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Just sharing my progress and Also asking for some advice/krypt help

Hello All,

Firstly, I am so glad I found this site. I went from having like 2 wins, to now having over 100. I don't lose very often now, and I'm able to completely destroy my friends which is a bonus for me. My main character is geras and I had a couple questions in regards to him. So my B22 I found that I can special cancel into a DB2, but I always miss the hit on the DB2(gauntlet) How do I string that DB2 with my B22 for a hit? Also, if anyone knows where to find geras Items in the Krypt please let me know. I have the shao kahn chest for him from goro's lair, and also the severed head rewards, but idk where to find anything else. Thank you!


I don't think that naturally combos in Infinite Warden. Better to use f212 to hit the db2 for krushing blow when the fist is charged.