mortal kombat 11

  1. NickandAutumn

    New Kano Brutality

    New Kano brutality only the AI can perform right now.
  2. Edmund

    Your Favorite Third Variation & Least Favorite

    I haven't seen a lot of people saying which third variations are their favorite and I'm curious because there are a lot of fun ones in the patch and a lot um well you know Favorites: Kitana: Fearless -Great Low Fan Toss mixup, the most old-school kitana feeling variation Skarlet -Fun to have a...
  3. JusteMeta

    (Nov 2nd) MK 11 PC League 2 - 150€ Prize Pool

    All info can be found here - There are also weeklies you can take part in as well! This tourney is open to PC MK11 players in any region. I will make sure that people who are too far away from each other dont get...
  4. NickandAutumn

    NEW Stage Brutality with Patch

    New stage brutality on the Sea of Blood stage. To perform this you just have to get the last hit from mid to far range with the starfish throwable.
  5. NickandAutumn

    New Revenant Skins

  6. NickandAutumn

    More Klassic Comparisons

    If you're into seeing klassics and the ones they brought back in Mk11 I think you would enjoy this video we made. We compared klassic poses from mk2 and mk3.
  7. NickandAutumn

    5th KRYPT Event Noob Saibot Klassic Mask

    A lot of you might know about this already but these are very short events and we just want to share it around so people don't miss out on anything they have been waiting for. Will end 8am MST 9/12/19
  8. M

    Hosting DAILY KOTH on my Twitch channel. Come join us!

    Hosting DAILY KOTH on my Twitch channel. Come join us! I'll be doing tournaments in the future for prizes as well. Can't wait to see you all! - Marto
  9. NickandAutumn

    Don't miss the 3rd KRYPT event.

    Just in case anyone has missed this today there is about 12 hours left on the event it ends on 8/30/19 around 8am MST Get Kitana's Edenian Blue skin before its gone.
  10. Madex

    List of rewards for the gauntlet

    New member here does anyone have a list of rewards for the gauntlet?
  11. FanTalk

    10 Characters Not To Play

    So a new video has surface YouTube by WhatCulturegaming making a list of characters to avoid. I made a rant video and went on a debunking spree. RANT/Response - Original video: - I'm not going to spoil anything. I think it's utter painful to watch but comedic. #10 right off the bat they...
  12. NickandAutumn

    Johnny Cage Stage Nicknames

    Alot of you may have already seen these when they were leaked months ago but we think they are so funny and wanted them on the channel. In case anyone here missed it here is the Johnny Cage announcer voice and all the nickname he gave the stages.
  13. NickandAutumn

    New Secret Sub-Zero Brutality Ending *Video*

    Here's a new secret Sub-Zero brutality ending for 'Falling to Pieces',
  14. Truesolo

    Kung Lao - Buff Suggestions

    These are the buffs that I think he needs. 8f spin so he has a legit anti air to consistently stop baraka and others from jumping at him Teleport krushing blow changed to hit opponent with teleport 2 "X" amount of times or with teleport 3 If teleport krushing blow isn't changed then a faster...
  15. NickandAutumn

    Every New Victory Pose Compared to the Original *Video*

    The new update brought us new variety in victory poses afte performing brutalities! We made a video comparing all the new ones to the originals. Also did Nightwolf's -
  16. NickandAutumn

    More *NEW* Hidden Brutalities

    Thanks to the community we were able to compile these and make another video on hidden brutalities! These can be so fun, but we spent hours searching and only could find a couple. This one all goes to the community! Enjoy.
  17. FanTalk

    Mortal Kombat Guest Character For Tekken 7 Season 3

    I just wanted to point out but there's a 50% chance a MK character will arrive to Tekken 7 for Season 3. This is because both Ed and Harada have complemented each other. And in Tekken there's already Street Fighter and KOF characters, so adding a MK character fits the theme. And the Tekken...
  18. NickandAutumn


    We made this video showing off Jades new brutality that was released today. It was weird though a couple of days ago before it was dropped I saw it in my move list but wasn't able to preform it. Did anyone else have this glitch happen to them?
  19. Owerbart

    Ok, who's gonna lose the Russian Roulette?

    Ok, so we already kinda established who the top tier characters are, and I guess overall we can situate the whole roster in a spectrum of *Should get Nerfed *Keep it like it is *Buff it But however we all know that what eventually happens with the first balance patch is not up to us but to...
  20. GothamInGray

    Towers of Time - Scorpion Gear

    Just as a PSA, there is currently a Scorpion boss tower up in Towers of Time that has three pieces of difficult-to-find gear and a skin for him. Tower: Netherflame Incursion Skin: Netherrealm Specter Mask: Tachijutsu Master Sword: Makuragami Spear: Hell Dart of Glowing Ire