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This topic has been discussed throughout the history of the fighting game community. I even made a very similar thread on the subject a little while back.

This applies more to the NRS community than any other community, at least in my experience.

The benefit of withholding tech is temporary. The thought process is very simple, and it even makes complete logical sense. If I am going to compete in tournaments, why would I expose all this tech that I put in the work to find and essentially expose people to how they can beat me? Or to put it in another way, let people benefit from MY work in the laboratory.

What players don’t realize is the long term effects sharing EVERYTHING has. The more competitive a player is, the more likely they’re going to stick around. A great way to help ensure people are competent, is to share tech. But not only share tech, but even showing ways around it. If there’s a handful of top players that only share tech with each other, those players are... Continue......
@ForeverKing is really outdoing himself bringing the hype to Combo Breaker 2018. The NRS scene's premier Batman and multi-character expert, the man with more counter picks than Perfect Legend has disappointing tournament performances post MK9, has confirmed on Twitter (here: https://twitter.com/MK_ForeverKing/status/988894185590808578) that he has no less than 4 NRS money matches at the upcoming Illinois tournament and is in the market for more.

King is arguably the greatest NRS player to never win Evo (arguably, @REO fans) and remains probably the single most consistent force in the NRS scene.

Step to, mother*******

The brave other parties for MK9 are @GuamoKun and Slayer, who'll step to King's varied roster (with Kung Lao and Freddy likely to be King's primary characters) in the much beloved classic currently undergoing a deserved competitive... Continue......
Combo Breaker, the premier FGC event in May and the leading FGC event in Illinois, have just confirmed the pot bonuses for both Mortal Kombat 9 and Mortal Kombat X! Continue......
God I hate Mondays. But instead of doing something regrettable and possibly illegal to spice up the beginning of your week, just remember that you have an extremely finite amount of Mondays to get through before your inevitable joyous departure to sweet oblivion.

Or you could get stuck into a podcast. Your choice really.

Today for your audible pleasure, we have the latest edition of the Warrior Shrine, featuring Jango and Temp as always but also featuring the tireless host of the NK, Cyborg. The boys talk us through three main topics covering nearly two solid hours of awesome content. Continue......
If you are familiar with the infamous Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, you will certainly understand the looks of anguish on the image above. The last Mortal Kombat of the Midway years, it was also considered one of the worst games in the franchise. Whether you want to call it a mistake or a learning experience, it is a game that happened and it is a game that the Super Best Friends decide to play for their most recent Saturday Morning Scrublords series. Continue...
For those of you out of the loop, there was indeed a tourney this weekend, and this one actually had some Injustice 2 action. Clutch 2018 in Indianapolis went down with some big names battling it out in the first event since the latest patch. If you didn't guess from the picture above, Echo Fox Sonic Fox took home first place and finally evolved into his second form as a result. Continue...
WE ARE BACK! Part four of The Road to the Best of MK9, a retrospective series here on TYM looking back at some of the greatest matches in MK9 history to eventually determine which was the best of all time. Today happens to be the 7th Anniversary of MK9's release, so in honor of the occasion, we are looking at the first time MK9 hit the big stage: Perfect Legend vs REO at the EVO 2011 Grand Finals. Continue...
Looks like a patch was just recently released for Injustice 2, however, it only says "General bug fixes and stability improvements", per the norm.

Once we get the official notes from NRS' site, we'll update the thread.

General Gameplay Adjustments

* Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic

* Fixed an issue with progress tracking on page 3 of Legendary Multiverses

* Made UI Improvements to Infinite Transforms

* Inventory advanced gear filter can now sort up to level 30

* Fixed an issue that was causing some players loot drops to favor Black Manta or Hellboy gear over other characters

* The missing level 30 Augments which increase Defense are now available (Tank, Steamroller, Juggernaut)

* Gear earned in Story Mode can now be regenerated past level 20 up to level 30

* Changed Level 30 Base Health of Cyborg, Supergirl, Starfire, and Enchantress to 1175 (from 1100)

* Text and Grammar fixes in Learn Mode

* Adjusted the conditions for the finals tasks in Advanced... Continue.......
Another week, another wave of top notch Netherkast content!

Continuing to absolutely outdo themselves in terms of quality and content, the boys have uploaded quite the selection since we last checked in. So, for the benefit of those who for whatever reason haven't subscribed to one of the premier NRS community channels in the wide world of the internet, let's have a gander shall we? Continue......
NRS games are no stranger to leaks. Or, more pertinently, Mortal Kombat is no stranger to leaks. While the NRS team manage to hold onto some secrets, the days of Reptile in MK1 are long gone and significant details leaked about MK9 and MKX.
MK fans of a certain vintage will remember the mooted MKHD arcade collection, which was to be similar to the Arcade Collection available on PS3 and 360, but with updated graphics and additional features to go along with arcade perfect gameplay. It was repeatedly confirmed as on the horizon and at one stage Gamestop even accepted pre-orders for it. Unfortunately, this never came to be and the project was cancelled without much fanfare.

In development hell from 2012-2015, Ed Boon once noted on Twitter than some day the full story between the ill-fated project may come to light, along with posting this picture:


For some of us, this is one of the most beautiful images on the internet, and I don't just mean Sonya's abs.

But did you know that the official MKHD collection was not the only one of its type? A fan-made version, made with MUGEN, was mooted in 2011 and even had a not insignificant amount of work done on... Continue......
Discussing meta is mad fun in Injustice 2. In this video, I break down some theories behind when your opponent would take maniac risks and why you should expect and expose these situations. I give 3 examples using 3 characters who abuse this tactic extremely well (even though it applies for much of the cast!)

If you guys enjoyed the video, a like and subscribe is always appreciated!!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=QM718HV_VPM Continue......
So just read this news today, not sure if TYM would deem it news....but I think people a fan of the comics and crossovers from previous JL vs MOTU will be intrigued. I like the storyline, sounds pretty neat with the art done by the same guy who did Batman vs TMNT books which are awesome. Continue...
Remember back in the day when fighting games didn't have much of a story? Well, they still don't but the crew at NRS has at least taken steps to provide some great tales for the players to enjoy before they hit multiplayer. There was a time when their games weren't as in-depth, and one of the vague story points they threw together was Sonya's partner and her quest for revenge against Kano. Continue...
Michigan's premiere fighting game event brought with it many players from outside the state including Ohio, Canada, and Florida. The Grand Finals saw hometown vs. outsider in Compbros vs. Kitana Prime. After a bracket reset it came down to pixels for both players with Prime clutching it out. Continue......
This Saturday gone was a very important date: it was three years to the day that Mortal Kombat X was unleashed on the world!

With millions upon millions of sales, the most successful pro scene in series history and new heights reached in terms of graphical quality and gameplay design (and new depths plumbed with guest characters, ***** Leatherface Ed?), MKX may be polarizing but it's place in the pantheon of not only the Mortal Kombat series, but all of fighting games is assured. Continue......
Starfire, one of the first DLC characters released in Injustice 2, has been giving people some serious headaches for months now. With her combination of chip, zoning and meter build, Starfire occupies that weird slot where she's a top tier character but doesn't have the bombast of a Wonder Woman or Black Adam, the immensely broken bull**** of a Firestorm or the patently OP tools of a Catwoman or Supergirl, so the players tend to under prepare for her. This itself then leads to salt when you release you absolutely should have prepared more and are thus now getting your back blown out, with no idea of what's safe and what's not.

This will be the only Starfire picture contained in this article, because I'm at work and I am NOT having that shit on my computer when someone walks by.

But what... Continue......
When you think about the NRS scene, odds are you are thinking of people from the U.S. If you are a bit more learned, you might be able to list off a few guys from the rest of the Americans with a few Europeans thrown into the mix. But did you know that there was a bustling NRS scene over in Africa? Continue...
Salvador Dali once said "never fear perfection, for you will never attain it"

Well I say "**** that noise", and clearly the boys over at the Netherkast agree!

The Netherkast have been going above and beyond recently, fuelling and fuelled by the nascent hype for MK11, and nothing gets the juices flowing for that game than discussions, and sometimes arguments, over what the roster should be.

The Netherkast has played a huge part in this discussion in the community, with multiple videos on who should return form the 3d era, from the classic era, the most demanded fan characters according to a poll conducted by the Netherkast themselves, fan favourites, necessities from the story perspective.....there's a lot of videos is what I'm getting at.

And we've one more!

Kick your weekend off right with a solid hour of TYM's... Continue......
Another few days go by, another bevy of top quality Netherkast content!

Good god men, give me a break. The spirit is willing, but the fingers and ears are spongy and bruised.

It's fair to say that the Netherkast's most recent ventures into shorter videos has been nothing but a stunning success, with these videos racking up thousands of views and sparking debate across the entirety of the community. This is no surprise to those of us who know the talent and drive of these guys, and their latest videos are no different, as Cyborg returns with two more awesome videos looking forward to MK11!

One of the Netherkasts major contributions to the community has come in the last few weeks, with the survey of the most demanded returning characters for MK11. There's been a couple of videos on that survey and here Cyborg... Continue......