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MK11 Bugs, Glitches, Exploits and Infinites Report Thread

Is it just me or is he just off the map. it is like he is supposed to be in his room but the map shows him off too the side, and I kan't find a way too him
You find him only in his room. Nowhere else. But he spawns randomly. The map is a bit misleading. There is no other way or location for him. You can also summon him by using a special item. Check your items to see if you can do that.


Okay, it seems that you can’t do Subs second fatality if you have Creeping Ice equipped because of button conflict.

Apologies if it’s been mentioned, thread is meaty and cba reading it all.


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I met the requirements (Perform 50 Fatalities/25 Brutalities) for Skarlets kombat kard stuff (pictures/backrounds), but it didn't unlock them.


I’m having this exact same problem. The Cetrion amulet one isn’t rotated right and the lever is locked...
Update. My game patched to the newest version on Xbox just now, and the lever has moved back forward but it still won’t let me interact with it to fix it...
[Switch] Game crashed as I unlocked the one beings door. Came back to a locked door, medallions are expended in door with no prompt to open doors.14437


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Here’s an audio bug. When you finish one of those “E” fights in Towers of Time and do a fatality, there is no music or background sound. It‘s just awkwardly quiet. Happens 100% of the time. I’m playing on PS4 Pro.
Hi guys. How often do you guys review your AI battles on MK11? Usually, they are correct but it seems like they can sometimes be incorrect as well.

Every now and then I review my AI battles to see what behaviors I need to tweak. When I watched my latest AI team battle, I saw that my team had actually won the battle instead of losing it, like the log was showing. It makes me wonder just how many other times something like this has happened in the past for battles I didn’t bother checking.



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Out of curiosity does any have trouble last minute blocking online? Like you see a move block it or just been walking backwards in neutral and see you opponent move and block and still get hit.

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While playing some ToT with Sub-Zero, I was doing some corner combos and then he glitched out and disappeared from the screen. This happened twice. Some pics I took with my phone.

Invisible Sub-Zero glitch is surprisingly common. Happened to me when I used DoW’s Kold Shoulder MB vs Jacqui. Shoulder was blocked, I delayed MB strike which kounter hit. Upon hit, SZ turned invisible.
I solved the Krypt Puzzle with the 3 Amulets and opened all the chests and refilled them but now im locked out again and the gate is down.

The big problem is the 3 amulets are placed in but one of them isnt rotated right anymore and i cant do the puzzle again.

I cant access this area anymore. Has somebody the same problem?

Hope somebody from NRS reads this.
Similar scenario with me. I inserted all 3 amulets (one at a time), but the Cetrion one is in the wrong position and I can't access that area.
I haven't opened all of the chests on that other area yet or gone to that area on the other side of the puzzle, but I was hoping that I would be able to after I inserted the Shinnok amulet.

I'm hoping that I just didn't waste 10K souls for nothing and that NRS fixes that bug soon.


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Pre launch someone posted a thread: imagine Kronika as an announcer. I was one of the most excited about that. Turns out I can’t link my MK mobile. I tried everything, but an error message pops everytime. I have contacted to WB support and they don’t know what to do. Everyday I try to insert the code of my MK mobile, but it seems like Kronika doesn’t want me to “Finish Him”. :(
Small bug. I cannot seem to amplify Baraka’s Chop Chop with 1 & 2. The dedicated amplify button works fine. It’s the only move I’ve come across so far that’s like this.


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Here’s an audio bug. When you finish one of those “E” fights in Towers of Time and do a fatality, there is no music or background sound. It‘s just awkwardly quiet. Happens 100% of the time. I’m playing on PS4 Pro.
The tag matches too. Also happens with brutalities. I think any "modified fight" (E, Tag Match) has this glitch.


This might be already known, but when playing with Shao Kahn, if the oppoenent does a Flawless Block on the first hit of the DB2, the camera will stay stuck high enough where you can't see the the players feet when fighting up close, making the match annoying. I've been trough this plenty of times. The other player doesn't experience this though.

Do augment drops count as a bug? There are some that drop at an extremely low rate. Im doing a 1 week test right now, but as of today ive gotten 2 temporal anchor augments for geras since the game launched. I donate 500k a day to the shrine for augments typically. He also doesn't seem to drop ai battle augments for his knuckle dusters


I don't know EXACTLY how it is caused, I haven't properly investigated (don't know if this has been mentioned already either) but sometimes Sub goes invisible for 3 - 5 seconds after successfully landing an amplified Cold Shoulder. I've had it happen 4 seperate times, out of about 100 uses of it (was using Slide before changing it out). You're left with just his icy hand effects visible.


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When you do character towers(which have the dumbset requirements even after the patch) when you have to meet a certain number of KBs to unlock a tower the game does not properly register how many KBs you do a match in other modes that are not the towers of time, and sometimes not even in the towers of time. This is the only requirement that has this issue.