Nerfs. In november patch we have them, but that is not enough

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Zhidoreptiloid, Nov 13, 2017.


Who must be nerfed?

  1. Black Adam

    56 vote(s)
  2. Supergirl

    128 vote(s)
  3. Firestorm

    30 vote(s)
  4. Superman

    33 vote(s)
  5. The flash

    41 vote(s)
  6. Brainiac

    16 vote(s)
  7. Catwoman

    69 vote(s)
  8. Dr Fate

    28 vote(s)
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  1. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    How does that fix his problem? WIth buffed blocking, I'd still have a much easier time getting off the ground as a character with a wakeup.
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  2. Wigy

    Wigy There it is...

    Higher than most of the cast.

    SG supes black adam and catwoman are all a lot easier and way more complete characters so if you’re going to go with that argument flash shouldnt be you’re big complaint.

    It sounds like you have a personal issue with flash, like i said it requires high execution to exploit flashes weaknesses so its understandable. Not to mention you play black adam who has no wakeup. Ofcourse you’re guna think flash is super broken.

    His difficulty comes in with getting around certain characters neutral tools and even worse characters like fate who can zone and cause big issues up close.

    For example fates b2 low crushes and is very fast with a great hit/hurtbox so when flash gets in (which can be really hard) he can start nothing til they’ve made a mistake.

    Catwoman can disrespect everything with her backdash and b3 and is always plus or like -2 so all you can do is poke. Theres nothing she cant handle and her design doesnt penalise bad fundamentals

    Supergirl has very oppressive neutral, cant be zoned at all and can zone out a lot of characters, her corner oki is just as stupid as flashes if not more stupid.

    Supes- lol not even guna explain why this guys braindead

    Black adam- legit only high execution is d1-4-f12, he can have issues with forcing people to respect f12 and his having no wakeup, but overall hes one of the easiest characters to pick up and play with few bad mu’s

    For all the folks saying its stupid to be complaining after the patch, most of established problem characters were basically ignored in the patch and the characters with big issues didnt get the attention they needed.
  3. Barrogh

    Barrogh Meta saltmine

    Some of those got looked at tbh.
    ...and nerfed even more.
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  4. Psyren136

    Psyren136 Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Fair enough
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  5. Cerbero

    Cerbero Always down for games.

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  6. Zhidoreptiloid

    Zhidoreptiloid Watcher from the sky

    Totally agree
  7. MysTiiK_V

    MysTiiK_V "For Mother Nature"

    agree Adam, supergirl, and catwoman are top 3 now and they are stupid. agree with the flash and brainiac adjustments as well.
  8. MysTiiK_V

    MysTiiK_V "For Mother Nature"

    cheetah is fine lol
  9. Swindle

    Swindle Philanthropist & Asshole

    I read everything you post in the Hulk's voice.
  10. Baconlord


    No one on planet earth can react to an 8 frame advancing high.
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  11. Cerbero

    Cerbero Always down for games.

    They will reach to the second hit of the string, and its not only reaction but expectation.

    EMPEROR_KNICKS Master of Kombat(frauds)

    I havent seen such crazy ba downplay from anyone lol. Have fun expecting f1 and whiffing buttons in the neutral to try to see it lmao. I actually cant lol yah sick d1 punish on that f1 thats airborne on the second hit so u get a bad punish and then ba baits u once and deletes ur health. Expecting a f1 smh
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  13. people still downplay ba here?
  14. hkriderz

    hkriderz Lin Kuei Scum, yellow robot enthusiast

    He's been downplayed since the game was released. All the downplayers make sure to avoid attention from his broke shit and just complain about his weaknesses.
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  15. JBeezYBabY

    JBeezYBabY Mr. Righteous

    Off topic, but i saw your ass on TV! AAAH HAAA! All smilin' n shit :D
  16. Dankster Morgan

    Dankster Morgan Don't let your memes be dreams

    Yeah.... you don’t need a great wakeup to be good in this game. A lot of characters have had weak wake ups and been crazy in these games. MKX Quan Chi got raped on knockdown, Injustice 1 Batman didn’t do too good, and Black Adam now.
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  17. Cerbero

    Cerbero Always down for games.

    Watch high level play, watch Theo for example he d1s Adams f12 all the time.
  18. BurdaA

    BurdaA Ankh you!

    To be fair, I hate fighting BA (and never touched him outside the lab) but I regularly punish neutral f1’s. Less common to see it used in the neutral at higher level play, and I assumed the react/punish-ability was why. Still a superb string, just not sensible to overuse raw in the neutral.

    That being said, a string not being all-purpose isn’t really a weakness though. Darkseid says hi.

    I’m not very good, just my 2 pennies....

    EMPEROR_KNICKS Master of Kombat(frauds)

    Breh i play dragon, and go back and forth with him lol, i know the mu, D1 his f1 after ba whiffing is easy to react to, but just reacting to f1 start up is propaganda.
  20. Zhidoreptiloid

    Zhidoreptiloid Watcher from the sky

    Confirm. Maximum reaction time for human about 11 frames. And that best reaction of best people, most of us have even slow reaction
  21. MysTiiK_V

    MysTiiK_V "For Mother Nature"

    Imo I think supergirl's lasers should have slower start up and her d1 hitbox needs adjusted. Adam's divekick mb needs to be only -4 and not be plus dependent on where he hits you and his mb lighting should do less dmg. Catwoman I think she's fine for the most part, if anything I would make her 1f2 not plus or her d2 not low pro but honestly Idk, the only time catwoman ever seems to be extremely good is in the corner. I have a problem with fate as well especially since deadshot is no longer a problem for him, I think his b2 antiair should be slower and mb orb should go away on hit and that's it. Flash's lighting kick non-charged should be easier to punish and his d2 shouldn't low pro.
  22. Toonstrack

    Toonstrack Noob

    Something needs done with Supergirl Ive played SG that literally crouch and wait until they can MV freeze you into corner loop. Ive been having a lot of trouble with her so I went into practice mode with her and was able to do the corner combo within 5 minutes. Shes just too free IMO
  23. Moms4lif3

    Moms4lif3 Bruh.

    As of right now I am fairly satisfied with the games status.

    Basically most people agree that SG needs to be brought down again a little and I agree. I really don't like playing her but she is just not 'fine' (like many before suggested) from an objective standpoint.

    Cold got some nerfs and I think they were fine because he made some MUs way unfair. I play captain cold and now I need to adjust to the changes and can't abuse his moves in some MUs as much.

    BUT, if a character like cold who has some really good MUs and many bad ones got changes for the worse , HOW is it fair that a all round really good character like SG did not get changed AT ALL??? Her own community is like 'she has 0 !!! Losing MUs'

    For this argument alone I think they need to really look at her and see that some of the stuff she has is not balanced anymore. A character with no losing MUs cannot also have that many winning MUs (around 10 in most MU charts on this site) while other characters (Canary) have barely any winning MUs (I do think she is a really good character tho, but she is not well balanced either)
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2017
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  24. Moms4lif3

    Moms4lif3 Bruh.

    Also I think BA is a little strong rn but definitely not op, neither is Superman. They are strong and easy to play but they do not have a lot of depth.
    To be honest I didn't even mind Batman that much before patch, yes his trait was stupid n all but once you know how to play against him only really good players made him look broken. I'm glad he was brought down tho, he was not balanced.
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  25. This x 100.

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