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By Romanova on Oct 22, 2017 at 11:43 PM
  1. Romanova

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    Hey everyone!

    I recently started a blog to start sharing stories of our community and it's players. The format is set up in a series of 10 questions, hence the name. I'm hoping from doing this every Sunday that it will help promote community as well as help you learn various fun facts about the triumphs, struggles, etc. of many of our everyday players.

    I want to eventually have a collection of "First to Ten" 's with a variety of players.
    From people who do for their local community to those who are doing work at majors.

    This week my post is with a woman who helps run a local in her town in Florida.
    She goes when she can to majors, plays the hell outta Supergirl, and really enjoys playing our games.
    Her name is Chyna. I hope you enjoy reading my interview with her.

    Next week I will be featuring PND Ketchup!

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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by Romanova, Oct 22, 2017.

    1. Meep8345
      Awesome idea
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    2. SneakyTortoise
      Awesome stuff. I'll front page and spread on social networks when I get a chance
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    3. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      Omg. I love this.

      Putting this on my feed immediately.
      I don't even plan on playing a lot in the future until I eventually run out of Destiny 2 fuel, but I love any idea that can do the community good.
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    4. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Great idea and a great read. Always good to see stuff that bring the community closer. Looking forward to the next interview with Ketchup,my favorite FGC commentator next to Mustard.
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    5. KingHippo
      Good stuff!
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    6. Romanova
      ^.^ I’m glad everyone seems happy so far with it because I want it to be something fun and is made for the community. And I love both of the twins commentary as well! Hopefully I can get Mustard in too down the road. They’re both so talented. Thank you for the feedback!
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    7. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      You're very welcome! :)
    8. SneakyTortoise
      Is there any image in particular you'd like to use for the cover for this? (for the front page and twitter and fb posts)
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    9. Romanova
      If it’s specifically about the article it could be the first image of the woman I interviewed. But if it’s general it could be any IJ2 related graphic or what not. Since the blog is still new I haven’t created any graphics for it. I am going to be hopefully working on some soon though! Thank you.
    10. SneakyTortoise
      No problem :)

      Will use the first picture of Chyna, and can use a picture of the person it's on each time, or the graphic you end up happy with. Completely up to you :)
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    11. Tony at Home
      Tony at Home
      I didn't know ChickityChynas actual first name was Chyna.

      That definitely makes it easily one of the top 10 cleverest username puns Ive ever seen. Bravo.
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    12. Protagonist_1
      Love this series, thank you for doing this :D
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    13. Romanova
      In all honesty thank YOU and everyone being supportive and giving good feedback. I only want this to improve and grow so our community has a place to dig for fun stories and potentially I would love for it to bring us all together more with our games.
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    14. SonicNinja3532
      I dont know where all these blogs and podcasts have emerged from recently but I like it. Really interesting concept, intrigued to see how it gives insight into some of our community members.
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