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The Best and Worst Mk11 Fatalities so far


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Just wanted a place to share our opinions on the best and worst fatalities revealed in MK11 so far. For the most part, they're quite impressive but some are bland or plain uninspired.

To keep the OP short i'll just state my top/bottom 3 and why.

No particular order, Top 3:

Noob Saibot: His first fatality is beyond amazing. Successfully tops Make-a-wish by adding a disgust factor. I could feel the fingers crawling out my throat the first time i saw it. Painful, disgusting, theatrical and very characteristic of Noob.

D'Vorah: It has to be a natural fear of most living things for your body to be used as an incubation chamber + food for an oversized insect. The squirming is amazing, and the addition of another member of the Hive paired up with the elimination of an opponent gives me some unreal shivers. True body horror. I expect my girlfriend to retch at this one.

Geras: Skin peeler. Painful, Quick, Effective, with just a touch of pre-death fear adrenaline rush. I would prefer if the victim looked more embedded into the sand wall, but i don't mind suspendeding my disbelief that little bit further.

Bottom 3:

Geras: Uppercut holes? Minimal use of the characters unique ability / moveset? Pointless startup? Just a very bland, uninspired fatality.

Cetrion: Look here, if you can grow to the size of a planet instantaneously, and shoot death rays wider than a country, focus beamed to the size of a human, why bother fighting at all? Ruin's the immersion for me. It just doesn't feel like it fits.

Erron Black: It's a Reptile fatality. Whatever about giving characters tools / moves that formerly belonged to other characters, but a whole fatality that primarily uses another characters shtick? Nah brah. It's not even as good as reptiles similar fatality in MkX. I would have preferred him to use his rifle to hit the opponents head off, then sharpshoot their eyes while it flies.

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TOP:Noob Saibots first Fatality Because I can Hear the song: You Gotta Friend IN me!
Bottom: Shao Kahns Fatality kinda lacks Oomph and is to quick imo
But he hasn't been "Revealed" Yet so...
Errons Riptile Acid Fatality Cause it lacks Oomph and is to quick as well


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Bottom: Shao Kahns Fatality kinda lacks Oomph and is to quick imo
I agree the fatality is a little quick, but i like it! I whoelheartedly believe he could send a grown humans head flying out their ass if he hit em with a hammer.

Better than them simply becoming red paste IMO


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Best: Geras skin ripper , Baraka Brain Eater, D'vorah insect incubation

Worst: Scorpion Chains Slicer, Sonya Chopper Cutter, Cetrion "I'm big mamma wolrd destroyer" (I loved Cetrion, but c'mon, that fatality is ridiculous bad ... :p)


Worst by far is Cetrion's for sure and both Johnny's. I'll quickly explain Johnny's part just not to be misunderstood - it's about the movie crew in 1st and about spotlight and tomatoes in the 2nd. Both fatalities would be great and have a good sense of comedy that fits Johnny's character, if they are not stripped from the whole MK climate the second the crew/spotlight is showed. It's a live-or-die fight! It CANNOT be presented as a movie recording scene or becoming a stage show instantly. It just kills the seriousness and importance of the fight. I have nothing against a comic reliefs, but that's not how it's supposed to be incorporated IMHO. But I see lot of you guys like them, so it's whatever.

In terms of best... For now it is for sure Geras' 2nd, Baraka's brain eater and D'Vorah incubation. But I hold my horses until I see everything and then will create proper list.
I like the one where Scorpion splits his opponent in half, and Skarlet's where she impales them with their own solidified blood. They're not overly elaborate and end with a cool looking freeze frame.

Least favourite is probably Cetrion's beam. I quite like the character, but it's a pretty silly looking fatality.


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Best: I like all the ones that are really quick and to the point. Kano's, Shao Kahn's, Jades second, all good.

Worst: Johnny's second fatality has already gotten old to me. Sonya's helicopter one, and all the "kill them, then kill them again" ones.

I really dont like fatalities tbh. They irritate me at this point. Already seen them a dozen times but they apparently never get old to some people. I only ever fatality when I'm ending the set


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Yeah, I'm kind of digging brutalities over fatalities these day. For some reason brutalities are just so satisfying to pull off (and seem to flow naturally). Plus, they're fast lol


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Geras first fatality may be the worst one in the game. He hits you in the back of the head so hard that your brain rips your face off.

..not impressed.


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Back on my bullshit, thank god Cetrion's second fatality is actually good!

Which fatality (EX Johnny's) has the best unexpectedly funny moment> I would nominate Liu's second. The casual destruction of your body parts with nunchucks always makes me laugh.

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I think Johnny Cage has the best fatalities. Both are very good. The perfectly encapsulate the character.

The most brutal in my opinion are Noob's where they get split in half. Geras when he rips off your skin and Kotal when he smashes you into the totem. I really did not like the blunt force trauma.

The worst fatalities I think are Kano where he just headbutts you, Kollector which is too simlar to Mileena.


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My favorite is Baraka's second fatality, Gets all up in his opponent's face, quick and to the point. Unlike his first one, which is a four-parter that ends with him staring longingly into my eyes.
Frost's Cyber Initiative is cool as hell. Kano's Last Dance might not even kill a guy, but damn do I love it.
Worst is probably both of Cetrion. Kitana's Gore-nado is just gross.

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Regardless of what's best and worst, I'm honestly sick of them all already. I hope more Brutalities are added. It's the absolute best concept for a finisher in MK history. I think they were better in MKX, though (so far, at least).


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Best ones:
  1. Noob Saibot's clone fatality is just painful to watch with those gurgling sounds.
  2. D'Vorah's fatality where the opponent's body turns into a torso of a giant insect is just metal af.
  3. Scorpion's chain split fatality probably has the best camera angle, great wallpaper material.
Worst ones:
  1. Geras' face split fatality, the end is cool but those two other hits couldn't be more unnecessary.
  2. Kano's headbutt fatality ain't that bad but it's underwhelming compared to other fatalities in this game.
  3. Cetrion's space beam fatality is pretty underwhelming, that beam could've obliterated an entire country, let alone the opponent.
The first two worst fatalities would be pretty good brutalities imo.


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I personally love that fatality cuz it is hilarious to watch and it shows a lot of Kano's personality.
I don't mind the fatality as much as I dislike the weird horror-metal guitar behind it. I'd prefer classical to make it complete.

Edit: Not to mention that somehow neither incorporate his eye beam or his knives. Kinda strange.