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Tom Brady's Thoughts on Mortal Kombat 11


Is all you guys do on here shit around and bash me non stop? maybe a new hobby would be nice. I constantly say I should stop making vids but ppl swear that so many ppl want and love them. Obviously we know this isnt true and reading these threads makes it even more obvious.

I take no issue with ppl hating on any and all content i make nor do i disagree that most find my vids annoying and unnecessary. Im glad that some of you can at least be honest about it. For that, I thank you.
I'm pretty sure it was your video showcasing Sub-Zero's corner block-pressure meter-building for Injustice 2? That video helped me learn some new stuff about Sub-Zero and I appreciate it. Some of us do want to see more videos from you.


Everyone Has A Path
I remember being in line to check in for my first Evo and being next to Tom Brady loudly trash talking Kung Jin players. It was great

Dankster Morgan

she don’t call me daddy she call me Grandmaster
Definitely like watching Tom play the game, his Scorpion in the stress test was looking good tbh. Im looking forward to some nice SZ tech, would be cool to see him play a lot of characters though