1. Revy

    Injustice: Gods Among Us - Now Free With Xbox Live Gold!

    For those who either want to relive their IGAU glory days, play an NRS title you haven’t played before or just want to have great fun! Injustice: Gods Among Us is now free with Xbox Live Gold for the rest of June!
  2. Kiss the Missile

    Injustice Animated Movie Announced I wonder what this means, if anything, for NRS' future plans
  3. Courante

    NRS Reportedly Starting Production on Marvel vs DC Game [LEAK]

    Take with grain of salt It's fair to say that Marvel fans have...
  4. Kiss the Missile

    NRS Exclusive Stick issue?

    I have the Injustice 1 ps3 Arcade stick. I want to give it to a friend who's in need of a stick, but the problem is the stick only works with NRS games and he's trying to play it with SFV. The stick works fine in legacy mode with even the newest game MK11, but for anything not made by NRS it...
  5. MichaelSlaays

    Having Trouble Finding a Character

    I've always enjoyed the Injustice series more than MK. I played a TON of Injustice 2 (mostly Robin). I'm currently having trouble finding a character that fits that playstyle. Is there any character in MK11 that has that sort of mix-up, footsie playstyle? Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. DarthArma

    Mortal Kombat New Jersey 03/09/2019 Tournament

    PRESENTING ****Mortal Kombat New Jersey Fighting Game Event**** 03/09/2019 This event is a tournament created to celebrate years of many Mortal Kombat and NRS games This event isn’t just a tournament to us, we want to focus on the community aspects of the local fighting game scene. We...
  7. Amplified$hotz

    What is NRS best game, visually?

    While Injustice too from a competitive standpoint is the best NRS, a lot of people just don’t find it fun. Personally I think it has a lot to do with how the game looks. For me MKX was the best to watch for visuals and MK9 for mechanics and combos(Cage, Reptile, Kabal, Smoke :D) . In this thread...
  8. Roy Arkon

    Why The Joker Should Be a Guest Character in Mortal Kombat 11.

    I know that you guys are gonna be mad at the very idea of this for various reasons, but please hear me out. When NRS/WB put guest characters in their games, they select these chars under a certain theme. In both MK9 and MKX, all of them were horror movie chars (Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees...
  9. Jhonnykiller45

    Brainiac's Taunt Move

    Did you know? The boss version of Brainiac from the Story Mode and the arcade Multiverse has a taunt special move, not unlike MK's Shao Kahn - Decided to share the video since I've never seen anyone else talk of it..
  10. Jhonnykiller45

    Injustice 2: Legendary Edition New Achievements

    So here's a new piece of information from the Injustice 2 Legendary Edition which NetherRealm has not commented on yet, fresh out of the oven (so fresh it might be a bit raw): it will also include a new set of achievements/trophies to be unlocked, similiarly to the new achievements/trophies from...
  11. Marinjuana

    TMNT General Discussion

    Hey dudes! Everybody's favorite amphibious acrobats are finally here and they're ready to shell shock the competition! Whether you are using the Leonardo with his katanas, Michaelangelo and his nunchakus, Raphael with the sais or Donatello with his bo Staff, you are sure to be in for a radical...
  12. Roy Arkon

    The NRS Community Says Thank You to NRS!

    I've just found this video that was uploaded by the Youtuber First to 10, featuring players, Youtubers and commentators from across the world in the NRS community saying "thank you" to the development company who made the Fighting Game franchises we all love and play. With that being said, I...
  13. Roy Arkon

    2000 Source Crystals for Everyone for Free!

    I just booted up the game right now and I got a message straight from NRS and WB, they're sending a gift of appreciation to everyone in the community, and the gift is free 2000 Source Crystals! And I got the gift and now I have 2000 extra Source Crystals. Anyone got it also?
  14. Oonaugh_

    Injustice 2 - Scarecrow Combos And Setups

    Hello and welcome to my second combo video! In this video, I demonstrate setups, and general combos with Scarecrow! You can find my first combo video here: Subscribe for more <3
  15. Roy Arkon

    Your Favorite Fighting Game Character From Every Series

    Here is something for fun. I'm curios to hear what are favorite Fighting Game characters from every series that you've ever played, even if you played just one game from a certain series. If there is a tie or if your top spot for a series was belong to more then one character over the years, you...
  16. Gweedo888

    NRS Community Discord

    Hey guys its been a good min since I have posted in this forum but myself along with others in the community have created a discord to better serve everyone This discord is a little unlike others as it is separated by regions not characters we are trying to help every...
  17. AngrySilencer

    Injustice 2 - Show Off Combos (non-practical BS combos)

    Since I'm a big Injustice & MK fan and make show off combos just for shits and giggles I thought "Hey, why not promoting my YT channel?". So here we go. I just wanted to share my stuff with you guys. Maybe there's something interesting for you, too. I often do combos that are not practical at...
  18. Marinjuana

    Using trait to get plus frames off near anything and enforce 50/50s (But only on 1/3 of the cast.)

    Wat up? I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, completely unknown or if people are somewhat aware of it but just don't understand what exactly is happening or how to apply it, like I was before I wrapped my head around it. I think this is game changing for Brainiac, in the relevant matchups...
  19. Romanova

    First to Ten - New blog to share stories and encourage community

    Hey everyone! I recently started a blog to start sharing stories of our community and it's players. The format is set up in a series of 10 questions, hence the name. I'm hoping from doing this every Sunday that it will help promote community as well as help you learn various fun facts about...
  20. eddiegreyy

    This Weekend! [ 05-06/08 ] Fight in Rio Revenge, Brazil Feat. Injustice 2

    This weekend, folks! Be sure to mark your calendars! Fight in Rio: Revenge Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Streaming info below!Click to read more! Injustice Pro Series: Street Fighter CPT : More info...