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MK1 Tier List Discussion Thread


It's definitely too soon for a tier list. Peacemaker could actually not be busted anymore due to the forcefield nerf so please don't quote me on that :D


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What's that? A tier list? No way :eek:

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*Too soon to place Ermac, Reptile, Rain
Nothing wrong with throwing out your opinion, list, or having a discussion. But it definitely is way too soon after the Ermac patch to drop a tier list. We for sure can start discussing it though.

I do, however, agree with Scorpion’s placement. No idea why he only got 1 nearly useless new string and nothing else. This is purely speculation (obviously), but I do think MKJavier doing well with him in tournaments, and NinjaKilla also doing well with him discouraged them from wanting to buff Scorpion. That and some top players actually publicly upplaying him for whatever reason. Tournament results and what top players AND the casual masses say absolutely effects in some way the balancing decisions. It’s naive to think otherwise. It’s far better to have actual evidence of how characters are performing at high levels in competitions and the testimonies of both the experienced competitive players as well as the casual playerbase.