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TYM Podcast Ep 9: OG Xbox player eazytobeat Returns - Feat. Gerchap, m2dave, mastermalone and STORMS

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The Team and I return with our latest Test Your Might Podcast... episode 9! The special part about the podcast is we bring on @eazytobeat who some may remember from back in the 2005 era when clans ruled the online competitive scene. eazytobeat was and still is an Xbox player and back then he was one of the select few that only the BEST players stood a chance competing against him. The thing is, not all of the players from back in that time are still around, so having eazytobeat return, if not just to come to the forums to chill with us, is super cool.

Of course I am also joined by the reputable members of the community, @Gerchap, @M2Dave and @mastermalone. We talk to eazytobeat to find out about his originals of playing Mortal Kombat. In fact, part of the way in, I thought of how @Shock would very much appreciate eazytobeat's UMK3 stories!

We do our best to keep our casts timed in good fashion and...
TYM News Show Recap #2
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A lot has gone down this week, and @Jolt is here with the TYM news show to break it all down for everyone once again. Topics for this week are tournament stuff and the deluge of of tier lists coming out.

New Mortal Kombat Movie Officially Announced - Said to be the biggest-ever production for South Australia

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Some new details on the Mortal Kombat movie (not that one) have been released. We are now moving from vague screencaps of scripts and promises of directors and producers and moving into "this movie is going to start filming".

Texas Showdown 2019/Summit of Time Results

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There was a lot of Mortal Kombat going on this weekend: Texas Showdown, a showdown going on in Texas, and the Summit of Time, a Summit where they had time to play MK11. If you missed one or both, here some details to get caught up so you can talk about what happened with your co-workers at the water cooler.
Summit of Time Starts Today
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Right now actually. The events of the day are starting up in a few minutes, and you can catch all of that and what's going on this weekend in the post down below.

2019 MK11 Summit of Time Info Dump

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Seems like it's been a bit tricky to find where/when everything is happening.. So here's everything I've scraped together so far:

Rough schedule (no times): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D5_X-JPU0AE4Tnv.jpg
Brackets: https://smash.gg/tournament/summit-of-time/events
FGC Summit Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTSfgc
Combo Breaker 2019 Numbers and Entrants
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It's almost time for Combo Breaker 2019: the second big US major this year and the first since Mortal Kombat 11 has come out. And if these numbers are anything to go by, people are excited to play it on the big stage.
Stage Brutality discovered!
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With a million people playing the game, we finally have some secret stuff being found. One Reddit user has discovered the return of stage brutalities, which you can see below.

Kung Lao - The Shaolin Return (Setups, interactions, tricks & Tips) (By T7G-ETC Mcfly)

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Sup Guys!

I leave my contribution for the players of kung lao with details of the use of interaction in combos, combos without meter, configurations, tricks and some tips that I hope will serve you. For the Shaolin ...
Your #SummitOfTime Kombatants! Get hype for May 10th - 12th

Bruce Campbell officially denies the rumor that he's DLC in MK11. Truth? Or smokescreen?

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Either this is an attempt of Bruce to troll us, or NRS trolled us all along, or … well, I don't know. This is getting really weird.

Or possibly reverse psychology at its finest.

CONCLUDED: Earthrealm Dojo Feat: NinjaKilla, FOREVER KING, Slayer and more!

Kharacter Tower Requirements Hotfix

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NRS just hotfixed the kharacter towers.

For example instead of 75 Fatalities and Brutalities on Stage 2 its now 10 each.

Or instead of 100 Krushing Blows for Stage 3 its now only 25.
Kollectibles Map for the Krypt
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Yeah, I spelled collectibles with a "k", what are you going to do? Nothing, that's what. Because you'll be too appreciative of reddit user The6thCelestial who put together this map of the chests in the Krypt.

Mortal Kombat was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame today

E-League MK11 - May 1 - July 24 at 5pm ET (MrAquaman + UltraDavid)

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  • 5 teams of 2 players each
  • Teams race to win 80 matches of online play and 2x 15-win streak endless towers runs
  • First team to complete the challenge becomes the Khan
  • Remaining teams are ranked based on how many matches and living towers they've completed
  • Each match win = 1 point
  • Each 15-win streak on endless towers = 15 points (14-win streak = 0 points)
Hosted by @UltraDavid and @Mr Aquaman
"Defenders of the Realm" Tournament Invitational (Today) (Santiago, Chile)
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We have created an urban intervention, never seen before with Mortal Kombat 11! We have entered some devastated ruins and prepared the site as a place from which we are hosting an invitational tournament.

Today 6 PM (GMT-4)

Link transmission facebook live:

MK11 PC / STEAM version promised to catch up to 1.03 by next week

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NRS/WBG is showing more transparency by offering us an insight into their nearest plans on updating all versions to 1.03 by next week latest.

For PC, we have two patches in progress. We’re aiming to have the first patch in the series released in the next day or two. This patch will include:
Shimmering Stone Available in 1 Fight Tower
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So if you've looked at the Towers of Time at all, you noticed the blank section where you can use a "tower key" to summon up an awesome tower with a lot of rewards. Well, to go with the recent patch for the Towers to make them more fun, one of the new towers up is offering up a Shimmering Stone to conjure up one of those super duper towers.

Version 1.03 out now on PS4 (FULL PATCH NOTES NOW AVAILABLE)

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UPDATE: Full patch notes out.

Version 1.03 is out on PS4.
Patch(es) for Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch "coming soon"