1. KIllaByte

    Analyzing Geras' Changes: Post-Patch Review (1/21/20) (Video)

    This little video is a comprehensive guide to all of Geras's changes in the patch, complete with my advice on how you can best adjust to the changes, and how you can use the changes, even some nerfs, in your favor! Chapter Select: 00:03--00:45 BF1 (Temporal Advantage Change) 00:45--01:12...
  2. KIllaByte

    Labbing For Lessons: Comparing Eternal Geras Setup Choices, Ft. Grr VS Rio at KIT 2020

    While doing match analysis for MK11 at KIT, I noticed that Grr preferred a particular Eternal Geras setup that I disagree with using. Here, I show you why I don't like that setup as much as Grr does, by showing you alternatives, and discussing motivating factors behind using either setup...
  3. KIllaByte

    Labbing for Lessons: Optimizing Anti-Air Combos With Eternal Geras, Using Grr VS Rio at KIT (MK11)

    While I was doing match analysis of Grr VS Rio for losers semis at KIT 2020, I saw that Grr hit an anti-air F3 cancelled into amplify sand clone explosion, but then he went for a combo that he didn't have enough meter for. That's a simple mistake. But the bigger problem that I inferred from...
  4. KIllaByte

    Labbing For Lessons: Exploring Eternal Geras' Combo Choices; Using Grr VS NinjaKilla at KIT

    This is the premeire of my newest series! In it, I find specific lessons in specific moments of my match analysis, and consider the players' options in those moments by using my own live labwork. This video was produced to fit Twitter video length limits. If you're looking for a longer video...
  5. KIllaByte

    Eternal Geras Stream Highlights

    I recently played some Eternal Geras on my stream, and decided to make two highlight reels for those of you that might be interested in the character. Short: Long: You can catch my stream, live, at the following link: Feel free to follow me on...
  6. Kiss the Missile

    Geras is by far the most exciting character to watch

    String, launcher, string, special. That's about what you can expect anytime someone catches a hit in high level play. Sometimes they'll get fancy with a restand but other than that offense is incredibly dull to watch. Which is why it surprises me to see so much hate for Geras in Top 8. Out of a...
  7. KIllaByte

    Optimizing Sand Clone With Eternal Geras (NEW Post-Patch T3 Setups, Combos, & Ideas) (Video)

    The October update has given us a new competitive variation for Geras, called "Eternal." Eternal's most significant move is a special called "Sand Siumulacrum." It's Geras's most interesting move, and it's certainly one of his strongest tools as well. In this video, I'll take ten minutes to show...
  8. M

    Just sharing my progress and Also asking for some advice/krypt help

    Hello All, Firstly, I am so glad I found this site. I went from having like 2 wins, to now having over 100. I don't lose very often now, and I'm able to completely destroy my friends which is a bonus for me. My main character is geras and I had a couple questions in regards to him. So my B22 I...
  9. KutlessMyth

    The Holy Grail of Lao: Geras MU

    He beats Geras. There, I said it. Now a lot of people are probably thinking that this matchup is nigh carcinogenic. That's because it really is if you don't play it right. Geras can shut down a lot of your options in neutral, not to mention Kung Lao's greatest strength is footsies and whiff...
  10. U

    What should I be looking for in neutral?

    Currently using f1 as a wiff punish, f212 as my go to hit confirm and pressure string, sand traps to make them scared and more rarely B22. There does seem to be a noticeable mid range that's hard for me to engage on. Is there anything I should be doing better?
  11. M

    Geras help

    Hello guys, so I am THANKFUL for this community because I have been getting wins(even though its little amount) in king of the hills now. My main character is Geras and I have a couple questions for him. 1. What are some of the easiest/safest combo strings for him? It seems that I get punished...
  12. turtle_and_zone

    Geras General Discussion

    Surprised there hasn't been a thread yet since he was one of the first characters announced.
  13. Mr.Bruno

    Geras - My thoughts about Geras from the south America Reveal

    PT-BR KillerXinok PNDK&M PT-BR KillerXinok PNDK&M 1 = Anti-air option, tick throws and punishing of 7 frames. . Tick throw option on block. Follow up for 111~1+3(high, mid, overhead, grab) or 11dbd1. D1 = poke 6 frames, safe. D4 = good poke, good range and advantage on hit. Tick throw...
  14. Living Corpse

    R.I.P. Blue Blood

    So they got rid of his blue blood, something about it not looking impactful.