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The Void Stream: Fight Night 11/07/2018

Ragnarök Tyr

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Every Wednesday Night, The Void Stream plays host to an open exhibition night for Injustice 2 players. Typically sign ups for the show begin at 12:30 - 1pm est via Twitter: Https://Twitter.com/Ragnarok_FGC with the card being drafted around 6pm est.

The stream starts at 8pm est and can be found on https://Twitch.Tv/Ragnarok_FGC

The show is held over PSN and does not have a skill requirement to take part. However your Win/Loss Record or community recommendations do play a factor in where you fall on the card if chosen. Tonight's card consists of

Making this it's own post separate of the Article @Espio made so I can adjust the date each week.