mortal kombat 11

  1. NickandAutumn

    New Krypt event Feb. 24th

    This krypt event contains Kano Optic Daggers eye shield and Scorpion Harumi's Protector ninja mask. If you already have these items you will receive 100,000 coins.
  2. NickandAutumn

    New krypt event rewarding brutality

    The krypt event today is rewarding Frost's unscrewed brutality and Cetrion's Calafia Goddess crown. We already had the Frost brutality so thats why it wasn't a reward for us.
  3. NickandAutumn

    New Jade brutality 'Bad Trip'

  4. NickandAutumn

    New Krypt event January 28th

  5. NickandAutumn

    New Krypt Event January 22nd

  6. NickandAutumn

    New Holiday Primere Tower 'Ring in the New Year'

    Just a heads up if you didn't know the new holiday premiere tower is out now. We hope you all have a happy New Year
  7. NickandAutumn

    All New and Upcoming Brutalities

    We hope you enjoy seeing these new brutalities showcased :)
  8. NickandAutumn

    Fourth returning Krypt Event location containing Shao Kahn items

    These returning krypt events are only live for 3 hours so if you missed it the first time hopefully you can get it now.
  9. NickandAutumn

    New Kollector brutality available in the towers of time now!

    New Kollector brutality in the towers of time now for about 20 more hours.
  10. NickandAutumn

    Returning krypt event this friday & Kano's region Specific skin having technical issues

    Also if you have bought the Cangaçeiro bundle and you didn't receive the items Netherrealm just tweeted that they are having technical issues. Here's the tweet with the link to get the time crystals refunded.
  11. S

    A Kollector Full guide ... again lol

    Sorry, for anyone wondering, the video didn't work well before so i had to re-upload it and restart the premiere. For anyone interested, it's gonna go live in 4 minutes and in the meanwhile imma leave the link here. Should be useful for anyone interested n the character =)
  12. S

    A Kollector Full Guide

    Hi everyone u_u i started to make some tutorials for MK or rather, this is the first one i make on the game although i already played for quite a while. It's gonna go live in about 4 hours so ... if u wanna hop in and chat while watching , feel free to stop by and if it starts going maybe i can...
  13. NickandAutumn

    How to Carve the MK logo into a Pumpkin w/ printable stencil

    We made a stencil to do this and if you want to print it out here's the link to it - Happy Halloween everyone!
  14. NickandAutumn

    New Kano Brutality

    New Kano brutality only the AI can perform right now.
  15. Edmund

    Your Favorite Third Variation & Least Favorite

    I haven't seen a lot of people saying which third variations are their favorite and I'm curious because there are a lot of fun ones in the patch and a lot um well you know Favorites: Kitana: Fearless -Great Low Fan Toss mixup, the most old-school kitana feeling variation Skarlet -Fun to have a...
  16. JusteMeta

    (Nov 2nd) MK 11 PC League 2 - 150€ Prize Pool

    All info can be found here - There are also weeklies you can take part in as well! This tourney is open to PC MK11 players in any region. I will make sure that people who are too far away from each other dont get...
  17. NickandAutumn

    NEW Stage Brutality with Patch

    New stage brutality on the Sea of Blood stage. To perform this you just have to get the last hit from mid to far range with the starfish throwable.