The MK11 New Meta and Gameplay Info Thread

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by CrimsonShadow, Jan 17, 2019.

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    Wow how did I miss that. Naming two mechanics so different from each other with "blow" in them really blows though.
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    Yeah it blows alot xD
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    HOLY SHIT!!!! @SaltShaker where the hell have you been dawg?
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    Back from the grave like Superman in JL. Went all in with Tekken 7 for a while there, but the meta changes/adjustments with MK11 were too strong to resist. Definitely feels good to be back though, feels like yesterday.

    This game feels almost unfair, like a cheat at life. Virtually everything we ever asked for is coming to fruition. Now we just need one more confirmed character. :coffee:
  5. villainous monk

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    Goddamn. Boi... It's good too have you back fam. I think the exact same way.

    Tekken changes kinda did me wrong but I still play it at least once a week.

    This mk11 gots me giddy like a school girl passing notes in class or texting nowadays. I'm super excited. Happy and looking forward to playing some real mortal Kombat.
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    So, I think this is the best place to post it for now.

    I don't know if many of you know of it (bc for some odd reason all the NRS LATAM scene info seems to be hidden in the deepest layer of hell from people) but Brazil is having an MK11 reveal as well, in two days.

    Some of the players here were invited to the event to play some exhibitions and stuff, and I am one of them.

    I am planning to spend most of my time messing with Raiden, since he seems to be the least explored of all the characters so far. In case you guys have any questions about the game in general, about the characters or come up with some ideas you want me to test, I would be glad to help and if allowed I'll try to capture some footage of it.
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    Will there be unlockable special moves/abilities in Krypt?
  8. I'm really hoping for custom variations in tournament. They're already self balanced by only allowing three slots in the load out, with each move taking a different number of slots.

    You take a character like Sub-Zero. You use Deep Freeze for mixup conversions and Kold Shoulder to keep the corner after Amplifying. But your opponent is constantly getting out of the corner on you and playing super lame in the neutral, so that load out isnt doing as much as it could for you. So you switch from Kold Shoulder to the Ice Shurikens to rack up chip damage at the end of blockstrings so he has to approach to make up the life lead.

    I feel like being able to pick individual moves could help a lot in the player matchup
  9. CrimsonShadow

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    That’s definitely not balanced imo. Not to say that it could be, but I wouldn’t assume that you can balance all possible variations just by having the specials take different numbers of slots.

    In MKX we learned that even preset variations aren’t completely separate, and what you do to one can affect the other. Now multiply that x100 and you get the complications/interconnections that totally custom variations could cause.
  10. You're right but I'd still like to see some experimentation with it. I've mostly been theory crafting with Sub Zero but I imagine Skarlet could have some obnoxious combinations.

    At the same time though, a game sacrificing balance for fun has worked in the past. Most notably with MvC.

    But the level of creativity that could come from custom loadouts shouldnt be ignored. It honestly does remind me of team building in a team fighter. Almost like the custom moves function much like assists. Just watch the K&M breakdown of that set from the Brazil reveal. The Scorpion player combined the spear buff and the Misery Blade to create a blockstring, cancel pressure build that was pretty effective up close
  11. villainous monk

    villainous monk Break bread over a whiskey n rocks. Like a man.

    So I finally watched the Kombatkast and I have to say I liked what they're doing.
    The characters and the game mechanics thus far post reveal looks better.

    I liked that the meter gage has a timer or counter to tell you numerically how long you have till it's full. That count down will be key once people get the timing right and predict when you can amplify or use the defense break away.

    Also subtitles are really Kool too. Especially now that we can see it during matches.

    When it pertains to Kabal and how NDC is now I suspect that characters with similar cancel abilities will have their cancels governerd like this.

    It also looks like we do have an updated training mode with better options on recording and playback for the AI.

    From the few hours we saw the last, I think we saw a lot.

    I feel pretty excited from just the few changes and additional things that's added into the game.
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    Sorry if this has been asked before.

    Does anyone know if the bars regenerate at the same rate for everyone? Or are they character / move dependent?
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    Do we have any info on backdashes yet? If they have any start up invulnerability?
  16. chrisofrays

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    training mode should have the option to make the dummy hit back with their fastest move after being hit or after blocking. It would help alot if new players get used to what they can do after a blocked kombo string or if they land a low poke wether they can go for a frame trap. Was ages before i started utilising pokes for frame traps on hit. I belive they have had a dummy reversal option on block but we also need somthing that activated after they are hit.
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