1. RC00

    How to Improve at UMK3: How to Install

    One thing a lot of new players struggle with just that initial push of trying to install and set up things. The last video explaining how to set up MAME is outdated to how we do it nowadays (for most of us). I also plan to do another video on Glitchjabs and Runjabs specifically. please...
  2. RC00

    Southern Kombat II - Fightcade Tournament

    Welcome to Southern Kombat II This tournament will take place on Fightcade 2 using the UMK3+ Hack. States that qualify to compete are listed on the challonge page. All other information that you need is available on the challonge page. If you would...
  3. Biggs

    How FA/GC affects Frame Data

    Preface - Hanzo was asking me about how Sindel's Scream punishing sweep may change depending upon FA and GC. So I am making this post to explain this in detail. There is a common misconception that the presence of FA or GC determines whether a character can punish certain moves on block every...
  4. Biggs

    UMK3 Mileena Frame Data

    Right now I don't have a way to get meaningful numbers for block data. If anyone has any ideas or would like explanation please ask.
  5. Mgo

    Sindel Flight Cancel Corner Infinite | TUTORIAL (UMK3)

    This one was requested by some people for many years, so here it is! A detailed tutorial on how to this famous combo, explained step by step.
  6. Biggs

    2019 UMK3 Tier List Discussion

    I made a long discussion video about UMK3's tiers. In the video I examine some past tier lists and see if they accurately reflect today's meta game. Then I attempt to create a fully ranked tier list and share some of my thoughts on each character and how they compare to the characters around...
  7. tehdrewsus

    GET IT IN OHIO 2019! April 5-7, Cincinnati Ohio!

    Check the thread here to RSVP here: OVER 2 FULL DAYS of Kombat! Starting Friday, April 5, through Sunday April 7. Casuals Friday evening/night, All day Kombat Saturday and Sunday! We've seen good growth...
  8. Mgo

    Curiosities of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Arcade : Definitive Edition

    Based on an original idea of mine. Due to the great success of the original video trilogy (better reception than I expected to my surprise), I have conceived this remake with the help of some fellows of the MK community. This is a remake based on the previous videos about the curiosities of...
  9. tehdrewsus

    UMK3+ / Revision 1.3 - Shang Tsung Randper bug FIXED! and much more...

    @dubson @Shock @Mikemetroid @McLOV1NS this solves the random select/randper kombat vote for next year... Lots of other improvements and fixes as well! Versus Screen palette updates to human smoke and noob saibot, Vs. Screen palette fixes for Scorpion, Human Smoke, Noob Saibot, Vs. Screen...
  10. Biggs

    The Ultimate UMK3 Reptile Guide

    @Shock @ded @MKK hanzo @Mgo @rzpmkkteam @THTB I am planning to release a video guide on Reptile. I would like this video to cover all aspects of Reptile's gameplay in UMK3. I am expecting this video to be a few hours long. While I do have a great amount of in depth knowledge on Reptile, I am...
  11. tehdrewsus

    [RESULTS] GET IT IN OHIO 2018 - Cincinnati, OH - UMK3, Trilogy, Teams, Randper Results!!

    Wow, what a weekend! Klassic MK is officially back on the map, and the thumbtack on that map is on Cincinnati, Ohio. For this year's events, we had 4 featured tournaments - 1v1 UMK3 was the main event, with some EXTREMELY hype tournaments for 4 Player/Teams 2v2 Kombat, MK Trilogy on N64, and...
  12. Biggs

    MKK Hanzo's Crazy 2018 UMK3 Matchup Chart

    @MKK hanzo posted an updated 2018 UMK3 matchup chart on FB. A lot of these numbers seem crazy to me, but Hanzo is a Grandmaster and I respect his opinion. What is everyone's thoughts? Just off the top of my head Ermac beating Kabal 6-4 and Smoke beating Kabal 7-3 seems wrong. Reptile losing...
  13. tehdrewsus

    REMINDER - GET IT IN OHIO 2018 April 7-8!!!

    We're a little more than 2 months away from Get it in Ohio 2018! Had 13 in 2016. 17 in 2017. Looking for 25+ this year! Last year we ran UMK3 1v1, 2v2 (get a doubles partner!), Trilogy 3v3, and a round robin random select tourney! Looking to add EVEN MORE events if I can get volunteers to...
  14. Vityaz

    UMK3 Arcade Machine | Handmade

    Hello everyone! I am glad to introduce my work - the arcade machine. It took a long time to create it, but it was worth it. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 left a good impression, so I wanted to make an old dream come true!
  15. Mgo

    Mortal Kombat 4 20th Anniversary Tribute Mortal Kombat 4 20th Anniversary Tribute (1997 - 2017)

    On this day, October 15th, but 20 years ago, saw the light Mortal Kombat 4 Arcade for the first time. An amazing game for his great graphics, the novelty of seeing more realistically (and terrifying) 3d fatalities, and superb soundtrack. MKIV is one of my favorites Mortal Kombat games, and for...
  16. BevP90

    UMK DS Online play AltWFC

    I got this back online using AltWFC, anyone up for some matches? IMG_20170831_142404 by Bev piercy, on Flickr IMG_20170831_142442 by Bev piercy, on Flickr All you have to do is patch a copy of UMK DS using Wfcpatcher and then connect to the WFZwei server at
  17. tehdrewsus

    UMK3 Revision 1.3 Public Beta is HERE!!

    Here's the video: Within the video description is the download link. Here's the changes for the first public beta: @NSR @haketh @mkholic @NinjaGrinder @dubson @MRIGOTBASS @9.95 @Shock @YOMI REO @McLOV1NS @Drakonian @nwo @ddy_08 @YourMKArcadeSource @Platinum Shinobi @Mikemetroid...
  18. Roy Arkon

    Sub-Zero's Animality and Friendship versions of Ice Klone

    I've found this video from a YouTuber named SinX6, who managed to find all of the versions of the Ice Klone that are clear easter eggs to the Animalities and Friendships in MK3, UMK3 and MKT. Those unique versions are of a penguin (Scorpion's Animality), a polar bear (Sub-Zero's Animality) and a...
  19. BevP90

    Online Deception Group

    I'm the guy who got Deception back up and running online after it's crash in early 2016 (DNAS went down) Online play is back and stronger than ever. If you're interested then check out the Deception Discord server, here you can find my written tutorial and other players to play against. Along...