1. Murilima

    Are MK11 Becoming a M.U.G.E.N.? The Problem of Guest Characters

    The guest character is not a problem itself, on the other hand, the number of those characters is. I not against those characters at all. Have Freddy in MK9 was awesome! Two guest characters... ok three, even three is a good number, I can live with that. But FIVE characters are just TOO MUCH...
  2. Murilima

    Variations System Is a Problem and I Can Prove

    This text went longer then I expecte, but I have wanted bring up this discution a while so... here am'i. I'm a great fan of the entire MK Saga, and didn't came here to bring rage of any kind. I just ment to bring a healthy discution about soming I see as a problem in my so beloved game. My...
  3. Radien-shen

    For those of you who enjoy Mk11 what aspects of the game do you enjoy the most?

    Ive been enjoying the game since release and wanted to see what was keeping others playing mk11.
  4. kabelfritz

    Do variations support or harm the fun?

    what are the pros and cons of the variation system? i think this issue matters for both personal fun as well as tournament hype. ill try to start a discussion about the future of MK. with variations, you get to use and see more different characters and actually individualize your gaming...
  5. John Grizzly

    Could all these leaks be intentional?

    From before release, MK11 has been "plagued" by leak after leak after leak. Here's the ones I remember off the top of my head: Basically, the entire roster was leaked prior to release, complete with in-game photos of certain characters (Noob, Kotal etc.) Noob was "accidentally" flashed on...
  6. t3kwytch3r

    The Best and Worst Mk11 Fatalities so far

    Just wanted a place to share our opinions on the best and worst fatalities revealed in MK11 so far. For the most part, they're quite impressive but some are bland or plain uninspired. To keep the OP short i'll just state my top/bottom 3 and why. No particular order, Top 3: Noob Saibot: His...
  7. Shibui

    What Skins Packs are you hoping to see in MK11?

    Besides Kold War, i’d love another Halloween pack, but this time with some spookier stuff, also UMK3 skins would be great, but maybe some of those are too “revealing” for MK 2019 so i wouldn’t get my hopes up.
  8. HapHaxion

    Atom MU Discussion

    ⚛ Noticed a small problem in that there was no discussion thread purely for Atom MUs. Let's change that. Post numbers, difficult or easier matchups, etc. below. ⚛
  9. GJX7

    Enchantress Matchup Discussion

    Welcome! This is the official match up discussion thread, here we can talk about strategies, tech and MU numbers against specific characters.
  10. fireborg

    general frame data and tech discussion

    hey fighters, i have a couple of questions i ve been struggleing to find answer to. All help, advice is much appriciated, seriously! and of course anyone with the same problem / questions is welcome to add them here i m new at TYM, am a huge fighting games fan since MKX (although can remeber...
  11. Roy Arkon

    Sub-Zero Match-up discussion

    Now that Sub-Zero is out for a while, I think it is a good time to discuss what are the good and bad MU's for Sub-Zero and what couls be good secondary characters to cover the bad ones. Let the discussion begin :) I will start by saying that he is good against Deadshot as he can Slide under...
  12. xX_Atrocitus_Xx

    "Celeb" Stream thoughts

    I'm sorry but I can't stand watching two streams two days in a row of people button mashing this game. It was painful to watch and does not showcase the game at all. Their commentary is awful, unwarranted and nonsensical. In regards to displaying the game don't you think having accomplished...
  13. x TeeJay o

    General/Other - Cassie Cage Cassie Changes 10/04/16

    Cassie - Towards+FK now has 20 startup frames (up from 15) Cassie - Getaway Flip now has 45 miss recovery frames (up from 36) No Specific Changes Were Done To Hollywood,Spec Ops, and Brawler Cassandra Came Out Of This Just Fine. I Like It! Discuss !
  14. DarksydeDash

    Deadshot Pre-Release General Discussion Thread

    "GOOD THING WE'RE PROFESSIONALS." "Floyd Lawton is “the” human arsenal, his aim lethal from any range. Having escaped imprisonment during the Regime, he now enters the fray as an expert assassin for hire, forced to contend with the fact that Grodd has come into possession of the detonator to the...
  15. The_Tile

    Discussion What is YOUR character's best MU?

    Phrases such as "MKX doesn't have any TERRIBLE MU's", get thrown around a lot on TYM nowadays. Well, people, I don't believe you! This thread will be to discuss some of the most lopsided matchups in the game. But we're focusing on characters that your main bodies as opposed to characters who...