1. A l i

    Won the 100$ Challenge in the tournament!

    So there was a tournament last month in 2v2 mod with 1v1 players. And someone put a 100$ Prize to a specific challenge. Whoever uses ShangTsung+Reptile to play all tournament and gets the highest place with these characters wins the Prize. 2 months ago i won the tournament without challenge so i...
  2. A l i

    Matchup: Reptile vs Mileena

    Greetings Kombatants. I wanted to share this post and learn the thoughts of pro players who played this matchup on high level. I myself use Reptile as a main character so all kinds of tips to use on this matchup would be very helpful. Take into the consideration, we are talking about the high...
  3. A l i

    UMK3 Champioship questions

    Hello, this weekend we have a freepick tournament in Russian community. I am playing with 3 delay. I was living in Turkey where i had 6 delay and was winning 6-7th places consistently but now i am in my home country where i have 3 delay. I am planning to win this tournament. My main is Reptile...
  4. kayuza

    new kombat kard icons?

    I didn't see this in the MKWarehouse image dump, got this Reptile kard from the krypt shrine for 15k
  5. Scott The Scot

    The Ed Boon Twitter Watch Thread

    Ed Boon Twitter Watch! Talk about anything related to Ed Boons Twitter account We're looking for information on Injustice 2, MKX DLC, anything from his Twitter that we could use to figure out what's coming next for us. If you see something that you think is...
  6. Roy Arkon

    I am an NRS Trophy King!

    Just wanna share this with you. Two years ago, I got the all the trophies for MKX, when I got with my main, Noxious Reptile, the Dragon King set along with the No Loyalty AND Platinum trophies all at once while playing the Arcade Mode! You can watch that in this video I did 2 years ago, before I...
  7. Biggs

    The Ultimate UMK3 Reptile Guide

    @Shock @ded @MKK hanzo @Mgo @rzpmkkteam @THTB I am planning to release a video guide on Reptile. I would like this video to cover all aspects of Reptile's gameplay in UMK3. I am expecting this video to be a few hours long. While I do have a great amount of in depth knowledge on Reptile, I am...
  8. Roy Arkon

    Question Can Zoning be a Type of Offense?

    OK I know some people are gonna scratch their heads by me asking this, and it's probably gonna be a dump question, and maybe I'm missing something that is way too obvious, but I still feel I gotta ask this question, due to some information I got over the past several weeks, so please hear me...
  9. Roy Arkon

    Your Favorite Fighting Game Character From Every Series

    Here is something for fun. I'm curios to hear what are favorite Fighting Game characters from every series that you've ever played, even if you played just one game from a certain series. If there is a tie or if your top spot for a series was belong to more then one character over the years, you...
  10. Roy Arkon

    NRS/WB should bring back the Variation System for MK11 - Here's Why

    I know that some people will harshly disagree with this, and some might say that this topic is overdone, but please hear me out on this one. I love MKX, IJ2 is a hell of an awesome game, but MKX is still for me the best game NRS has done so far overall. One of the things that love about MKX is...
  11. Roy Arkon

    Match Footage - Noxious MKX ESL Thursday Cup Matches with Noxious Reptile - Top 3 [UDATE]

    Didn't know if I should post this at the Match Video thread, but I just wanted to share with you guys those 3 sets I had at the ESL Thursday Cup last night. That was the first time I made it to the top 3 at the ESL, and I did all of that with my Noxious Reptile alone. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  12. DJ SLICE 500

    Reptile Nimble Has Too Much Swag Part 2

    New Video this is a sequel off the first reptile has too much swag video i basically just showcase new ideas and concepts ive been working on in ranked matches everyone enjoy
  13. DJ SLICE 500

    The Swaggiest Mirror Match High Level Reptile Nimble

    Finally had time to do a mirror with Ilgenowski definitly one of the best reptiles good games man
  14. DJ SLICE 500

    I hate fighting this characters tips

    This is a video a made just covering the options you have when having to play a bad matchup or a character you hate fighting in mkx
  15. L

    Match Footage - Reptile Double Brutality?!

    This just happened a couple minutes ago, I thought i'd share. Random ranked match with Comfort2000 GGs. Please excuse my bad reptile play, but please watch till the end. I have not seen something like this before pretty hype/jokes. :)
  16. D

    Guide - Nimble Acid Puddle Setups

    Some safe viable use of acid puddle with Reptile.
  17. D

    Guide - Reptile Reptile Flash Parry

    I didn't know Reptile has run cancels before last day...I was messing around in lab and I discovered something similar to Tremor's Flash parry,you can combo into and works as armor for projectilies but cost three bars so it is not viable in a match.Just for fun!Enjoy
  18. D

    Video/Tutorial - Nimble Db4 is good for Reptile as A.A.

    Reptile has one of the weakest A.A. in this game(my opinion)but I thinks Db4 is one of most underrated tool of green lizard.Db4 is safe,has a good range,create space and also with the right timing you can combo with gaining a lot of damage with nimble. I made it all the viable combo you can do...
  19. D

    Combo Video - Reptile Guide Reptile Nimble Post Patch 1.14

    Hi Folks! After 2 months finally my job let me free to find time to finish this video.I tried to put all...basic,AA,Bnbs,meterless basilisk,unbreables,braking armor,setups,hard combo damage...keeping an eye to the swaggy and the safety at the same time.I am not forced anyone to believe this is...