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Labbing for Lessons: Optimizing Anti-Air Combos With Eternal Geras, Using Grr VS Rio at KIT (MK11)


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While I was doing match analysis of Grr VS Rio for losers semis at KIT 2020, I saw that Grr hit an anti-air F3 cancelled into amplify sand clone explosion, but then he went for a combo that he didn't have enough meter for.

That's a simple mistake. But the bigger problem that I inferred from that mistake, is that in that moment, Grr didn't realize that he didn't need any more meter to get the kill and end the round.

In this video, I show you the different combos that Grr could have done to secure the life bar, while only spending one bar of offensive meter! You'll be well equipped for situational AAs by the end of this one.

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