1. Syzoth

    Cooking With Baraka - The Berserker Baraka Guide

    Video Guide The link leads to a video with the same exact information, though this may be a bit more detailed. The first 45 seconds are all memes and hilarious. Check it out! Berserker Baraka Why Me? At the time I picked up this variation it was the least represented of...
  2. Psyren136

    Tarkatan Tech [Baraka Combo Thread]

    Post your combos and tech here and i will update the main post with the info. Notations: Front Punch=1 Back Punch=2 Front Kick=3 Back Kick=4 F=Forward D=Down B=Back U=Up U/F=Up Forward U/B=Up Back KB=Krushing Blow Baraka Barrage - Adds additional basic attacks Gutted - BF4 Blood Lunge -BF2...
  3. Snake Sound 222

    I think Baraka might have received a new brutality

    I happened to be looking at my customization options for Baraka today, and when I got to the finishers section, I saw that I had 17 out of 19. This confused me at first, because I thought that I had all of his fatalities, taunts, and all but one of his brutalities. Then I remembered that the...
  4. Under_The_Mayo

    Tarkatan Math: Understanding Baraka's Damage Output - guide by Under The Mayo

    I hope this can help everyone streamline their damage and manage resources a bit better. Enjoy! It was a pleasure to assemble.
  5. Kompetitor

    Level Up: Punishing Character Gaps using Flawless Block

    I made a quick guide on where you can punish gaps in strings or attacks using flawless blocking, and also with other normals if the gap is large enough. Skarlet 12(gap )4 - last hit is flawless block punishable B3(gap)4 - FB punish F4(gap)3 - FB punish B1(gap)2 - FB punish B2 - FB punish on...
  6. Roy Arkon

    Tom Brady's Thoughts on Mortal Kombat 11

    All of that in the video. Enjoy!