as they cast the entire season.

Place Prize Money Awarded Points

1st $250 + 75 points
2nd $100 + 50 points
3rd-4th $50 + 25 points
5th-8th – 10 points
9th-16th – 5 points

Console - Playstation 4

While the season finale prizes have yet to be fully determined for second and third place, we know that whoever placed first place overall will be awarded an all expenses paid package to EVO 2017. Those who place top eight by the Season Finale will receive a free copy of Injustice 2.

For the full rules breakdown of rules and the season format, check out the official Kombat Cup StreamMe channel for additional details. Be sure to follow and favorite StreamMe on Twitter to keep yourself updated for any future announcements!

Rules: http://streammeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/KombatRules.jpg
Resident zoning fanatic M2Dave invites notable players Pig of the Hut, REO and Playing2Win to join in a discussion about the latest patch to be released for MKXL, the 4th of October patch. Click to read more!...
One of Australia's best Ermac and Goro players and recent winner of OHN 14 Cabjoy has gone over the changes to Goro in the October 4th MKXL patch and has made this video to help out people who might want to learn more about him.

You can follow Cabjoy on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/CabjoyAU
and on Twitch here: http://twitch.tv/cabjoy Click below to watch the video!...
Big E Gaming has recently tweeted out that WB Games and NetherRealm Studios have donated $10,000 towards the pot bonus for Mortal Kombat XL at Northeast Championship XVII. NEC17 is set to take place this year from December 16th to Dec. 18th. For more information, check out the links below.
MKXL Patch Notes 10-4-16 & Kombat Kast Recap provided by @YOMI REO

Version number = XB1 - 0. 305-6-e203e49d | PS4 - 0. 305-6-9ae01faf | PC 0.305-6

All patch notes are below, plus the Kombat Kast in its entirety for those who may have missed it or want to watch it again!
With the newest MKXL patch about to hit our systems, perhaps a schedule to hype it all up is in order? Below are times, links of some of the exciting and MUST BE THERE events happening within the next 36 hrs.

TODAY @ 3PM CST - www.twitch.tv/netherrealm (NRS discusses the new patch)
TOMORROW @ ??? - Newest MKXL Patch Goes "LIVE"!
TOMORROW NIGHT @ 9PM EST - Perfect Legend along w/ UA|Tom Brady will be discussing the patch on PL's stream via www.twitch.tv/perfectlegend

How will this affect the tiers of MKXL? If you're not a member here yet, you have issues... because it's FREE and we want to hear from you, so sign up!
This one is pleased to present your Goldlike Saturday results!
Monday, at 8pm est, following the Kombat Kast will be the birth of "The Common Cast" featuring TCW|TGS @Mr Aquaman, EVB|ADM @Aqueous_Echo, Shoq|RM @FMLfirewall, @GandyMan!

Join us as we break down the changes, the speculation, the new meta, and other news! All will be streamed live at twitch.tv/FML_Firewall! Hope to see some, or all, of you there!