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    I am planning to release a video guide on Reptile. I would like this video to cover all aspects of Reptile's gameplay in UMK3. I am expecting this video to be a few hours long. While I do have a great amount of in depth knowledge on Reptile, I am lacking in the experience department. My plan is to post my notes for the video here in hopes that people will add input and correct my errors. If you have any suggestions please tell me.

    At the moment this guide will be split into the following sections:
    1. Introduction
    2. Spacing
    3. Normal Attack Overview
    4. Auto Combos/Strings
    5. Special Attack Overview
    6. Anti Airs
    7. Combos
    8. Infinite Variations
    9. Punishes
    10. Zoning Patterns
    11. Invisibility
    12. Common Scenarios Reptile's Face (Basically Defensive Tactics vs Common Situations)
    13. Matchup Charts
    14. Matchup Breakdowns (This will be the longest section)
    15. Notable Reptile Players/Match Videos (I plan to go through a few videos I have already collected of: Ded of Bulgaria, Shock of USA, Natcu of Russia, Cristian of Chile, Hanzo of Venezuela and possibly Chorizo of France. I believe these players represent the most experienced Reptile play. The footage of these players will come from different time periods, so they will be dated appropriately.)
    16. MKT


    1. Introduction

    Why did I choose to make this guide?

    Reptile is a very hard character and requires much explanation. The execution barrier alone required to play Reptile at an optimal level discourages even experienced players from choosing him. Reptile is an unpopular character these days in competitive UMK3. The most obvious reason for that is the prevalence of online play. Reptile is not a character who thrives in an online setting. Another reason for his unpopularity is tier placement. Many people believe that the times have changed and he is no longer as good as once thought. At least for the work that he requires. However, Reptile is a broken character. I believe that Reptile is becoming sort of a lost character as time goes on. This guide should serve as an update to the original one on UltimateMK. I wish to preserve all of the information on Reptile, in hopes that more players will be encouraged to learn him.

    Why should you play Reptile?

    Reptile has many advantages as a character that others in UMK3 do not have. Starting off, Reptile is one of the few characters in UMK3 that actually has a zoning game. This zoning game mainly manifests itself in the form of the Forceball. Reptile's zoning game allows him to effectively control the pace of matches and slow down the game. His zoning game also affords him the powerful ability to shut down glitch jabs. This quality alone already sets Reptile aside as a sort of anti-meta zoner in the rushdown world of UMK3. However, Reptile also has the ability to rush down quite well. Because of this, Reptile can switch up his game plan on a whim. Reptile has all of the tools necessary to compete in UMK3 at a high level.

    What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Reptile?

    • Male Ninja. Excellent Normals
    • High Damage. Multiple Infinites
    • Excellent Zoning. Can Convert Zoning into High Damage Juggles
    • Good Options for Anti Airs
    • Can Punish Blocked Sweeps and HKs/LKs easily
    • Fights glitch jabbing well
    • Invisibility

    • High Execution
    • Requires a Reactionary playstyle
    • Requires a lot of matchup knowledge. Different Juggles for every character
    • Encourages Opponents to jump at him
    • Weaker at Midscreen Range
    • Male Ninja Hitbox

    Is Reptile The Right Character For You?

    Optimal Reptile play requires the user to have: Ability to Zone, High Execution, Large Amounts of Matchup Knowledge, Reactionary Playstyle (You must actually pay attention to what the opponent is doing and not autopilot), Great Spacing. If you are unable or unwilling to do any of the things previously listed then Reptile is not the right character for you.

    2. Spacing

    In fighting games there are 3 main places that a character occupy on the screen at a time. These "spacings" are usually denoted as: Close, Midscreen and Fullscreen. Reptile generally excels at Fullscreen and Close distance with respect to the opponent. Reptile likes to be at Fullscreen distance to safely apply zoning patterns to the opponent and turn invisible. Reptile also is good at close range due to his powerful Male Ninja normals. Interestingly enough, Reptile is one of the few characters that can transition from Fullscreen to a Close distance almost instantly. This is accomplished using the Elbow Dash special move. Reptile is slightly weaker at the Midscreen distance when compared to Close range and Fullscreen. This is due to his main special moves, the Force Balls, having slow startup. Force Balls that are preformed at a Midscreen distance can be easily reacted to with a jump from the opponent. Reptile at a Midscreen distance must constantly be aware of opponents jumping at him and running towards him. Due to these extra factors, a Reptile player will usually want to be at a close range or full screen distance from the opponent.

    If you are ever caught in the Midscreen spacing, which unfortunately you start out at during the round start, you will need to find a way to get to a preferred spacing. Remember, in UMK3 it is easier to advance towards an opponent than it is to run away. So if a Reptile is in a Midscreen spacing they must advance towards the opponent with jab pressure, or scout out an jump from the opponent and anti air them. Using an anti air such as Roundhouse can give the Reptile a desired Fullscreen spacing.

    Despite everything previously mentioned, these insights on spacing with Reptile are only mere generalizations and they are subject to change. Matchup dependent spacing will be talked about in greater depth in the Matchup section of this guide (for example: being Fullscreen vs a Teleporting Ninja is usually undesirable because Reptile won't be able to start a zoning game anyway).

    3. Normals

    Reptile is a Male Ninja, so he is blessed with excellent normals.
    The guide on UltimateMK had this to say about Male Ninja Normals:
    I will try to go into more detail and give an introductory breakdown.
    • LP, Low Punch: The Male Ninja LP has the 3rd largest horizontal range in the game behind USub and Kabal. This normal will be your main pressure tool and most pressed button in general. Hits as a special high vs most characters. Stryker can duck under the LP with crouch block.

    • HP, High Punch: The Male Ninja HP has good range and an excellent hitbox. This normal functions as a good anti air and will be used often.

    • LK, Low Kick: This button is occasionally useful because of its horizontal range. Unfortunately it is horribly minus. A plus to using this button is that it option selects to sweep against crossup jumps when rushing down. Unfortunately, it can be punishable on hit. You will not use this button very often.

    • HK, High Kick: The Male Ninja HK has a great hitbox. It functions as an excellent anti-air and footsie tool. It has good frame data on hit, but is punishable on block. It option selects to roundhouse against crossup jumps when rushing down.

    • crLP, Couching Low Punch: This normal is occasionally used in juggles and pressure. The button takes a while to come out due to lag on the crouching animation but is sufficiently plus on hit and block. It will be used most often in frame traps and juggles with uppercut.

    • crHP, Uppercut: This attack is has an excellent hitbox and is used often. It serves as a excellent anti air and damaging combo ender. Uppercut also does a significant amount of chip on block. When the instant version is used, it is an excellent challenge to run jab pressure. Uppercut is around -5 on block, but gives perfect push back to LP after and start jab pressure. Uppercut is a special high, it whiffs versus crouching opponents unless they are blocking.

    • crLK, Crouching Low Kick: This button is used often. Its main purpose is to challenge run jab pressure. A common tactic is to crLK uppercut to get out of run jab pressure. It hits low.

    • crHK, Crouching High Kick: This button is absolute garbage in UMK3 and should never ever be used. In N64 MKT it serves as an excellent anti air.

    • bLK, Sweep: This attack has decent range, knocks down, and hits low. It functions as a footsie tool and anti air. It is punishable on block.

    • bHK, Roundhouse: The Male Ninja Roundhouse has a godlike hitbox. This is one of Reptiles best anti airs. It pushes the opponent Fullscreen.

    • clLK/clHK, Close Low Kick/HighKick, "Knee": This normal is one of the most important conditioning tools Reptile has and it is regularly used. Mix close HK/LK in with run jabs to scare opponents from attempting to interrupt with crouching LK. The Knee is a mid hitting attack that is around 5 frames. It leads into the 3 hit kick combo.

    • clHP, Close High Punch: This normal isn’t anything noteworthy. It is a special high attack that leads into the 3 hit pop up or 4 hit knock down combo.

    4. Auto Combos/Strings

    • clHPHPdLP: Reptiles 3 hit popup. It is used often and leads to damaging juggles. Unfortunately the first hit in the string is a special high. The string is moderately useful in rushdown, but is an excellent punisher.

    • clHPHPHKbHK: Reptile 4 hit knockdown string. It isn’t really great, but is used occasionally. It is most often used in the corner due to pop up push back, and after a jump in because fast force ball locks after 4 hits. In the corner you can juggle a slide after the last hit. The first hit in the string is a special high. The last hit of the string can whiff on a spaced out or crouching opponent, resulting in Reptile getting punished.

    • clHKHKbHK: Reptile’s 3 hit kick string. Arguably Reptile’s best string because the first hit is a mid hitting Knee. The string is used most often when rushing down. In the corner you can juggle a slide after the last hit.

    5. Specials

    • Slide (Back+Block+LP+LK): This move is technically counted in game as a normal. It is the slowest and shortest slide in the game in comparison to Unmasked and Classic Subzero. It should be used as an anti air for crossup jumps and as a combo ender for the 3 and 4 hit kick combos in the corner. Reptile can cancel Block directly into Slide, so he can punish some characters Auto Combos/strings. This move punishes sweeps, blocked HKs and LKs.

    • Fast Forceball (Forward Forward LP+HP): Arguably Reptiles most important special moves. It is used all of the time. In zoning, pressure, combos, etc. It is also a great way to stop opponents from glitch jabbing. It is a mid hitting launcher. The hitbox will not contact opponents directly next to Reptile. Locks after 4 hits. Makes Reptile hurtbox lower during the startup animation so he can duck under things like a Kabal air fireball.

    • Slow Forceball (Back Back LP+HP): Mainly used in pressure and zoning patterns. It is a mid hitting launcher. Unfortunately suffers from long startup. The hitbox will not contact opponents directly next to Reptile. Locks after 4 hits. Makes Reptile hurtbox lower during the startup animation so he can duck under things like a Kabal air fireball.

    • Acid Spit (Forward Forward HP): This is Reptiles least used special move. It is a very fast, high hitting projectile. Unfortunately it has long recovery. It is only useful in Fullscreen zoning patterns, combos, and anti airing an opponent jumping backwards. It hits high, so moves like Sub-Zero’s freeze and slide will duck under it. The move is not used often, so it can catch an opponent off guard as a round ender.

    • Elbow Dash (Back Forward LK): Probably the most complex special move that Reptile has. This move is mainly used as a transit dash when whiffed to quickly get across the screen. Elbow dash goes very far, probably about ⅚ of the screen. Elbow dash also has 2 different block animations. If your opponent blocks the first hit, Reptile will dash and stay in front on the opponent. This usually will only happen when you elbow dash in run jab pressure. If your opponent blocks the second hit, which will happen most of the time because they cannot react fast enough, reptile will go behind the opponent and hit them with his elbow. In the corner, Reptile will do this animation without going behind the opponent. Both of the block animations are punishable, but they have strange block stun. It is hard to punish a blocked elbow dash with normals, but it is easy to do with special moves. The most useful block animation on elbow dash to get is the first one. It can be used to frame trap an opponent who misses the punish window. However, elbow dash is most useful when whiffed. It is the main driver behind Reptile’s juggle combos. Elbow dash has strange chip properties.

    • Invisibility (Up Down HK): Another very important special move to use. Reptile will become completely invisible upon activation. Unlike Robot Smoke, Reptile will not reappear if the Invisibility is done again after the first activation. Multiple uses of Invisibility will only result in the explosion animation. Reptile can immediately cancel his Invisibility into another Invisibility. Reptile can also immediately block during the Invisibility startup explosion. Reptile will only re-appear if his opponent successfully touches Reptile. However, if an opponent air throws Reptile while he is invisible he will not re-appear. Kano's Choke, Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick, and Cyrax's Anti-Air Grab will also not make an Invisible Reptile re-appear. Use of Invisibility in game requires much more explanation and will have its own section in the guide.

    6. Anti Airs

    • HP: Typically good vs close range jumps. Not great vs jump kicks. Always glitch jab just in case you mistime the anti air. Leads to some anti air juggles like:

      -HP Slow forceball HP Fast Forceball
      -HPHP Fast Forceball
      -HPHP, LP Fast Forceball
      -HP Elbow Dash LPLP Fast Forceball
      -HPHP Elbow Dash LP Fast Forceball
      -HPHP Fast Forceball HP Glitch Cancel Slow Forceball
      -Near Corner: HP Jump Kick LP Fast Force Ball
    • HK: Very good anti air in most situations. Will often lose to characters with absurd jumping attacks like Sonya, Nightwolf, Kabal, etc...

    • bHK: One of the best anti airs for Reptile. Has long startup but is great for anti airing pesky jump kicks. The true beauty of this anti air is that it allows Reptile to choose if he wants to stay Fullscreen and zone with Force Balls, or close the distance with Elbow Dash and initiate run jab pressure.

    • crHP: Good vertical hitbox, but can lose to crossups. Best to do the instant version of the uppercut.

    • bLK: The sweep will function as a trip guard anti air, so the opponent will be able to block it if they are paying attention. It is good in conjunction with a run under. It also lowers Reptile's hitbox enough to usually deal with long range jump kicks.

    • Slide: Occasionally good to anti air crossups. I've seen Ded recommend that this move only be used to anti air crossup jump punches in the past. Use sparing vs characters with absurd jumping attacks like Nightwolf, Sonya, etc..
      UltimateMK says this about the anti air Slide:
    • Elbow Dash: This move doesn't actually anti air the opponent, but it moves you away from the jump attack. In the past, I've seen Ded recommened that this move only be used to anti air crossups that are jump kicks.
      UltimateMK says this about the anti air Elbow Dash:
    • Run Under/Walk Back Instant Jump Punch/Kick: Opponent can block this if they are ready, but it is still advantageous to the Reptile player. The instant jumping attack is very hard to do and is usually a 1 frame link.
    7. Combos

    Reptile's combo theory is mainly controlled by 2 variables. The Juggle Starter and the Opponent's Hitbox. Along the way I will discuss some other contributing factors such as minimum juggle heights and combo enders. The most obvious factor with Reptile's juggles stems from the Forceball.
    The UltimateMk guide has this to say about the Forceball:
    The main takeaway is that the Forceball will lock on the 4th hit of any combo. This is the main question of the juggle starter. Have you already done 4 hits before you have had the chance to Forceball? If so then the move will be locked. This means that things like a jump in punch/kick into the 3 hit pop up combo will lock your ability to do the Forceball for a volley. Fortunately for Reptile, all of his other special moves do not have any hit limit restrictions. He can use the Slide, Elbow Dash, Invisibility and Acid Spit after any amount of hits.

    Reptile's most common combo enders during juggles are the Uppercut, Slide and Acid Spit. The Uppercut is usually the most preferred combo ender in Midscreen due to its damage. Acid Spit is another Midscreen ender that does not really serve a purpose other than pushing the opponent Midscreen/Fullscreen and being aesthetically pleasing. Acid Spit should never be used as an ender in the corner, because the opponent can punish Reptile for it on hit. Slide is a common ender for corner combos. It provides enough frame advantage on hit to meaty an opponent with a clLK/HK Knee on wakeup. It should be noted that the Acid Spit ender usually rounds up to 1% more damage in combos compared to Slide.

    Basic Midscreen Combos
    • Slow Forceball HPHP Fast Forceball into Maximum Dash Punches
    • Fast Forceball LP Slow Forceball into Maximum Dash Punches
    • Fast Forceball Slow Forceball HP Fast Forceball into Maximum Dash Punches
    • Slow Forceball Acid Spit Fast Forceball into Maximum Dash Punches
    • Slow Forceball Fast Forceball LP Slow Forceball into Maximum Dash Punches
      (These Forceball Confirms will be discussed in greater detail in the Zoning Patterns section of the guide)

    • JIP/NJK clHpHpHkbHk
    • JIP/NJK clHpHpdLp Acid Spit
    • JIP/NJK clHpHpdLp Run in HK/JK/Uppercut (Depends on the Opponent's Character)
    Basic Corner Combos

    Advanced Midscreen Combos
    • Slow Forceball, Anti-Air Roundhouse onto Forceball, HP Fast Forceball into Maximum Dash Punches. (This will be discussed in depth later in the Zoning Patterns section of the guide)
    Most Damaging Midscreen Jump In Combo:
    Only Works Vs Male Ninjas, Jax, Kano, Unmasked Sub-Zero, Styker and Kabal.

    (Vs Kabal it is very difficult though)
    The following will come from Ded's Maximum or Most Recommended Dashing HP Juggles.

    Vs Female Ninjas (Kitana, Mileena, Jade):
    Vs Robot Ninjas (Robot Smoke, Sektor, Cyrax):
    Vs Kabal, Sonya, Kung Lao, Nightwolf:
    Vs Liu Kang:
    Vs Shang Tsung:
    Vs Sheeva:

    Reptile can relaunch Sheeva by connecting his JP on the way up instead of matching her flight pattern with incredible timing. Otherwise, he cannot relaunch combo anyone even though he has a pop up. It is too slow on recovery so he cannot jump as they are moving upwards.

    Stacking Multiple Force Balls

    It is possible to combo more than 4 Force Balls by stacking a Slow Forceball on top of another one with a Elbow Dash in between. This technique has little use in a competitive setting, but it is often used in combo videos. The interesting part about this technique is that the stacked Force Balls will only count as one hit in the combo. This means that you could stack multiple Slow Force Balls and combo into something like HpHp Fast Force Ball after they hit because Reptile still has 3 more hits he can do before the Forceball locks. RZP of Venezuela has a nice clip showcasing this effect.

    Advanced Corner Combos

    Universal 100% Invisibility Corner Loop:

    • (Hp Invisibility)x∞: Has been tested with TAS and the opponent eventually falls to the ground. The opponent falls well after 100% damage has been done though. It is a lot easier to do in MKT, but it apparently is not a true infinite.
    100% Corner Loop Vs Sonya, Sheeva and Shang Tsung:
    • HpHp Elbow Dash (Hp Dash)x∞: Was thought to be an Infinite when it was first discovered in 2004, but Ded says its only a Loop because the character eventually falls. Pretty hard to do/set up. It is a real Infinite in some versions of MKT.
    Ded also had this to say about the Corner Invisibility and Dash Loops:
    8. Infinite Variations

    Midscreen Infinites

    Vs Male Ninjas (Human Smoke, Ermac, Reptile, Scorpion, Noob Saibot, Classic Sub-Zero)
    • HpHp,Hp: This is the most damaging Infinite Variation vs Male Ninjas
    • LpHp,Hp: This is the most common Infinite Variation vs Male Ninjas
    • LpHp,Lp: Mainly used as an ender for the last rep of the Infinite
    • HpLp,Hp: A weird one that I stumbled upon recently, but it works well. Can be used to adjust the combo to prevent a drop
    • LpLp,Hp: Created by MKK|Hanzo. It has the benefit of Reptile not needing to walk forward as far after the cancel. Can Be used to adjust the combo to prevent a drop
    • LpLp,Lp: The least damaging Infinite Variation vs Male Ninjas
    Vs Female Ninjas (Kitana, Mileena, Jade):
    • Lp,HpHp: This is not practical at all. Reptile must juggle the Female Ninja above his shoulders at all times
    Vs Jax:
    • HpHpHp: Most damaging Infinite Variation vs Jax
    • LpHpHp: A little more consistent that the first one. Not needed because it is easy anyway.
    • LpLpLp: Least damaging Infinite Variation vs Jax
    • HpLpHp: A weird looking one. Not seen very often
    Vs Kabal:
    • LpHpHp: This is not practical, but easier than the Female Ninja Infinite Variation. Must space, juggle and cancel Elbow Dash precisely. The Reptile must pause slightly after the last HP and Elbow Dash.
    Vs Kano:
    • LpHp,Hp: The Reptile must juggle Kano High and cancel the first HP faster than normal
    • LpHpHp: UltimateMK says this works, but it is not practical to do
    Vs Sindel:
    • LpHpHp: The most common Infinite Variation vs Sindel. The first few loops have a tricky timing. Reptile must not juggle Sindel too high
    • HpLpHp: Easier to start the Infinite than the LpHpHp variation, but is tricky to continue
    • HpHp,Hp: The most damaging Infinite Variation vs Sindel
    • LpHp,Hp: In my opinion, this is the easiest Infinite Variation vs Sindel. I've been using it a lot recently
    Vs Unmasked Sub-Zero:
    • LpHpHp: The most common Infinite Variation you will see vs USub. It can be easily set up with a Hp,HpHp after a Forceball. Otherwise the first two cycles must be well timed
    • HpLpHp: This works but it is difficult to time
    • HpHp,Hp: The most damaging Infinite Variation vs USub
    • LpHp,Hp: I have taken a liking to this Infinite Variation recently. It is not bad to time correctly
    • LpLp,Hp: Hanzo strikes again lol. I've seen Chorizo use this, but I don't care for it too much
    Vs Stryker:
    • HpHp,Hp: The most damaging Infinite Variation vs Stryker
    • LpHp,Hp: A little easier to time than the HpHp,Hp Variation
    Vs Shao Kahn:
    • LpHpHp: Not used in a competitive setting, but it is nice to know that this is possible.

    Corner Infinites

    Vs Male Ninjas (Human Smoke, Ermac, Reptile, Scorpion, Noob Saibot, Classic Sub-Zero):
    • (Hp,Hp Elbow Dash HpHpHp Elbow Dash)x∞: UltimateMK said this about the Corner Infinite:
    Universal crLp/crLk Infinite:
    • HpHp Elbow Dash (crLp)x∞: The April Fools Infini2 strikes again lol. This Infinite is not practical at all due to the exact spacing needed. I believe it works on everyone but I am not sure. Please tell me if I am wrong
    • HpHp Elbow Dash (crLk)x∞: Same thing as the first one except with crLK
    Corner to Corner Turn Around Infinite:
    • (HP, Turn Around, HPHP)x∞: Not Practical at all. Reptile must Run up toward the opponent and HP directly under them to cause a Turn Around, cancel the HP into a HPHP Elbow Dash and repeat.
    • (crLp, Turn Around, LPLP)x∞: Another variation of the previous combo. Ded claims to have some old clips of this that ChaosControl recorded.
    Universal Corner Jab Block Infinite:
    • LPLP, Run Cancel (while second jab is not finished), Repeat
    • LPLP, Pause, Repeat
    • Slowly LP without a cancel (slowed down to time it so there is no push back like MK2)

    9. Punishes

    This section of the guide will cover general punishes of an opponents Normal attack, Auto Combos/Strings, and Special Moves. It is imperative to remember the important of Kara Jabbing and Glitch Jabbing in Reptile's offense. Also recall that Slide can be cancelled into out of Block. This gives Reptile a powerful way to universally punish HK's, LK's, and Sweeps. Be careful though, characters with sweeps like Kano may recover to fast depending on the distance. Kano’s sweep cannot be punished at any distance by Reptile’s Slide.

    Special Move Punishes By Character

    Human Smoke/Scorpion:
    Kung Lao:
    Robot Smoke:
    Unmasked Sub-Zero:
    Liu Kang:
    Classic Sub-Zero:
    Shang Tsung:
    Auto Combo/String Gaps and Slide Punishes

    While Reptile's Slide is the slowest out of the three Slides, you can still sneak it in between a few gaps. UltimateMK said this about the Slide:
    Unfortunately, the old guide did not list the Auto Combos or Gaps that you can punish with Slide. I will attempt to list them here, but I may miss some. The information in this section was very hard to collect, so please tell me if I have missed any Gaps or Unsafe Strings. I will also try to list the Strings that may whiff on the blocking Male Ninja hitbox. Be warned that many of these gaps are hard to punish in an actual match.

    • clHk (SLIDE) Hk (SLIDE) LkbHk
    • clHpHpHkbHk can whiff on 3rd and 4th hit if delayed.
    • clHkHkbHk can also whiff on 3rd hit if delayed. This is especially true while crouch blocking.
    • clHp (SLIDE) HpLp (Gap if delayed) bHp.
    • Same is true for any combo with the HpHp string in it.
    • clHkHldHpHpBlockLpbHp can whiff after 3rd hit if delayed. This is especially true while crouch blocking.
    • clHkHk (SLIDE) bHk
    • clHk (SLIDE) Hk (SLIDE) LkbHk.
    • This same applies to the other String that ends with this Auto Combo.
    • clHpHpHkbHk can whiff on last hit if delayed. This is especially true while crouch blocking.
    Human Smoke
    • clHk (SLIDE) dLpHp.
    • cdHkdLp is unsafe on block.
    • clHpHpHkbHk can whiff on last hit if delayed. This is especially true while crouch blocking.
    • clHp (SLIDE) Hp (SLIDE) dLpHp.
    • clHkHkLkbHk can whiff on last hit if delayed. This is especially true while crouch blocking.
    (I cannot get the gap in the female ninja kick string on her, it may be due to her string being slightly faster)
    • The 3rd hit of clHkHkuLkHk is unsafe on block.
    • clHpHp is unsafe on block.
    • clHpHpuLpdLp is unsafe on block.
    • clHkHk is unsafe on block.
    • clHpHp (SLIDE) bLpdfLp.
    • clHpHp (SLIDE) bLpHkLk can whiff on last hit if delayed.
    • clHkHkLkbHk can whiff if delayed on last hit.
    Classic Sub-Zero
    • clHpHp is unsafe.
    • clHpHp (SLIDE) dLp (SLIDE) dHp.
    • clHpHpdLpdHp can whiff on 3rd and 4th hits if delayed. This is especially true while crouch blocking.
    • clHkbHk is unsafe on block.
    • clHpHpbLk is unsafe on block.
    • clHpHpbLkbHk is unsafe on block.
    Unmasked Sub-Zero
    • clHk is unsafe on block.
    • clHpHpLk is unsafe on block.
    • clHpHpLkHkbHk can whiff on last hit if delayed.
    • clHpHpdLpLkHkbHk can whiff if delayed after 2nd hit.
    (I could not get the Slide between the clHpHp like on the other Robots. I will look into this later.)
    • clHpHpHkHkbHk can whiff after 3rd hit if delayed.
    Noob Saibot
    • clHpHpdLp is unsafe.
    • clLkdLp is unsafe.
    • clHkHkLkbHk can whiff on third and fourth hit if delayed. This is especially true while crouch blocking.
    • Same is true for the Fourth and Fifth hit of clHpHpHkLkbHk.
    • clHp (SLIDE) HpdHp. Same is true for longer string with HpHp in it.
    • clHp (SLIDE) Hp (SLIDE) Lp (Gap I Think? Will check later) Hk.
    • clHkHpHpdLp can whiff on last hit if delayed.
    • clHk (SLIDE) LkbHk.
    • clHp (SLIDE) Hp (SLIDE) Lp.
    • clHkHkbHk can whiff on last hit if delayed.
    • clHp (SLIDE) HpHkHpHkbHk can whiff on last hit if delayed.
    Kung Lao
    • clHkLk (SLIDE) bHk can whiff on last hit if delayed.
    • clHpLp (SLIDE) HpLpLkLk (SLIDE) bHk.
    • clHkLk is unsafe.
    • clHkLku/dHk is unsafe.
    • clHkLk (Gap if Delayed) u/dHkbHk.
    • clHp is Unsafe.
    • clHpHp is unsafe.
    • clHkLk (SLIDE) HpHpdHp can whiff on last hit if delayed. This is especially while crouch blocking.
    • clHpHp (Gap if delayed) dLpdHp can whiff on last hit if delayed.
    • clHkLkHpHpu/dHkbHk can whiff on 5th and 6th hit if delayed.
    • clHpHp (Gap if delayed) dLpfHp.
    • clHk is unsafe on block.
    • clHkHk is unsafe on block.
    • clHkHkLk is unsafe on block.
    • clHkHkLkbHk last hit will whiff if delayed.
    • clHpHdLpHkHkLkbHk can whiff after 3rd hit if delayed.
    Shang Tsung
    • clHp (SLIDE) Hp (SLIDE) LpbHk.
    • clHk (Gap if delayed) HkbHk.
    • Same is true for the other combos that include the previous strings.
    Liu Kang
    • clHpHpBlockLkLkHkLk will whiff after 4th hit if delayed.
    Robot Smoke
    • clHp (SLIDE) Hp (SLIDE) Lp.
    • clHkHk (SLIDE) bLp.
    • Same is true for the other combos that include the previous strings.

    10. Zoning Patterns

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  2. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    I’ll read this once I get on my flight in a few hours.

    But, one big tip I would give to Reptile players is to abuse his invisibility as often as possible. Don’t do it unsafely, but it is super underutilized and invisibility in this game is super broken as you can’t see them AT ALL. It’s even better in situations where you can’t hear the game, such as at times in tournaments where you don’t have a headset.

    Abuse, abuse, abuse his invis!
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  3. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus REVISION 1.3

    Uppercutile .

    Also agree with @Juggs
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  4. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    Added sections on Combos and Infinites. Will update to have punishes soon
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  5. AFAIK this is not an infinite cuz the opponent slowly starts to fall down after every cycle.
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  6. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    Yes, I am uncertain on that for the same reason. Hopefully someone like @ded or @Shock can comment on that.
  7. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    Added Section on Punishing Opponents Special Moves
  8. ded

    ded Elder God

    that looks like a very solid info! let me know if you need help for something particular. however, i also agree with @Juggs - go invisible as much as possible if it is a competitive match.

    most people i know just try the infinite and think that's all Reptile got. however, i disagree on the weakness that opponent needs to jump. reptile is a completely ground character and can start of ridiculous damage just from popup.

    Reptile has few more infinites, which are not very useful at all, but just for the record:
    1. c. LK inf;
    2. aaHP, turn around aaHPx2 (corner 2 corner infinite)

    I have asked few guys to test using TAS if aaHP, Dash and/or aaHP, Invisibility is a true inf and the opponent slowly starts falling lower, so it seems it's not a real infinite even tho you can get more than 100% combo.
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  9. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    Thank you for the reply, I have a few comments and questions.
    I did not mean that Reptile needs the opponent to jump. I was attempting to say that his zoning game encourages opponent to jump towards him if that makes sense.
    I have gotten the HP turn around a few times, but did not know you could infinite with it. Do you have any footage of the 2nd one?
    I think that is a real infinite in MKT, I will add it to the Advanced combos section though if it is not an infinite in UMK3.
    Is there a video of the infinite variation vs Kabal? I have looked everywhere but I cannot find one. I am only able to get like 3 reps, might have to TAS it.

    Do you know if this Infinite only works on Sonya?
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  10. ded

    ded Elder God

    Shang too, but it's not an inf (at least in UMK3). Character starts fall lower and lower. During the video you showed (which was from 2004), we believed it's an inf and when i reduxed the videos i leaved it like that :)

    It IS an infinite in Buggy MKT PSX and UMK3 Saturn... and maybe PAL version of N64 (could be wrong for that).

    i can upload the clips for you, as i was planning to do UMK3 Reptile Combo FAQ video and I have his combos recorded.
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  11. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    Thanks for the clarification, I will update it. I would love to see your Reptile Combo FAQ video uploaded soon.

    Another Question I have is about Kano's Choke. I recall seeing in one of the MKT Broken videos, I think its was MKT Broken 3, a Kano Choke combo vs an Invisible Robot Smoke. Smoke did not reappear until he was hit with a LK at the end of the combo. Is Kano's Choke like the air throw where if an invisible character is grabbed they will not reappear?

    Edit: Found the Video here
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  12. Mgo

    Mgo Noob

    I will read all this with the time ;)
  13. ded

    ded Elder God

  14. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    I have never seen video of either of those. Absolutely beautiful
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  15. ded

    ded Elder God

    Small correction, @Biggs. The aaHP, Dash/Invisibility is infinite in Buggy MKT (version 1.0), UMK3 Saturn and maybe PAL MKT N64. It is for certain not an infinite in version 1.1 MKT PSX (Saturn and PC Final as well) and NTSC MKT N64.

    I have clips from NTSC N64 version and even tho you can get maybe even 200% damage, opponent still falls lower.

    MKT N64 NTSC (Dash Juggle): MKT Broken Vol 1
    MKT N64 NTSC (Invisibility Juggle): MKT Broken Vol 1
    Buggy MKT PSX Relauncher: Buggy MKT PSX Infs and Combos
    Buggy MKT PSX Invisibility Inifinite: Buggy MKT PSX Infs and Combos

    The above version is so broken, that if i remember correctly, you would need even a hit between HPs in order to aaHP, Dash to be infinite. Otherwise Reptile juggles the opponent so high, that Reptile turns around and gets them out of corner - something like aaHP, Dash, RH, aaHP, Dash. It was very difficult to get, that is why i did not included it in the video.

    I have found an old clips from ChaosControl and seems c.LP, Turn Around aaLPx2 is also an infinite (c2c), but that's just another variation.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
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  16. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    Updated the info

    I forgot to mention, but the HP dash loop also works on Sheeva too. That TAS playthrough has a wealth of unnatural techniques

    I will add some comments on using multiple stacked forceballs (how they can count as a single hit) in the combos section. I want to add some Hp Dash Roundhouse corner combos to the Advanced Corner Combo Section too. I think that I will add a section at the end of the guide on Finishing Move Glitches with Reptile too (Like the Forceball into Mercy etc)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2018
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  17. Mgo

    Mgo Noob

    few inputs idk if were mentioned:

    *when i play reptile, opponents tend to jump more at me so be aware to possible uppercuts
    *blocking dash can confuse the opponent, they might try to react but you can start an autocombo first
    *idk if thats common but i get often the damn forceball miss. instead of a fast forceball i throw the spit :S seems it difficult to me to press both punches at the same time everytime.
    *starting pop up from a JP you can time an aalp dash and uppercut, something difficult until you get the experience (@ded always do that). I have seen him doing crazy combos like infinite teleport punishers without the need of forceball or aaHP antiair, dash, aaLPLP, fast forceball and etc, combos I dont even try to do in a vs and they seem very difficult
    *mix some runjabs or just one jab with invisibility and then HP autocombo (mind game/psychologic strategy) , that can scare them and hit them.
    *once i did a tuto about one of his infinites (vs male ninjas, stryker, jax,etc) this can help

    altough i think vs kano is very hard. I think ded also got this on online matches vs Kano.
    *also this char is one of the funniest against the cpu because the classic "beat character, throw a sweep, multi forceball into combos with multi dashs"
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018
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  18. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    Thanks for going through my guide Mr. MGO, I know it is very long so I will highlight some of your concerns.
    I mentioned this in the Introduction section of the guide
    I discussed the different animations of Elbow Dash in the Specials section.
    I outlined these in the Combo and Punish sections.
    I will explore this more in the Invisibility section of the guide
    This is a great tutorial, it helped me learn the timings. I actually like the infinite vs Kano because it is inputted so fast, which means less timing errors for me. Here is a video of me preforming it
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  19. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    Finally Updated with Slide punishes on String gaps. The information in that section was very hard for me to collect by myself and it is very possible that I missed something. Please let me know if I missed anything about unsafe strings and gaps. Next section is Zoning Patterns
  20. Mgo

    Mgo Noob

    *mix some runjabs with invisibility and then HP autocombo (mind game) , that can scare them and hit them.

    You should try it, thats a nice interesting psycho strat. Opponent might try to react to the scare of the runjab and then the invisibility and you got a combo. Try just one runjab and invisibility, autocombo or a few jabs before invisibility.
  21. Mgo

    Mgo Noob

    For example I play with Jax vs Reptile, I block Reptile Dash after he passed me, then I try to react with c.LK as quick as possible and always get the HP autocombo, I dont know about other character with faster c.LK like Kung Lao
  22. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    I know exactly what you are describing but it is a gimmick. Elbow is not safe on block, but it is hard to punish with normals
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  23. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    Sorry that I haven't been updating the guide. I was busy finishing up the semester. I have graduated and will continue to update the guide. Will probably post the Zoning Patterns section tomorrow.

    I also learned today that Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick will not make Reptile reappear if he is invisible. Very interesting... I will look into other special moves like this later in the Invisibility section

    Here is a simple corner convert too
  24. Biggs


    Not xBiggs
    I went through all the moves and it seems like the only moves Reptile can get hit by and still remain invisible are:
    • Air Throws
    • Kano's Choke
    • Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick
    • Cyrax Anti-Air Grab
    A funny side note is that Jax's Gotcha Grab (FF LP) will make Reptile appear from invisibility on the 2nd Punch, but not the 1st one or the initial grab.
  25. tehdrewsus

    tehdrewsus REVISION 1.3

    Not for long ;)

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