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  1. HapHaxion

    HapHaxion "Knowledge" - Taio Cruz

    Noticed a small problem in that there was no discussion thread purely for Atom MUs. Let's change that. Post numbers, difficult or easier matchups, etc. below.
  2. AyAyRawnYea

    AyAyRawnYea Atrocitus / Cyborg / Cap. Cold

    I have a feeling that Atom vs. Atro might be 6-4, mostly because Atom can low profile most of Atros' advancing strings. Atom also doesn't let Atros summon cat safely at any distance.
  3. General M2Dave

    I am not even going to bother with any match up numbers at this moment, but I can give a general idea whether each match felt "good", "bad", or "even". "Limited experience" means I could not make a determinations regardless of whether I was winning or losing the match. These classifications are obviously initial impressions that are not representative of any match up numbers.

    Aquaman – even
    Atom – even
    Atrocitus – good
    Bane – good
    Batman – limited experience
    Black Adam – even
    Black Canary – limited experience
    Black Manta – even
    Blue Beetle – good
    Brainiac – bad
    Captain Cold – good
    Catwoman – bad
    Cheetah – limited experience
    Cyborg – good
    Darkseid – limited experience
    Deadshot – good
    Doctor Fate – good
    Enchantress – good
    Firestorm – limited experience
    Flash – even
    Gorilla Grodd – limited experience
    Green Arrow – limited experience
    Green Lantern – even
    Harley Quinn – limited experience
    Hellboy – bad
    Joker – limited experience
    Poison Ivy – good
    Raiden – good
    Red Hood – good
    Robin – bad
    Scarecrow – limited experience
    Starfire – good
    Sub Zero – limited experience
    Supergirl – even
    Superman – even
    Swamp Thing – limited experience
    Wonder Woman – even

    As a rule of thumb, Atom does very well against zoning characters and characters who have limited aerial mobility. He also does well against characters' whose main footsies tools are easily low-profiled by d+3 and trait. He struggles against characters who are difficult to keep out of the air and whose main footsies tools cannot be low-profiled by d+3 and trait.

    I would love to hear @OmGxBdON 's opinions on the character.
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