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Discussion in 'Jason Voorhees' started by Juggs, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. ROG Moonspell

    ROG Moonspell "The Assasination of Julius Caesar"

    I apologize, I misread your post. I must've missed my morning medicine. Shortly someone will provide you with proper answer to your dilemma :D
  2. Bleu231

    Bleu231 Tohan playing shotgun

    You cannot cancel Shoulder Charge during its startup. You can cancel a string into Shoulder Charge, but that's it.
  3. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    If you mean link shoulder charge into d1 in the corner.. then that's not possible any more.
  4. trufenix


    I only play relentless, but I don't think Jason has anything in any variation that is dash or even mb cancellable.
  5. Not possible anymore, you just missed his days of glory </3
  6. ToX

    ToX Noob

    Boooo. According to REO he thinks Jason is better than when he first came out so that sounds good. How do I cancel a string into shoulder charge? Man I'm still used to MK9... The jump in punch is timed differently on this game and everything lmao!
  7. I don't play much Jason, but if you're talking about slasher, there aren't really any good reasons to cancel into shoulder charge. You have the low starting f42 string which is a launcher and the centerpiece of one of his main BnBs. (f42, f42, f42, f12 df1) To keep your opponent honest, you'd have to throw in some f2s (overhead) cancelled into df1 or ex df1. His fastest punish is the b122 string, which you'd follow up with an njp, f42, f12 df1 if it hits. You can also stagger that string for pressure. Pretty much all of his main strings launch, so really not much reason to cancel them into shoulder. If you want the ex shoulder brute, they have to be grounded anyhow. I find that f2 cancelled into ex shoulder works quite well, especially after a jump-in punch or a staggered b1/b12. But I can't think of any other reason why you'd want to cancel into shoulder over df1.
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  8. ToX

    ToX Noob

    Good info thank you. Does his EX psycho slash have a hit of armor?
  9. Yup! But ex shoulder and ex df1 have 2 hits of armor now.
  10. ToX

    ToX Noob

    I saw a video before the most recent patch of sonic fox saying he believes Unstoppable is S tier (and top 5 if not top 3).

    He also said relentless and slasher are high tier as well.

    Thoughts on this???
  11. ShrekForXbox

    ShrekForXbox Scrub

    Relentless and Unstoppable are still High Tier, but Slasher is more Mid Tier now since he lost his high damage 50/50's in the corner.
  12. ToX

    ToX Noob

    so slasher A, Relentless A+ and Unstoppable S-?

    EMPEROR_KNICKS Master of Kombat(frauds)

    Relentless S, Unstoppable S, Slasher B
  14. Wigy

    Wigy There it is...

    Relentless is serious top 5 contender.
  15. Few questions for all you Jason mains:
    1) which variation would you consider his funnest? (For the record I believe slasher is kinda boring, but want opinions)
    2) what's his strongest?
  16. CrazyFingers


    I think Slasher is A man. He has the tools to play this game at a good level.
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  17. El_Rubio

    El_Rubio Noob

    best variation vs CSZ? And how to punish him?
  18. GAV

    GAV Resolution through knowledge and resolve.

    Best variation vs everyone is the one that is least used right now. Get in on the ground floor.
  19. MKB

    MKB Retired Gatekeeper
    Forum General

    So I know I'm very late to this party, but I got the game last week and have decided to main Jason. Looking to get some games in against folks here. I'm on PS4.

    Note: Don't whip me too badly or I'll ban you
  20. El_Rubio

    El_Rubio Noob

    Play Slasher!! F42 or F3 and have fun 50ing people to death
  21. Hor_PeT

    Hor_PeT PeT

    I have picked Jason (unstoppable) recently. I played quite a lot of sun god before Jason and it seems very good and fun. :)
    However I have real trouble executing B1xxDBF2 (and DBF1/2 fast in general) and without that my game plan is quite flawed, yet.

    Doing command grab with BD2 would be game changing and I think a lot of people would pick Jason. :)

    I will not give up so easily but that single move is quite uncomfortable and can ruin the game. Do you guys suffer from command grab? :)
  22. Eldriken

    Eldriken Apokoliptian Overlord
    Forum General Premium Supporter

    Credit goes to @Hidan: to make tick throws easier with Jason, do the following: b1~db2f. Presto. Practice it. It makes it infinitely easier to do. You can apply it to b1, d1, b2, f2, b3, etc.
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  23. MKB

    MKB Retired Gatekeeper
    Forum General

    I'm finding f42, f42, 111, ex slash to be my favorite BnB. That, or replace the ender with EX df1.
  24. Eldriken

    Eldriken Apokoliptian Overlord
    Forum General Premium Supporter

    If you start with f42, you can do it 3 times into 11~df1. If you're in the corner, you can end it with 111~df1.

    If you start a combo mid screen with b122, it goes as follows: b122 f42 f42 11~df1.

    Mix things up with f4, f3 and f2. You can use f2~bf3 and f4~bf3 to keep your OH/low options safe. You're -6 with ridiculous pushback, so you can throw out a b1(22) and if someone tries to press a button, you often catch them because of the distance between you and them.

    His 12 string is a high > mid that is +2 on block. You can also use 23 that is a high > overhead and is +1/+2.

    This is all for Slasher, just in case. If you want info on Unstoppable/Relentless, I can fill you in on that as well.

    Also, I'd recommend only doing EX df1 if it's gonna finish off your opponent. The extra damage you get from the EX version isn't worth the bar. It's usually only a few percent.
  25. Hor_PeT

    Hor_PeT PeT

    Yes, I practice it that way. Still need more practice it is not as easy as Kotal's choke. :)

    I am in the practice room and tried that B1xxDB2F with relentless too to check if I do the teleport. And surprise that even with relentless it is possible to do B1xxDB2F for thick grab and teleport will not come out (according to the input log). I guess there is a slight border between the two special.

    For me the DB2F is more difficult when I am on the left side, my finger has harder time to do the motion to the left than doing other side. :D

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