injustice 2

  1. Roy Arkon

    My case of me being mistreated by Tom Brady

    I was going to tell this as a comment in the thread that @STORMS opened up, but I've decided to give it it's own thread. I wasn't sure if I should tell this when it actually happened, but considering that now Tom has being exposed for the donations money thing, I've decided that if Tom is gonna...

    Injustice 2 - Random Crossups Explained!

    In this video you'll see why Injustice 2 has broken Crossups: So, since i was using PC version, i went into training and made a bot w/ script which is doing two things: 1) Presses a Reset Button 2) Starts Combo into Crossup Setup This means that theres the same timing etc every time. I only...
  3. geogeolivero

    The most annoying thing = Game session is no longer available I2 PS4

    It's horrible.......While playing against boring noobs no errors everything is fine after awhile you finally get the chance to play a fun match with a good player, then this happens "Game session is no longer available" I almost burned my house with me in it. Is this there a fix for this or...
  4. bcfighting

    ANNOUNCING Body Count Fighting 8 (BCF8) - SFV & IJ2 Show Matches on 11/3

    Body Count Fighting is back with its final fighting game event of the year, Body Count Fighting 8, on Saturday, November 3rd, at 6:00PM PST! The event will be streamed live on Body Count Fighting’s Twitch channel. BCF8 will feature a special Street Fighter V East vs. West throwdown: Next Level...
  5. Ragnarök Tyr

    The Void Stream: Fight Night 11/07/2018

    Every Wednesday Night, The Void Stream plays host to an open exhibition night for Injustice 2 players. Typically sign ups for the show begin at 12:30 - 1pm est via Twitter: Https:// with the card being drafted around 6pm est. The stream starts at 8pm est and can be...
  6. bcfighting

    BCF Online Injustice 2 Tournament #4

    Join Body Count Fighting in its fourth Online Injustice 2 tournament, happening Thursday, October 11 at 6:00PM PST. Registration is currently open and FREE via! For standings and prizing information, check out the BCF Online Tournament circuit page. Tournament Information: Starting...
  7. Oonaugh_

    Scarecrow Tech - Anti-Wakeup Options with DB1

    A short but comprehensive guide explaining and demonstrating various anti-wakeup options with Scarecrow using DB1. Let me know what you think!
  8. Amplified$hotz

    What is NRS best game, visually?

    While Injustice too from a competitive standpoint is the best NRS, a lot of people just don’t find it fun. Personally I think it has a lot to do with how the game looks. For me MKX was the best to watch for visuals and MK9 for mechanics and combos(Cage, Reptile, Kabal, Smoke :D) . In this thread...
  9. eddiegreyy


    Oficial Stream : Week 1 : 09/08 Week 2 : 16/08 Week 3 : 23/08 Week 4 : 30/08 Brazil Finals at Game XP - Rio de Janeiro 08/09 Prize: R$10.000 @STORMS
  10. legion666

    Guaranteed Unblockable Resets

    Ok so after finding a new easier and more optimal guaranteed reset I am updating OP to show the most practical stuff first. First video shows the reset's concept. I recorded the AI to do it so that I can show that it is fullproof. After the actual combo I try 2 times to backdash before the...
  11. bcfighting

    ANNOUNCING Body Count Fighting 6 (BCF6)

    Join the Body Count Fighting team at Machinima Studios in Burbank, CA for BCF6 -- a series of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter 5, & Injustice 2 show matches where players compete for bragging rights and championship belts in their respective games. The show starts at 5:00PM and will be...
  12. Frame-Boy

    Frame-Boy: Injustice 2 Extended Frame Data App

    Hi everybody! For a bit more than half a year, I've been working on a free frame data app for Injustice 2. Its main difference from other apps is that it gives more information on combos than it is given in game itself. For instance, you can see what is the move type of each combo hit. And a...
  13. Roy Arkon

    Why The Joker Should Be a Guest Character in Mortal Kombat 11.

    I know that you guys are gonna be mad at the very idea of this for various reasons, but please hear me out. When NRS/WB put guest characters in their games, they select these chars under a certain theme. In both MK9 and MKX, all of them were horror movie chars (Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees...
  14. Roy Arkon

    What is Injustice 2 truly all about?

    I know that this question might be sound dumb to some people and it have been answered somewhere else here, but I at least didn't find an answer to it so I hope you guys can help me. A couple of days ago, @STB Shujinkydink made a new tier list vid for IJ2: But it's not the tier list I wanna...
  15. bcfighting

    Body Count Fighting: Online Tournament Series

    Starting May 17, Body Count Fighting is hosting an online tournament series in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, DRAGON BALL FighterZ, TEKKEN 7, and Injustice 2, awarding players their share of a $250 prize pool each week and points towards an online finals series at the end of the year. The...
  16. Marinjuana

    A community tier list, with contributions from some TYM members

    Some TYM members contributed to a matchup chart but didn't post it for us to rip on... for shame people, for shame. I don't know all the details but @Insomniac FGC organized a community tier list that had contributions from various players, with one or two players contributing to a matchup...
  17. John_NX

    What if some I2 moves were brutalities?

    Hello everyone :), so I had this idea.What if some Injustice 2 moves behaved like MKX's brutalities and killed the opponent? For example: Catwoman: -MB Catdash slices the opponent in half Wonder Woman: -MB Forward Shield causes decapitation to the opponent while returning back to Diana. -F2...
  18. Jhonnykiller45

    Brainiac's Taunt Move

    Did you know? The boss version of Brainiac from the Story Mode and the arcade Multiverse has a taunt special move, not unlike MK's Shao Kahn - Decided to share the video since I've never seen anyone else talk of it..
  19. Jhonnykiller45

    Injustice 2: Legendary Edition New Achievements

    So here's a new piece of information from the Injustice 2 Legendary Edition which NetherRealm has not commented on yet, fresh out of the oven (so fresh it might be a bit raw): it will also include a new set of achievements/trophies to be unlocked, similiarly to the new achievements/trophies from...
  20. Roy Arkon

    Leonardo Combo Video - Mid-Screen, Corner, Interactable and Supermove Combos

    This is my Combo video for Leonardo in Injustice 2, I've chose Leo as my go-to Turtle as he is the most versatile out of the four, and I really love versatile characters who can do at least a bit of almost everything if not every single thing, and Leo fits that role. Here are the time...