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  1. Roy Arkon

    MK11 Tech - Soul Eater Shang Tsung Can Shake-Parry His Own Fire Skull

    I don't know if this is known yet, but in case it isn't, here is something interesting with Shang Tsung in the Soul Eater Variation. It turns out that Shang can Shake-Parry his own Fire Skull. This can help him greatly in Match-ups against characters with projectile reflecting moves such as...
  2. Roy Arkon

    How to deal with Frost's Core Discharge

    I've discovered something new regarding Frost's Core Discharge just now, in addition to my latest discovery about the move a few days ago. In case you missed it, if Frost shoots the close version of the projectile and the opponent crouches, the Core Discharge will always whiff even if the...
  3. Roy Arkon

    My case of me being mistreated by Tom Brady

    I was going to tell this as a comment in the thread that @STORMS opened up, but I've decided to give it it's own thread. I wasn't sure if I should tell this when it actually happened, but considering that now Tom has being exposed for the donations money thing, I've decided that if Tom is gonna...
  4. Roy Arkon

    YouTube Gets Exposed For Their Hypocrisy, Double Standard and Damage Control Through Mortal Kombat 11!

    I came across this YouTuber by the name of GamerThumbTV, who made several vids regarding MK11 and MK in general, and had to suffer from the bullshit that YouTube is already known for doing for a while. However this video actually exposes YouTube for not only their double standard and hypocrisy...
  5. Roy Arkon

    Tom Brady's Thoughts on Mortal Kombat 11

    All of that in the video. Enjoy!
  6. Roy Arkon

    I am an NRS Trophy King!

    Just wanna share this with you. Two years ago, I got the all the trophies for MKX, when I got with my main, Noxious Reptile, the Dragon King set along with the No Loyalty AND Platinum trophies all at once while playing the Arcade Mode! You can watch that in this video I did 2 years ago, before I...
  7. Roy Arkon

    Mortal Kombat X Goro Fatality Easter Egg in Injustice 2

    I've found an MKX Easter Egg in IJ2, and this one is related to Goro. If you look at the far left corner of the Joker's Playground stage in IJ2, you will see that there is a doll sitting there, with it's head stuck in a cavity in it's chest. That is a direct reference to Goro's Peek-A-Boo...
  8. Roy Arkon

    Why The Joker Should Be a Guest Character in Mortal Kombat 11.

    I know that you guys are gonna be mad at the very idea of this for various reasons, but please hear me out. When NRS/WB put guest characters in their games, they select these chars under a certain theme. In both MK9 and MKX, all of them were horror movie chars (Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees...
  9. Roy Arkon

    What is Injustice 2 truly all about?

    I know that this question might be sound dumb to some people and it have been answered somewhere else here, but I at least didn't find an answer to it so I hope you guys can help me. A couple of days ago, @STB Shujinkydink made a new tier list vid for IJ2: But it's not the tier list I wanna...
  10. Roy Arkon

    Leonardo Combo Video - Mid-Screen, Corner, Interactable and Supermove Combos

    This is my Combo video for Leonardo in Injustice 2, I've chose Leo as my go-to Turtle as he is the most versatile out of the four, and I really love versatile characters who can do at least a bit of almost everything if not every single thing, and Leo fits that role. Here are the time...
  11. Roy Arkon

    Raphael's Damage Output is Outrageous!

    I think people already know that Raphael's damage output in IJ2 is huge, but this video that I made here is gonna show how insane his damage output can truly be! This combo does require four super meter bars, and it dose require 11/10 level for Raph's Trait, but just in case you do manage to...
  12. Roy Arkon

    How to Deal with Enchantress' Hell's Gate with Starfire's Zoning

    After watching a Ranked set video from @STB Shujinkydink of Starfire and Enchantress, I went to the lab to check things out, and it turns out that in addition to Starfire being able to Outzone Enchantress with Starbolt Trait even with Enchantress' Hell's Gate being out, she can also do so with...
  13. Roy Arkon

    The NRS Community Says Thank You to NRS!

    I've just found this video that was uploaded by the Youtuber First to 10, featuring players, Youtubers and commentators from across the world in the NRS community saying "thank you" to the development company who made the Fighting Game franchises we all love and play. With that being said, I...
  14. Roy Arkon

    2000 Source Crystals for Everyone for Free!

    I just booted up the game right now and I got a message straight from NRS and WB, they're sending a gift of appreciation to everyone in the community, and the gift is free 2000 Source Crystals! And I got the gift and now I have 2000 extra Source Crystals. Anyone got it also?
  15. Roy Arkon

    Amazing Set! Only Real Master Trophy Earned with Sub-Zero!

    I was in Ranked last night, and I ran into in this guy named Oneofus who used Batman and Hellboy (first time I ever ran into Hellboy, BTW) and I had no idea how good this is was gonna turn out to be, but OMG it was a big one! And the biggest thing out all of that, is that I got at the very end...
  16. Roy Arkon

    Who is Your Favorite Ninja Turtle?

    Here is something for fun. Now that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are officially in IJ2, I think it will be nice to see among TYM members which Turtle is their favorite Turtle. This has nothing to do with gameplay in IJ2 that each Turtle might have. This is based about your favorite Turtle in...
  17. Roy Arkon

    Question Can Zoning be a Type of Offense?

    OK I know some people are gonna scratch their heads by me asking this, and it's probably gonna be a dump question, and maybe I'm missing something that is way too obvious, but I still feel I gotta ask this question, due to some information I got over the past several weeks, so please hear me...
  18. Roy Arkon

    Your Favorite Fighting Game Character From Every Series

    Here is something for fun. I'm curios to hear what are favorite Fighting Game characters from every series that you've ever played, even if you played just one game from a certain series. If there is a tie or if your top spot for a series was belong to more then one character over the years, you...
  19. Roy Arkon

    Alternative Versions of Raptor's Corner 50/50 for Sub-Zero

    2 weeks ago, Raptor made a video of a Left/Right Corner 50/50 for Sub-Zero as you can see here: I've checked it in the lab and I've found some alternative versions to this 50/50. In addition to jump backwards before jumping forwards for a FJ2, you can also go for NJ2, before you go for the...
  20. Roy Arkon

    Official Video from NRS for the 25th Anniversary of Mortal Kombat

    The title says it all. Really great video from NRS on the official Mortal Kombat Community YouTube page.