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Are MK11 Becoming a M.U.G.E.N.? The Problem of Guest Characters


I criticize because I love!
The guest character is not a problem itself, on the other hand, the number of those characters is. I not against those characters at all. Have Freddy in MK9 was awesome! Two guest characters... ok three, even three is a good number, I can live with that. But FIVE characters are just TOO MUCH! Now we have 5 guests and still nothing about Cyrax or Sektor two iconic already in-game characters. And let's be honest, NRS promise never repeat a guest and the already pick al the good ones, Freddy, Janson, Predator, now they are appealing to action movies characters, some of them are not that violent to fit MK some even are fighters, c'mon that's a fighting game! If NRS likes that much guest, do like Injustice a make a whole home for them, Action Whatever Fighters... Ultimate Something or anything like that.

Gusts are not bad, but that number is just taking spots of classic characters like Reptile, Smoke, and once again my beloved Cyrax (Triborg doesn't count, that shit offends me)

Now what you guys think, you like gusts, you think we have too much, the right number, or you want even more? And what you think about the idea of a fighting game with all those characters?

I no guest characters hater and to prove it I invite all of you to end your comments with one character you really think could fit the(next game¬¬) roster. I go first.

Beatrix Kiddo