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Injustice 2 - Random Crossups Explained!

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  • OMG! Why is it still not fixed?!

  • Hitboxes and Crossups are fine, just git gud nub!

  • MK11 is on the way who cares bout I2...

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Now it's my turn
In this video you'll see why Injustice 2 has broken Crossups:

So, since i was using PC version, i went into training and made a bot w/ script which is doing two things:
1) Presses a Reset Button
2) Starts Combo into Crossup Setup
This means that theres the same timing etc every time. I only need to press left or right to block (you can not avoid it by jump or delayed wus).

Another video (that i mention) with slomo but with inconsistent timing (i was doing crossups by myself without script)
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