1. LoveBites xo

    Poor Skarlet

    Just wanted to put this question out on the forum to see what everyone’s opinions are but what can NRS do to actually make Skarlet a viable character? I mean yes she has gaps in every string possible so they can work out a way to cover them but even so she’s been so poorly developed when you...
  2. M

    Why Skarlet's 212 Combo Can Be Inconsistent and How To Practice

    It's a combo you have to time obviously. If you press the next string too early your input can get eaten. But it's possible to input the 44 late enough to not get eaten, but soon enough for it to whiff anyway. Making this combo easier to mess up if you're freaking out or a newer player. Here's...
  3. LoveBites xo

    Is she still as strong?

    Been really struggling with her this Kombat League season more so than ever before any other Skarlet mains feel the same?? Its as if she’s become too slow and cant keep up with the majority of the cast. Johnny Cage is the biggest problem....
  4. NickandAutumn

    All New Krypt event this Friday

    If you haven't already heard there is a brand new krypt event coming this Friday more info in the video.

    Scarlet hemorrhage guide and breakdown

  6. Eddy Wang

    Mortal Kombat 11 - 101 series extended pack #3 - Movement

    Learn about the Dash system and the main diferences in aplication when: Regular Dash Dash block Wavedash or Step in Dash Learn about Backdash Canceling and its applications in Kombat. @Vslayer @SaltShaker @Eldriken @Jimmypotato @ETC Mcfly @LawAbidingCitizen Tried to put as much quality as...
  7. xkurama999

    play mk11 with me

    looking for more people to get on and play with i’m pretty good at the game i just hit 35 plus on players matches, but i’m mainly just looking to do a tournament with a couple of buddy’s on koth hmu if interested my psn is xkurama999
  8. Kompetitor

    Level Up: Punishing Character Gaps using Flawless Block

    I made a quick guide on where you can punish gaps in strings or attacks using flawless blocking, and also with other normals if the gap is large enough. Skarlet 12(gap )4 - last hit is flawless block punishable B3(gap)4 - FB punish F4(gap)3 - FB punish B1(gap)2 - FB punish B2 - FB punish on...
  9. Frame-Boy

    Skarlet Frame Data & Move Data (Screenshots)

    I uploaded screenshots of Skarlet moves in case anybody wants to study her between beta and release. Feel free to view or grab them here:!AjEe8t_gwbD8xKQuT3JpyrMXjLdibA -- I am developing frame data application for Injustice 2 with plans to cover Mortal Kombat 11. Feel free...
  10. FanTalk

    MK11 Skarlet Build Discussion

    I've been using this build and I wanted to share. I think this build has so much potential to add extra damage output but if you have your own build please drop them down below. Text or pic dosen't matter. I really didn't think I was going to main Skarlet but maaan I love her gameplay
  11. Roy Arkon

    Tom Brady's Thoughts on Mortal Kombat 11

    All of that in the video. Enjoy!