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MK11 Bugs, Glitches, Exploits and Infinites Report Thread

I have here a big problem that is actually ending all my experience that i call "input bug"
im sick of this losing sets kasuals rank games because of that someone please help i can not take it anymore
Since this new patch:

I can no longer use my mouse to go through all the KUSTOMIZE tabs and selections. Before I could use my mouse to select my character, select their loadout, then change tabs, abilities etc with the mouse. Now, the mouse works sometimes and other times it doesn't. When it stops working I have to use my controller to select things.

Also, on a side note can anyone hear this beeping noise Shao Kahn makes? I BELIEVE he's cussing and it could potentially be bleeped out. It drives me crazy as it almost sounds EXACTLY like the steam message notification. It's at the :13 mark. Do you hear it or no?


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Johnny cage f21 and 121 strings become NOT SPECIAL CANCELABLE if you do very fast dial inputs.

It is a very annoying bug that cost matches and wins.

The inputs are done perfectly, with no extra 1 or 2s. Just raw 121 and then a special. Just raw f21 and then a special.

If dialed very fast the special won't come out with perfect inputs.

Decided to raid the krypt first time in 2 weeks. Opened a 100 soul green chest, game froze, said connection to server lost. Log back in and my total souls went from 6000 to 150. Yay.
you need to explain how the towers of time work to people before they enter for instance the battles were the other 2 players need to use abilities 90% of the players dont know they need to be helping the guy fighting..... its dumb having to leave over and over because half the people dont know they are supposed to use abilities to help you beat the encounter or the swap out fights same thing
why does half the things go in front of your health bar or your fatal blow markers THE THINGS WE ACTUALLY NEED TO SEE not some dude swinging a hammer jesus...... things we need to see over things we dont basic......
To add to the pile of comments about the netcode and odd performance issues, I am seeing some very strange stuff on Xbox after the last patch, specifically randomly dropped buttons, moves coming out on the wrong side, and other odd behavior despite playing with a buddy who lives half an hour away who I consistently have double digit pings to. There's no real pattern to the dropped buttons as it's happening pretty much across the board (downpokes, specials, last hits of strings, etc). The real crazy is watching moves like the d2 go off completely on the wrong side despite no changes in direction happening (crossups, etc).

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even when I am the right distance taunts sometimes wont work, Noticed this with Cassie and frost mostly

escape rolls and air escapes don't seem to always work. I know I am timing correctly

Jacqui had 2 skins in the store a few days ago... SAME EXACT SKIN in TWO SLOTS
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On the current PC version:
"Reversal punishes" are not possible if the opponent's character switches sides (perhaps it is just that they must be facing the wrong way?). This can happen after blocking moves like Cassie's bf4 or Fatal Blow. The reversal is considered a "reversal" until it connects, at which point it is considered only a "punish" and not a "reversal punish." This is relevant because Shao Kahn has a Krushing Blow condition of hitting with a "reversal throw punish."