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Leonardo Combo Video - Mid-Screen, Corner, Interactable and Supermove Combos

Roy Arkon

I will leave my seal on you!
This is my Combo video for Leonardo in Injustice 2, I've chose Leo as my go-to Turtle as he is the most versatile out of the four, and I really love versatile characters who can do at least a bit of almost everything if not every single thing, and Leo fits that role.

Here are the time notations, if you wanna go to a specific section of the video:

00:00 - Mid-Screen Combos (no Interactable)
02:52 - Corner Combos
04:52 - Interactable Mid-Screen Combos
07:46 - Supermove Combos (Mid-Screen)
10:10 - Supermove Combos (Interactable)
11:16 - Supermove Combos (Corner)

Enjoy! :)

@Dankster Morgan