stress test

  1. Feremuntrus

    Post-Stress Test Gameplay Poll (14 Questions) - Meant to Help NRS

    Hello everyone, After reading SonicFox's Twitlonger on gameplay recommendations, I wanted to help NRS out by making a poll that can get the community's feedback on a lot of important gameplay questions all in one convenient place. It's hard to understand how the community truly feels when...
  2. Roy Arkon

    Tom Brady's Thoughts on Mortal Kombat 11

    All of that in the video. Enjoy!
  3. DanteDemonZ

    Scorpion (Chain Reaction) BnB Combo Video

    Combos from the stress test using the base chain reaction setup as well as some where you keep Death Spin but replace the other chain moves with Burning Spear for that extra damage. All using the B14, F43 and F32 starters. Note none of this combos are krushing blow combos, will make one with...
  4. Execute

    Scorpion Stress Test Frame Data

    Basic Attacks Straight Punch Input: 1 Damage: 2 Move Type: High Block Damage: .3 Startup: 7 Active: 2 Recovery: 17 Cancel Advantage: 16 Hit Advantage: 9 Block Advangtage: -2 Gut Slice Input: B1 Damage: 3 Move Type: Mid Block Damage: Not Listed Startup: 14 Active: Not Listed Recovery: 29 Cancel...