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Like, wow... some news and official statements that just recently dropped (yesterday) pack some very exciting news for our community in particular. It seems that Warner Bros has officially opened a studio, "WB Games New York", based in New York, of course, that is dedicated to furthering the improvement to online play!

Here are some details:
This is pretty huge news. After much debate on Twitter, it appears that the voices of the competitive NRS community have been heard.

The official Evo rules have changed to allow Injustice 2 sets to be 3/5, with the timer set to 180s. I'm sure everyone going to compete in Injustice 2 will be happy with this change.
Hey everyone, this weekend I thought I'd take it upon myself to interview some of the top8 so the community could get a better grasp of how the top tournament players are sizing up the game so far. These two interviews are after Top8. I'll post the other two interviews tomorrow that are before Top8.
As eSports becomes more of a common term in the FGC (fighting game community), player ranking becomes more and more important and more and more interesting. It's not always difficult to know who the number 1 guy or gal is in NetherRealm games, but those who fall directly below could be negotiable if based purely on discussion.

This new site called FGCStats.net has put together ranking coverage on all most recent
Registration open for biggest fighting game tournament in Brazil!

Confirmed Players on Injustice 2: @Killer Xinok @ETC Mcfly HeeyGeorge @Konqueror249 KKA|Tadzuehara

Treta championship 2017

Link for registration: http://www.trtchampionship.com.br


Injustice 2

Street Fighter V CPT Event

Tekken 7



Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Killer Instinct

Videos from previous events shown in thread also!
Mr Wizard is listening to the NetherRealm community and is currently fighting to make it work for us to have a 3/5 tournament environment. Considering how mnay games EVO has to fit in, they cannot do 3/5 for all games. MrWizard notes that CEO's Finals lasted 4.5 hours and that is too long for EVO, for one game.

See before for his tweets:
It is with great pleasure that I write this article about the wrap-up of this weekend's CEO 2017 event in Florida. This pleasure is for two reasons: firstly, it was amazing to watch the game shine this weekend. From the bottom of pools all the way to Grand Finals, this was an event rife with insanely close matches, scintillating upsets, and some of the most memorable moments of celebration we've seen in three years' time. Everyone who participated should be proud, and this is the kind of tournament that builds momentum for months to come.
Ladies & Gents, we are almost there... another exciting top 8 has been lined up for Injustice 2. The top 8 will resume tomorrow via https://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm @ 4:30 PM EDT. You will not want to miss this! Check out the top 8 below!
Hi TYM. Hopefully your experience on these forums has been fun and informative at the same time. We go to great lengths to ensure this and are very happy to see the community thrive the way it does. The rules we have set forth were put in place to make that happen. Good trash-talk and competitive fire is always encouraged, provided it doesn't go over the line into abuse and insults. With that said, we need to bring up a talking point around NRS - specifically their staff and developers. In case you're new to the community and NetherRealm Studios' games... they have been listening to us FAR MORE in recent years. They are now literally part of our community. Some of them have even created accounts and posted as well. As with any other member of the site, we want them to feel welcome when coming to our forums and entering our discussions... we need to avoid the "toxic" atmosphere that is sometimes described on forums....
Ladies & Gents, today begins CEO 2017 and at 5PM EDT, tune into https://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm for Injustice 2 action!

This event is set to feature most, if not all Top Injustice 2 players including Sonic Fox, who already has the Combo Breaker title. Will he take CEO as well or will the army of Top players be too much? The action starts today, so start your predictions!
Today at E3 a very reputable Injustice 2 player received a very prestigious award. That Injustice 2 player, @ForeverKing , who is known for his dominant Batman, was voted "Most Valuable Player" today at E3.

A few words from King:

Source: https://twitter.com/MK_ForeverKing/status/875525101332058113
Ladies & Gents, I have received word that tonight's Wedsnight Night Fights, hosted by @CaliPower aka Alex Valle is going to be super-stacked. Considering the attendees and (top) players attending E3 this week... we'll leave it at that.

Tune in at 9PM PDT: https://www.twitch.tv/leveluplive

WNF typically starts @ 9PM PDT, so midnight for the East Coast. If you're able to, I'd suggest staying up for this one. Thanks to @Krayzie for the heads up.
UPDATED w/ Sub-Zero reveal trailer below!

Sub-Zero will be entering the Injustice 2 universe with his like-Mortal Kombat XL moveset featuring ice clones, air clone and more! We see a mix of Grandmaster & Cryomancer Sub-Zero coming to Injustice 2. Sub-Zero's tentative release date is July.
Hey All,

Here's the VOD from our Bo7 exhibition match yesterday between Scar & Sonic Fox on the Injustice 2 E3 2017 stage.

As @Clutch8 aka Joshua Gray introduces Echo Fox to the stage there is some chatter of the fighting game community overall; some very interesting insights. From there, it gets into the meat and potatoes of the exhibition.
For those if you having issues obtaining Red Hood, please see the link below. Mind you, this is for select owners i.e. Ultimate Edition, etc.
Tomorrow evening at 4:10PM PDT / 6:10PM CDT / 7:10PM EDT, you're going to want to tune in to http://live.wbgames.com/

NetherRealm Studios' has announced a special live stream for tomorrow. Start your predictions on what we'll see!
Tune in to see the action: https://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm

ESL's Path to Pro series is live with its week 4 finals.