1. Syzoth

    Cooking With Baraka - The Berserker Baraka Guide

    Video Guide The link leads to a video with the same exact information, though this may be a bit more detailed. The first 45 seconds are all memes and hilarious. Check it out! Berserker Baraka Why Me? At the time I picked up this variation it was the least represented of...
  2. Biggs

    Reiko's Kara Clock Kick

    Here is a short video covering one of Reiko's staple techniques.
  3. Arqwart

    Meterless Cyclone Combo Guide

    I wanted to make this its own thread so people can easily reference it instead of having to dig through the general discussion. Fujin is capable of comboing off Cyclone meterlessly. The trick to doing so requires wasting the first second or so of the Cyclone animation to hit the opponent...
  4. KIllaByte

    Geras: The Perfect Cover-All Sand Clone Setup Combo (Concise Video Tutorial)

    In a previous episode of Incredibly Important Information, I covered a Sand Clone setup that led to guaranteed powerful mixups, but that setup sacrificed too much damage. This new one hardly sacrifices any damage, and allows you to press offense, completely safe from the multitude of wakeup...
  5. KIllaByte

    MK11 Kotal: Perfect Mixup Tutorial (MonkeyBizness Guide)

    As a Kotal player, it's important to know how to put the opponent in scary situations which allow us Kotal players to condition the opponent in fear of the command grab. This guide will show you how to do that, and also show you how to capitalize off of that conditioning, into damaging combos...
  6. DanteDemonZ

    MK11 - Shang Tsung New Warlock Optimals (Post August 2019 Patch)

    A lot of the Shang combo routes have changed since the Ground Eruption nerf. The old any Krushing Blow into S4 DB1 Amp dash DB1 (Far) does nothing on the damage it used to, neither does the old 1 bar non-KB bnbs. So here are all the new replacements. Note that the corner combos haven't really...
  7. J

    Can someone please make a guide on how to beat Jade?

    I'm tired of this stupid b**ch beating me in so ways online because she feels Impossible to punish online. She she a bunch of pushback from her combos and her staff reaches far as hell. She's freaking annoying. Let alone NRS decided to give this chick an ability to stop all zoning attacks. The...
  8. Kompetitor

    The Ultimate Johnny Cage Guide

    I have been wanting to make this for a while, but held off until after Combo Breaker so I could get a lot of offline experience and insight from top players. My opinion on Cage is that he is around top 10 or better, and will be even scarier when his whiffing issues are addressed. Likes...
  9. Cheesus

    Jax Arm Heat Guide

    Hello TYM, I've been mostly a lurker since 2011 and have had a good time and learned alot on this site. I decided to start contributing and helping out with tech. This is my first tutorial so it's not going to be great. Feel free to share constructive criticism, as I want to get good at this...
  10. LawAbidingCitizen

    Krypt Guide by IGN

    IGN posted a huge Krypt walkthrough with pics and stats. Some chests are RNG but others have predetermined contents. Everyone should utilize this early guide to not waist coins. Certain chests have 7 character epic skins and cost 250,000 koins and others are 250blood hearts and the best ones...
  11. Moco64

    Gauging printable move sheet interest.

    Mortal Kombat 11 - Printable Character Special Moves / Combo Sheets will be available at on the front page. Thanks for all the feedback. Hey everyone, so for Mortal Kombat X, I made printable sheets of character moves, fatalities, combos, etc. I had some success with it as well...
  12. Oonaugh_

    Scarecrow Tech - Anti-Wakeup Options with DB1

    A short but comprehensive guide explaining and demonstrating various anti-wakeup options with Scarecrow using DB1. Let me know what you think!
  13. Biggs

    The Ultimate UMK3 Reptile Guide

    @Shock @ded @MKK hanzo @Mgo @rzpmkkteam @THTB I am planning to release a video guide on Reptile. I would like this video to cover all aspects of Reptile's gameplay in UMK3. I am expecting this video to be a few hours long. While I do have a great amount of in depth knowledge on Reptile, I am...
  14. B

    Dragon Ball FighterZ - Mechanics Guide

    Hey guise! Here is a dbfz universal system-mechanics complete guide *WORK IN PROGRESS* i have gathered and translated the infos from several sources. table of contents: -notation -button layout -mobility -health gauge -ki -universal system mechanics -assist mechanics -defensive options -combo...
  15. Oonaugh_

    Injustice 2 - Scarecrow Combos And Setups

    Hello and welcome to my second combo video! In this video, I demonstrate setups, and general combos with Scarecrow! You can find my first combo video here: Subscribe for more <3
  16. Roy Arkon

    Double Starfire Combo Video Guide - Post September 2017 Patch

    I made two Starfire combo vids, it took me like two days to make them both. Originally I wanted to make just one but then I realized that it will make the video too long, so I decided to split them to two parts. I also gave you the time marks for each type of combo in the vids if you would like...
  17. bcfighting

    Swamp Thing Combos & Tips with DJA Homies

    Injustice 2 pro DJA Homies stops by the Body Count Fighting studios to share some of his favorite Swamp Thing combos & tips in the latest installment of Hitbox.
  18. bcfighting

    The Flash Combos & Tips with Marine

    Injustice 2 pro Marine stops by the Body Count Fighting studios to share some of his favorite Flash combos & tips in the latest installment of Hitbox.
  19. bcfighting

    Batman Tips with Cheeko

    Injustice 2 player Cheeko shares Batman tips with the Body Count Fighting team on the latest installment of Hitbox.
  20. bcfighting

    Green Lantern Tips with BushinStyle

    Injustice 2 player BushinStyle stops by Body Count Fighting to share his best Green Lantern tips on the latest installment of Hitbox.