The MK11 New Meta and Gameplay Info Thread

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by CrimsonShadow, Jan 17, 2019.

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    It’s not about me, it’s about the viewership experience and growing that aspect. Again, you just don’t get how much of an impact something seemingly “irrelevant” has. The fact is that it is important, otherwise you wouldn’t see so many people complain about it. There’s so many benefits to it as well, outside of building the viewership experience which in turn helps the player and grows the scene. It also can be good for the player in the moment, gives them a few extra seconds to think, relax, take a deep breath, etc.

    Anyway, it’s clear you’re not willing to change your mind, so that’s all I’ll say. Just try and open your mind a bit and think just a little outside the box.
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    And skipping it can be a good tool to pressure your opponent. They better be ready for the next round, not giving them time to take a breather.

    I do see your points, but at the same time, that's not what the players are there for. They are not there to put on a show. They are there to win.
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    Well they actually are there to put on a show.
    It's why its a sport, too entertain.

    They want people to watch it.
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    They are there to win a title and some money.
    It's why I prefer to watch casual matches though, because I agree, it's rather boring to look at. But I understand why they do it. The EU stream of the event was more fun though, because the guys playing on there were more relaxed and had more fun with it.
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    But the people who are providing that title and money are there to put on a show.
    They want the game to be entertaining, and to do that, it needs to be shown off in the best possible light.
    Which is not the fast restart match bullshit.
    It completely cuts out fatalities and brutatlies, and doesn't allow for the nice pacing reset you get from the next match screen.

    NRS and WB and all those sponsers want this game to be an esport to make them money via viewership.
    It is in their best interest to do something about this very serious problem, and I mean it is a very serious problem.
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    Hmmm.. Not sure if I'm a fan of a lot of these changes. The game looks extremely slowed down.. like 3D era slow.

    I like that they incorporated the EX-air escape. Don't know how the other mechanics will end up playing out but I'm bummed Njp doesn't launch anymore. One of my favorite mechanics. Also no more breakers :'(
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    Yea so flawless blocking is free, but to do the follow up it uses one bar of both defense and offense.
    Yea you can manually control what your input buffer is in the game, along with if you want krushing blows to happen automatically or when you long press a button
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    Combos and juggles are NOT toned down in MK11 as much as you may think.

    Everyone should be well aware that Sub Zero slide is a meterless launcher in the corner and he has juggles reminiscent of his MKX corner game. Coupled with his low and overhead starters he seems like a high low machine.

    Some rando vid already has unoptimized multi hit combos in the corner doing in excess of 350 damage.

    Combo potential will likely depend on you move set and variation.

    Combos at 4:00

  9. themilkman014

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  10. Sultani

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    But what about ex clone tho!

    Yeah so far i'm not impressed. Gameplay matches just left me feeling like i was watching iniustice 3. Raiden is aquaman i guess. Recycling animations from characters in other games is stupid. Pretty obvious dvorah is out after watching skarlet.

    Variations are in? Lame. Just make complete characters.

    So far it looks like no running OR dash cancelling? It absolutely blows me away how they could still not understand that static dash distances take away so....... so much. It's been almost ten years and they still havent learned this.

    I didnt see any interactables, though i didnt watch more than about 10 minutes total.. so at least thats a plus.

    MK is way too much like injustice now... which sucks.... because injustice sucks. Even the damage counters are injustice... sigh... so disappointing

    They arent even trying to keep these games distinctly different at all anymore.
  11. Jynks

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    came to post this as well.. K&M showing the dope ass shit. Fuck the hatters this is the MK I have always wanted. Brutal, awesome to look at, good defensive options and a focus on skill based gameplay.

    Can't wait to see this in the wild. I think a ton of SF players are going to like this game.
  12. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    I do not understand where comments like this come from.. the game is not even remotely like IJ2. It is just isn't. It is not like an opinion thing... the mechanisms are not even remotely the same and the entire focus on punishing and footsies is not even a thing in IJ2.

    I mean, why are some people saying MK11 is IJ3? I just do not understand were this is coming from.
  13. CG Nino

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    Crushing blows absolutely genius... its part of the char design. Baraka for example will play super solid w great fb game and punish you hard w his parameters being punishes mainly. He can let you hang yourself and hit hardddddd for it. Absolutely love this system idea and hope they keep it up for the cast. How well they balance these in will determine chars designed intended playstyles and viability per char basis.
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  14. ShArp

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    You are trippin... Bad.
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  15. Also from what I could tell they even added music this time!
  16. Invincible Salads

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    lol, the people crying about zoning is hilarious, also im glad theres no run or wave dashing. means you have to think a bit about your movement.
  17. SubZeroIce

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    What a bad take...

    I see some similarities with Skarlet and D'Vorah, and you might be right but it's not really a big thing or anything MK hasn't done before. (Removed all the ninjas in MK3 but gave Smoke Scorpion's Spear) It doesn't mean much. D'vorah could very well be in seeing as Cassie is literally a Sonya/Cage hybrid and they're all 3 in again.

    You're pretty late with the Injustice comparisons. They're made by the same people so there's bound to be similarities, but they are still very different. I agree, the dash cancelling is a bit of an issue for me and the removal of the njp combo starter, but it's a new game with a new feel and that's what they're going for. I agree there's certain things I'm disappointed in but there's a lot they can add to make it more interesting and they DO read our criticisms. I'll wait until the beta to actually start panicking.
  18. dribirut

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    Imo they need to make the game just a tad bit more mobile. Buff to dash blocking would be amazing. Even sonic thinks so as well
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    Variations were a very popular system and the majority of players, high level and casual all liked them. Hell, there are tournament players that want custom variations to be viable in tourneys.

    Running is out. Dash canceling is in but to a much lesser degree. Your best movement option is walking, like one of the most highly regarded mk games ever... Mk2

    Interactables are still in.

    How is this like injustice? Injustice isn't a neutral game. About the only thing this takes from injustice is the air escape and actual damage dealt vs a rounded up percent. That is literally it.

    They are distinctly different. A game about neutral and footsies vs a game that ended up being about heavy zoning. Night and day difference.

    Mkx was a pressure game sure but who said you can't pressure the opponent in mk11? Playing neutral is all about pressuring your opponent into making a mistake and then capitalizing on it. I mean no you're not up in their face constantly chipping them with safe strings and expecting them to armor out and reset to neutral, but let's be real dude.

    Mk11 is nothing like injustice 2. I'm aware the gear system and customization is also carrying over but that's something people were gonna want after how successful it was in injustice 2 so it's not really even worth mentioning. You don't even have the B3/F3 wall bounce/overhead bounce. Rounds start over on an even field unlike injustice.

    I mean sure, there's some similarities. Air escape, no rounded damage percentiles, but come on. This is the mk that everyone was asking for. They got what they wanted.

    No run? Check
    Neutral? Check
    Fewer 50/50s? Check
    Mk2/Mk9 style gameplay? Check
    Better animations? Check
    Returning variations? Check
    Visual customization? Check
    I'm sorry but I just don't understand why you're disappointed. To each his own though.
  20. villainous monk

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    You only watched 10 min & your complaining. Really?

    Half the things you said are wrong or your unsure about but you won't take 10 mins to read through the thread or look up a 10 min video to explain to you the bare bones basics of a new mortal Kombat game.

  21. villainous monk

    villainous monk Break bread over a whiskey n rocks. Like a man.

    Thank you so much for this. I'm finally getting caught up from all the people & pros releasing their content from the event. Super excited.

    Can I ask if you were there?
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    No I've just been watching the footage over and over lol. A couple of people in the TYM discord did go though so I asked them as well.
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    Oh my god I didn't DC lol. Sonic did. I guess there's no way to tell so I can't blame people, but the amount of people saying I rage quit is so annoying.
  24. lol, my bad, sorry dude
  25. CrimsonShadow

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    "They'll just fill up over time, at a rate that's dependent on what you did. So if it's a move that's really strong, it will fill up slower once you use it, and if it's something that's not as strong then it will fill up quicker"

    I think this is a really important piece of info from Paulo's interview, so I'm going to add it to the OP.
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