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As pointed out to me by the tag team duo, @II Tundra II and @Braindead, CEO is this weekend. Jebaiting us to this day, you'll notice that if you try and find stream and schedule information on the official site, the image is kind of small if you are using my laptop. No worries, TYM has got you covered with all that info! Continue...
It's episode 3 of the @Slips and Hippo show, and this week we're each giving our predictions for how the CEO tournament will shape out for Injustice 2. We also talk about the semi-retirement of a community figure, and why we play fighting games in general. Check out the very beginning of the show for an all new video from @Noble Raptor that now breaks down the whole top 8 of WOTG, along with our usual Match of the Week!
Time for a flashback now. In these trying times, by which I mean both the content desert as we wait to see precisely what NRS is up to and the last week of June, with both a heatwave and the World Cup meaning work is for suckers, it’s often best to delve into the back catalogue of the internet and see what turns up. Well, look no further, for I bring unto you FIVE AND A HALF HOURS of classic Netherkast retrospective on the God of Thunder and Protector of Earthrealm, Lord Raiden!

This was the first of the current, and best, wave of Netherkast retrospectives which has since included Liu Kang (link), Johnny Cage (link) and Shang Tsung (link), with @Shad and Razor steadily working their way through the entire Mortal Kombat roster one incredibly detailed discussion at a time.

Just as Johnny Cage shows the influence of Jean Claude Van Damme and Bloodsport upon the... Continue......
Non-reveal, de-confirmation, disavowal, call it what you will, the brute fact of the matter is that the NRS community, to a man, expected SOMETHING NRS related at E3. A reveal of MK11 had been rumoured for Combo Breaker, the week before E3 and E3 itself, with the hypothetical game the subject of huge amounts of speculation, ‘leaks’ and discussion, to the point where the community, myself included, essentially took it for granted.

I did Cap, I did. Just like you assumed that not just killing Vision was in any way a responsible decision.

It was assumed that NRS wouldn’t break their traditional two year cycle, particularly not for their flagship franchise, the latest iteration of which was the best selling game of 2015, the highest selling console fighting game in the history of the series and one of the best fighting games of all time, almost certainly top 3. But they did. With no reveal and an explicit admission from Ed Boon... Continue......
Controversial leading NRS player Dragon has announced that he will be stepping away from Injustice Pro Series Season 2 and is seemingly taking a general hiatus from NRS games and possibly the competitive scene overall. Continue......
Hey, look at that. There's no spoilers in the title. It's almost like some stuff went down that you should know about during the War of the Gods Week 2 Top 8. So if you want to go watch the archive, go here or here. Otherwise, I'm gonna be talking about stuff down below. Continue...
As Season 2 of Injustice 2 and the Pro Series dawns on us, we have the first batch of standings to ponder and the top ten contains some obviously very familiar names....but also some less familiar ones, especially to those who don't follow the undercurrent of the scene too closely

Huge congratulations to @Tweedy for topping the table at this early stage, as is to be expected given his triumph at the recent Combo Breaker 2018. The rest of the top 12 are all quite familiar, with defending champion and resident God of Fighting Games, @SonicFox5000 making the top 3. Continue......
Slips and Hippo are back with another episode of the Slips and Hippo Show! We talk about all things WOTG, including a very special presentation courtesy of Red Raptor and Slips that is sure to get your attention, as well as some thoughts about character loyalty, MK at E3 (or the lack thereof), fighting game accessibility, TYM and how it could be better, and Gilgamesh. It's a great show, and I hope you guys like it! Continue......
This is it. Raiden might finally have some dirt that takes him from Bottom 5 to Top 2. Finally, after months of being ragged on and treated like garbage, the Defender of Earthrealm may finally get his moment to shine. It is all within this thread, brought to you by STB Kompetitor and STB Shujinkydink. Continue...
Hey you. Yeah, you. The one just looking at this on the front page. Don't think I don't see you there. I also didn't see you in the War of the Gods week 2 pools on Sunday. That's alright though, we got you covered with the Top 8 update. Looking like a rough time this week in losers, Semiij's weekly streak might finally be coming to an end. Continue...
Hey y'all

I know that i have not been active at all with this game, however i am starting to come back, and decided to learn Enchantress.

Here is my contribution to the Enchantress forums and other people who may be interested in picking her up. Most of the combo videos and guides have very primitive and lack luster combos and setups, so i came up with my own.

Please enjoy! Continue...
If you follow the War of the Gods scene at all (we post enough about it here that you should) you would be familiar with Noble Rewind, consistent weekly placer, overall NRS top player and all around nice guy. He posted some sad news on Twitter and he's looking for some help from the FGC if you can spare it. Continue...
In the latest edition of ScrewAttack’s hugely popular Death Battle series, Wiz and Boomstick pit Injustice 2’s very own Doctor Fate with Marvel’s Dr Stephen Strange in a battle of the arch-sorcerers that pits the Spirit of Nabu and servant of the Lords of Order against the Master of the Mystic Arts and defender of reality! Continue......
As I'm sure most of you know there was no MK reveal at E3 and as disappointing as that is, it's the truth. I'm sure there are still some hoping for a reveal soon, as am I (Ed Boon EVO is coming up;)).
However, in an interview on Wednesday Ed himself acknowledged that NRS have broken their release cycle, saying that he didn't realize that we the fans had caught on to it... and unfortunately said that they have nothing to reveal... not just at E3 but in general:(
So no MK11... no Injustice 3... no nothing... Continue......
It's Wednesday, so y'all know what that means: MK11 wasn't announced! So while you are dealing with that heartbreak, go check out some Injustice 2 action with the Season 1 Week 1 War of the Gods Top 8. Continue...
So yeah, Mortal Kombat is a thing that has been around for 25 years (as of the console edition release). Feel old? You should, this series is as old as I am. To celebrate this momentous occasion, our friends at Dojo Oculto hosted a tournament for the OG Mortal Kombat games. Continue...
War Of The Gods Season 3! - 10 Weeks + a Finale - $5,000 overall

Sign up: https://smash.gg/tournament/warofthegods-s3-w1/details

Watch live: https://www.stream.me/war

More Info: https://info.stream.me/studio

We are going to need some love tonight in the chat, help spread the word! Continue...
So those of you who follow him on Twitter may have seen Tom Brady pitch the idea for a "FGC Morning Talk Show" where people would come to talk about the FGC and get updates on current events around the community. The idea has moved forward with an episode 1 and a GoFundMe to help keep this thing up and running! Continue...
Coming at you a little bit early, we've got this week's line up for The Clash. Got some Injustice, got some DBZF, got Mr. Aquaman and Echo on mic, should be in for a good time this Friday at 7 PM EST. Continue...
Registration is now OPEN (and FREE) for tomorrow evening's BCF Online Injustice 2 Tournament! Compete for $250 in cash prizes and points towards a BCF Feature Match in 2019! Sign up on @smashgg here: http://smash.gg/bcfo1