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Discussion in 'Jason Voorhees' started by Juggs, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    Opening this thread once he is released.

    I'm also maintaining the Shinnok and Takeda General Discussion threads, so any help is appreciated as my plate will be fairly full for awhile.

    I'll try and keep this OP as neat and clean as possible with tons of info and links!
  2. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    Thread opened!

    Just got to use him for like 20 minutes. Can't really say much other than he's pretty fun to use so far. I won't be able to get on tomorrow hardly at all, so please explore him asap while I'm working!
  3. The Magician

    The Magician According to my sources...

    Rip, still can't get him on ps4 or I would be posting combos.
  4. Falkunn

    Falkunn I play vidya games

    YP Falkunn
    Been trying him out so far, love him. Find him a bit sluggish at first, but he has a hell of a lot of pressure. I'd like to see what people find out in terms of tech later down the line.
  5. Doombawkz

    Doombawkz Trust me, I'm a doctor
    Premium Supporter

    Same here. Its past midnight, wheres Jason Derulo?
  6. Gooch Peencher

    Gooch Peencher XBL GT: Unikob

    Posted this in the combo thread, you can skip his killing machine cooldown by confirming into xray while the buff is active. Yeah its all your meter, but i don't think its a bad thing. I'll upload a vid in abit
  7. ZinGy

    ZinGy Noob

    Jason doesn't have an alternate costume, but he does have a full ending in klassic tower. Kinda lame.
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  8. Anybody else wanting to see a Freddy vs Jason or 2009 re-boot alt? Kinda surprised they didn't go with one of those in the first place instead of the costume we have.
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  9. Diamondust

    Diamondust Noob

    Agreed, seems like a greatlly missed opportunity for Jason X/ FvJ/ 09 Reboot
    Having a blast playing him though!
  10. Jason X would be funny to see and that's 'cause it's goofy looking in my opinion. If it happens, that's cool, but I personally am not a fan of that design.
  11. ll Nooby ll

    ll Nooby ll To Live is to Die

    Jason Tick Throws: (Unstoppable and Relentless)
    1, 24, F2, B2, B1, D1, D3, D4

    D1, D3

    If there is more let me know and I will add them.
  12. Haven't used him but I'm gonna plant myself in this thread:p this is my home now
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  13. The Ultimate

    The Ultimate aka CommandThrower

    Aaay, folks. Thought I'd post a couple Jason tidbits for you.

    One is a command grab setup utilizing a hard knockdown string(3,2) into his damage buff. This setup is used in Unstoppable, of course:

    Lastly, I've got another one to show that Pursuit setups will generally lose out to fast moving special moves, and probably teleports. Granted, there will be a period of folks trying to figure out how to do moves on reversed controls, but this point stands:

    Notice the inputs on the side. Jason can't do anything until the animation of Pursuit ends.
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  14. Diamondust

    Diamondust Noob

    Same, not my favorite. Was hoping one variation would have his more zombie/corpse like appearance from the older films. Reboot would be a nice costume
  15. Anyone else have the kombat pack on ps4 but can't get him?
  16. RoosterFuel

    RoosterFuel Chicken Drugs

    Yeah I can't either, do we have to wait until tomorrow to download him maybe?
  17. Nah a buddy 10 mins away is playing him
  18. Falkunn

    Falkunn I play vidya games

    YP Falkunn
  19. jon

    jon Noob

    I'd like his design. Would be cool to see one alt be JasonX and another alt be the burlap sack from Friday the 13th Part 2 (Jason's first appearance as the killer). Something from like Jason Goes to Hell or the later films where his body is kinda rotted would be cool too.
  20. TrulyAmiracle

    TrulyAmiracle Bane bombs & Vine drills & Stardust
    Premium Supporter

    His damage is crazy wtf, I'm doing basic ass shit and getting around 40% meterless midscreen >____>

    And he has an X-ray Brutality, I'm jizzin buckets right now ^o^
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  21. jon

    jon Noob

    I like that his brutalities don't have obnoxious requirements like some.
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  22. 40% meterless midscreen? How are you doing that?
  23. Vilén

    Vilén too smart to play MKX

    Same way Freddy was doing like 54-62% mid screen for one bar when he dropped in MK9. Sorry but I feel pity for no one who thought that Jason wouldn't show up soaked in bullshit.

    That being said it's pushing 3 AM and still no Jason/horror costumes for my game. Anyone in the northeast/new england area have him yet?
  24. Problem is see with Jason is there really isn't a reason to block low unless he is in your face (Max F42 range is pretty weak).

    His F3 overhead is pretty good as he goes really far forward and is like -1 on block. Get the knockdown and you can start some offense.

    The armor shit seems crazy on paper but if you don't knock them far away by cool down you are getting a full punish.
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  25. Eddy Wang

    Eddy Wang Skarlet scientist

    Have you tryied to wakeup with ex Slide yourself to see if the inputs are not scrambled upon activation?

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