mortal kombat 11

  1. Syzoth

    Cooking With Baraka - The Berserker Baraka Guide

    Video Guide The link leads to a video with the same exact information, though this may be a bit more detailed. The first 45 seconds are all memes and hilarious. Check it out! Berserker Baraka Why Me? At the time I picked up this variation it was the least represented of...
  2. M

    Whatculture - MK 12 Wishlist

    Hi guys, Whatculture article just went live with 10 things to put in Mortal Kombat 12. Thoughts?
  3. M

    What will the next season of Kombat League will be?

    Ive just gotten back in the game last season and looking back at the seasons i missed i was curious to see what could be next/what the people would want to be next
  4. NickandAutumn

    July 2nd Krypt Event Location

  5. Syzoth

    Secret alternate Brutality Found for Sheeva

    I have made a list of 64 likely inputs for secret brutalities and am doing them for both of my characters I play. Each character has 10 brutalities so that's six hundred and forty inputs. I have done 230 with Baraka and haven't found a secret brutality to his yet, however Sheeva's was relatively...
  6. Syzoth

    Just walk and punish. Anti-Sheeva stomp.

    Listing of all characters that can walk forwards or backwards and avoid all Sheeva Dragon drops (stomps/teleport)
  7. NickandAutumn

    New Stage Brutality and How to do it

    Hold down during hit to perform this stage brutality
  8. LoveBites xo

    Aftermath story crash

    Anybody else facing this problem? at the end of chapter 16 during the cutscene where it crashes before Sindel and Shao battle Kitana? needs to be fixed asap
  9. LoveBites xo

    Poor Skarlet

    Just wanted to put this question out on the forum to see what everyone’s opinions are but what can NRS do to actually make Skarlet a viable character? I mean yes she has gaps in every string possible so they can work out a way to cover them but even so she’s been so poorly developed when you...
  10. NickandAutumn

    Third Augment Slot Will Finally be Available

    Finally we will have the third augment slot on May 26th with the Afteramth patch.
  11. NickandAutumn

    Special Krypt Event today May 18th

    Containing Sub-Zero's Tundra skin and Cryomancer's Calling mask
  12. Arqwart

    Fujin Discussion Thread

    Lowkey surprised this hasn't been made yet. Anyhow, this thread is for discussing our long-awaited God of Wind, Fujin! Only having shown up in MK4 and Armageddon, Fujin has huge potential for bringing his style and skill set into the modern NRS MK era. Our boy's lookin snazzy with his long...
  13. NickandAutumn

    Kombat League Season 10 The Season of Shadows Rewards, Brutalities and Requirements

    Good luck to everyone this season.
  14. LoveBites xo

    V2 tech

    Decided that I want to give this variation a go after hearing good things about it, can anyone give me some good tech or links to videos where her V2 potential is shown properly thanks :)
  15. LoveBites xo

    Gear/Outfits for DLC

    When are the DLC characters going to start getting new items?? Poor Shang has been out for 10 months and has had nothing new to obtain. We need some new outfits (not recolours) like Shangs mk2 outfit with a ponytail and sindels revenant outfit on her human skins would be great. Not to mention...