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Discussion in 'Jason Voorhees' started by Juggs, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Invincible Salads

    Invincible Salads Plz go easy on me

    awesome, nothing wrong with that recovery, unlike mileena's b12 it doesnt give u a combo :p
  2. Skedar70

    Skedar70 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Ok Unstoppable's damage buff is awesome but serves no purpose when you are full screen away from your opponent. At times jasons combos or grabs leave you pretty far from your opponent, I have seen Madzin and Fox activate the buff full screen and gain nothing. Everybody now knows it breaks armor so they probably wont armor in the neutral when they see you have it active. So why activate the damage buff instead of the health buff? In neutral the health buff is better, you gain life and you gain meter which helps two purposes you can use it in the fight or you can save to resurrect in case you lose the round. The only times I see beneficial to activate the damage buff is when for some reason you already have the health buff active in order to stacked it or in the corner to stuff wakeups since this is when you leave your opponent out of options since they can't armor.
  3. Invincible Salads

    Invincible Salads Plz go easy on me

    simple, activating the chain buff from far away is great for closing out a round, if you get with in range of a squeeze, especially if u do the ex squeeze, with chain buff thats 25% unblockable damage right there, GG's
  4. Dre_Kang

    Dre_Kang Blah

    As a Jason mainer (mostly Unstoppable) I want to ask others, since the update what is everyone's main choice of poking? Imo this has been crippled for him since the update. Thoughts?
  5. CrazyFingers


    D1 is still really damn good. It hasn't really been crippled just normalized.
  6. Parasurama

    Parasurama Dragon

    Mine is d1... the others are rare. d3 I think I only use to anti air far reaching jump ins and sometimes, d4 for a rangier low poke
  7. Dre_Kang

    Dre_Kang Blah

    Hmmmmm nice what about counter pokes or is d1 the best option still?
  8. CrazyFingers


    Pretty much yea. It's fast and has good hit advantage. It's a great poke.
  9. Parasurama

    Parasurama Dragon

    cancel command throws (back breaker) and choke from d1... to get them to respect d1 on block.
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  10. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    Why does b3 tick throw whiff so damn fucking much? Every time I do b3 into bear hug the hug just whiffs, thankfully I'm safe on whiff but hot damn is it annoying.
  11. Beckmann_2420

    Beckmann_2420 I am the Infantry! FOLLOW ME!

    D1 main poke, D1 on block into dbf1 tick throw, D4 on block into dbf2 tick throw are the ones I use.
  12. CmC_HAt

    CmC_HAt Noob

    sup guys, im a new unstoppable player, and i need to know when to use dd3 buff,
    normaly my most used string is b122, b122, njp, 111 *dd3*, but my oponent rolls and punish me ,
    im mising something, but i dont know what,
    can someone explain me
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  13. CrazyFingers


    Ending in B2 buff makes it safe I'm pretty sure. I haven't played Unstoppable in awhile (Slasher is the way for me) but I remember B2 xx DD3 being safe at the end of a combo.
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  14. Beckmann_2420

    Beckmann_2420 I am the Infantry! FOLLOW ME!

    Take this with a grain of salt, I play relentless and midscreen I use b122, b122, b2 xx pursuit. It let's me safely active it. I know pursuit has way more startup than unstoppables dd3 or dd4 so it will work for you. I'm not sure if that's optimal or not though. Bottom line is youll have to sacrifice dmg to get the buffs out.

    However, with dd3 and dd4 in unstoppable , you can do those in the neutral with good spacing. They startup and recover so fast. There are even times when you are hit activating it and it still goes through.
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  15. CrazyFingers


    Be careful with DD3 full screen tho cuz as Leatherface I have whiff punished that from full screen with run into F12.
  16. Dre_Kang

    Dre_Kang Blah

    I find that in unstoppable, dd3/dd4 is effective after you land both or the second hit from f44. As for relentless, dd3 works for me after b122-b122 damn near impossible to interrupt if you time dd3 right after the b122 strings
  17. Darth-Nero

    Darth-Nero Cute bolts of thunder

    Here are your best options for safe buffs:

    b122, b122, b12bf3 ~ buff
    b122, b122, b12dbf2~buff
    b122, b122, 32 ~ buff

    buffer down during the combo ending then the desired buff button so that the buff will come out at 1st available frame. For unstoppable, if you end with 32~buff then mash d1 right after your buff comes out to check the opponent then commence with your offense.
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  18. KeyserSoze

    KeyserSoze Fabled Villain

    Wait, who punishes you after ending in 111? That should be safe. I do that all the time.
  19. GAV

    GAV Resolution through knowledge and resolve.

    "Working to ner..."

    What was that? :p
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  20. SaSSolino

    SaSSolino What's even the point without hellsparks?

    Jason needs his blockstun fixed real bad
  21. Shade667

    Shade667 #StrongisthenewCute

    Midscreen I do b122, b1, b122, b2xxdd3. In the corner b122, NJP, jip, 32xxdd3 lets me d1 to break any armour. Doing exdd3 lets u b3, maybe even b1 if ur fast.
    Also ending combos in bf3 is good cuz its really plus. I dont think its 100% safe, but its damn close if its not.
  22. Osagri

    Osagri Fear the blade of Osh-Tekk

    Ending combo with 32xxEX buff gives u free b3 against i9 wakeups. Haven't tested on i7 moves yet.
  23. ToX

    ToX Noob

    I just got back into console gaming again and just bought MKX a few days ago. How do i cancel Slasher Jason's shoulder charge?
  24. ROG Moonspell

    ROG Moonspell "The Assasination of Julius Caesar"

    I think you need to tap twice back or forward direction.
  25. ToX

    ToX Noob

    Thanks! So if you dont mind .. give me an example string that would cancel into shoulder charge and give me the inputs?

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