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By bcfighting on May 9, 2018 at 7:35 PM
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    Starting May 17, Body Count Fighting is hosting an online tournament series in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, DRAGON BALL FighterZ, TEKKEN 7, and Injustice 2, awarding players their share of a $250 prize pool each week and points towards an online finals series at the end of the year. The winner of each game’s finals series at the end of 2018 gets a trip to LA and a paid feature match at a BCF event in 2019! More information at


    The competition will take place over the course of 2018, with five total cycles giving players five opportunities to earn their share of the weekly prize pool and points towards the online finals series at the end of the year.

    At the end of five cycles, the top 8 players in each game will advance to an online playoff, competing for another $250 prize pool, as well as a trip to LA and a paid feature match at a BCF event in 2019.

    Registration is FREE and more information can be found on the official circuit page at
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by bcfighting, May 9, 2018.

    1. Basic Stupidity
      Basic Stupidity
      Nice. I hopefully will be able to participate in this one.
    2. gitblame
      Neat idea. I'll try to watch it.

      Just remember to ban wifi. I know it's hard to enforce in other games, but at least you can in Injustice
    3. jmt
      A whole $250 huh lol
    4. The_Tile
      Why is there never anything for us Englandians fml
    5. Basic Stupidity
      Basic Stupidity
      its 250 each week for 5 weeks which is pretty good for someone like me. if i get 4th every week id get $250 overall which isnt bad at all imo.
    6. jmt
      Yeah man I get that, but it's just really low. Hard to create hype when the money isn't there.
    7. jaepeso170
      Cant wait..... registering for the DBFZ tourney
    8. Basic Stupidity
      Basic Stupidity
      I'll take no money tourneys over nothing. I appreciate any cash prize no matter how small
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    9. Jynks
      Is there a stream?
    10. jmt
      Yea that's cool, I don't agree though. Good luck.
    11. bcfighting
      I totally understand your disappointment. We are still a small production and, while it may not seem like a lot, giving away $250 a week is only part of the cost of running a tournament. Unlike many other tournaments in the FGC, we don't staff up with volunteers -- we pay our crew and commentators for their time. Plus, these tournaments are totally free to enter.

      We know a $250 prize pool is small and we hope to increase it next year, but the point of these tournaments is not to put out a ton of cash and attract the biggest names in the NRS scene. The point of these tournaments is to give players who don't have local weeklies to attend an opportunity to compete and build relationships.

      Long term, all we're trying to do is help the scene. Tons of locals have dropped Injustice 2, which means $0 is up for grabs each week. Even when they did run Injustice 2, how many of these weeklies were putting up more than $250? How many of them were charging for entry and making money from attendees?

      At the end of the day, if we can put a little bit of money in players pockets and give them a chance to compete, we feel like we've added some value to the scene. If the big, sponsored players don't want to compete in these weeklies, that's okay. We regularly pay them to appear on our BCF fight cards. These weeklies can be an opportunities for unsponsored and up-and-coming players to continue the grind.
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    12. bcfighting
    13. bcfighting
      We hope so, too!
    14. bcfighting
      We will be policing it as best we can!
    15. bcfighting
      Good luck! Can't wait to showcase your matches!

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