The Ultimate UMK3 Reptile Guide

Discussion in 'Reptile' started by Biggs, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Biggs


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    Was looking through some more TAS vids and noticed some cool things.

    Example of MKT HP Invisibility Loop

    100% Combo vs Motaro. It looks very infinite-ish lol

    I noticed that Aggressor mode makes invisibility practically useless. You are still able to see the afterimages while invisible. I never play with aggressor on so I never realized this.
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  2. ded

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    Yeah, but MKT N64 hitboxes are different. The only way to test if the Invisibility is real inf is to ask a competent TAS player to give it a try vs Baraka.

    As for Motaro, it's an inf in n64. Never really tried it on Arcade/MKT CD.

    The Aggressor is overall broken and even more broken in N64 version. I believe all high-level MKT players (both CD and N64) always turn that off.
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    Hey so @Biggs are you gonna use Reptile at the Ohio tournament next year?

    If not, would love to at least get some casuals in. I know it’s a counter pick, but I love Ermac vs Reptile. Against really good Reptile players the MU is a lot of fun.

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