1. DrFreezegood

    Air Throw Kombos?

    Ive been Theorycrafting some kombos with Scorpion's air throw as an ender, it has a Krushing Blow right? An example, with DF1 Fireball and Sin Blade NJP, unsure if it will work: Opener, DF1 MB, NJP, 4, DB3 MB, Jump in 1, Air throw Im gonna experiment with this tomorrow morning, when I can...
  2. Jhonnykiller45

    Mortal Kombat 11 Beta Online Fights Videos

    Let's share our online match videos here :)
  3. Caleb Smull

    Jade’s BETA brutality?

    Has anyone figured out how exactly to do Jade’s only brutality in the beta? The list in her kustomization screen literally just says “Hold 2”.
  4. Roy Arkon

    Tom Brady's Thoughts on Mortal Kombat 11

    All of that in the video. Enjoy!
  5. DanteDemonZ

    Scorpion (Chain Reaction) BnB Combo Video

    Combos from the stress test using the base chain reaction setup as well as some where you keep Death Spin but replace the other chain moves with Burning Spear for that extra damage. All using the B14, F43 and F32 starters. Note none of this combos are krushing blow combos, will make one with...
  6. Blade4693

    For those who pre-ordered a physical copy...

    Did you guys get a code for the beta access? I pre-ordered in store a couple weeks ago and completely forgot about the beta until today so I went and checked my receipt and realized there is nothing on there concerning beta access, no code no nothing. Should I contact the Gamestop I pre-ordered...
  7. Scyther

    Reveal Schedule (Theory)

    Hey everyone! First thread ^^ So, I was thinking, if we have ~9 weeks left before the Beta is released, and there's 18 characters left to reveal, it feels like a safe bet we'll get at least 1 character reveal per week, if not two (if NRS is going to release the full roster by the time the Beta...
  8. Micahl Dickens

    Free Early Access Testing of 2D Fighter, Evolver

    UPDATE: I've decided to simply share the preAlpha as it's a limited trial anyway. The game will only run a limited number of times, but will run for as long as it is open. Please give feedback if you download, and thanks for your time and attention...
  9. SMGxPrincess

    Blue Beetle Intros (Dialogues)

    some of them are cringy lol