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Fatal Blows must be changed


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Comeback mechanics are whack no matter the game.
I like having some type of comeback mechanic because it helps maintain high stakes and tension throughout the whole match.

In the specific case of Fatal Blows, I think they're mostly fine, just need a few tweaks.


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Sounds like some of you need to learn how to be more aware of your situation during the game and play accordingly.

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Win by outsmarting your opponent.

Fatal blows don't do any more damage than supers in any other fighting game. Reduce them to 18%? WTF? Why have the mechanic then? These moves are meant to even the odds if your opponent is not paying attention and gets opened up.

Sounds like it's time to stop mashing and start playing for real. Getting hit by a raw Fatal Blow should be the exception, not the rule.

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Honestly, I totally agree.

Fatal blows are by far the dumbest thing in this game.

  1. The cinematics last way too long for something that is given away for free and something that happens every match. I'm already tired of seeing them.
  2. They are given to everyone for free and require no resource management whatsoever. They should require you to have meter to use (and potentially take a certain amount of meter to use as well).
  3. Safe on block, regens if you miss or it's blocked... that shit needs to go for sure.


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Do you guys play any other fighting games?
I used to play a lot of Street Fighter V, but after the whole thing with the in-game ads, I dropped that shit so fast. Too bad, as I was really enjoying playing Cammy, Cody and Rashid. Hopefully the next SF game will do all the things right that SFV did wrong, because goddagnabbit, SFV sure was a shitshow from start to finish, though with some good parts in it that kept me playing.

I bought an Xbone because of Killer Instinct and I thoroughly enjoyed that game! But then all other fighting games came out to PS4 only, so I had to give in and sell my Xbone to get a PS4 instead. I'm not a fan of console exclusive games because I can't afford several consoles, but other that not being able to play KI anymore, I don't regret switching it out for the PS4. I honestly didn't like the Xbone as a console either.

Also got Guilty Gear Xrd, Fighting EX Layer, Tekken 7, King of Fighters 14, SoulCalibur VI, and a lot of classics like Samurai Shodown, Darkstalkers, Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter, etc... I really like fighting games! ♥
I even got Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite, but erh... let's not talk about that... And I tried the free-to-play version of the new Dead or Alive 6, but ultimately still feel like it has its issues. But can be fun to play from time to time.
Honestly though... Mortal Kombat is my favourite franchise of them all. And MK11 is probably the best fighting game for me!


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I'd love to learn to become decent at Virtua Fighter. That's my favorite series. NRS games are my favorite current games though.


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my solution would be to reduce fatal blow damage to 10-15% but not have it scale in a combo.

so if you end a swag combo with it you will get bonkers damage that you deserve because you opened someone up, and if you just do a raw full screen fatal blow it's not that big of a deal


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my solution would be to reduce fatal blow damage to 10-15% but not have it scale in a combo.

so if you end a swag combo with it you will get bonkers damage that you deserve because you opened someone up, and if you just do a raw full screen fatal blow it's not that big of a deal
I actually really like this suggestion. It's a nice compromise that doesn't flat out erase FB's, but reconfigures the mechanic into something slightly more skillful with a decent but not overwhelming reward. Nice idea, my guy.


Even after watching the whole Summit (which i enjoyed very much overall) my mind is unchanged, not a fan of FB. I dislike them as a spectator even more than while playing. In close matches in round 3 it feels like its all about them and while it makes things tense (even thought the situation would be tense at that point even without them) it also makes it weird. And i feel a resource that you get for free shouldnt change the final moments of a match this much. This is the main aspect that bothers me most while playing too... not being hit by it but that it impacts the gameflow too much.

The "creates more hype" argument is also flawed. I admit they were some hype moments around the FB mechanic during the Summit but most, if not all, of those moments would have been as hype without FBs. Its also antihype to see someone lose to a 40+% FB combo without him having access to the same resource at that time, this feeling is simply cuz its a free resource that the loosing side gets first.

So i understand that FBs arent going anywhere but i personally like them changed.

Ofc this is just me. If the majority likes them as they are then i will accept that. Game is too fun otherwise to not play it.


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Looks like a lot of the problem with the move boils down to this still being a new game and lack of practice with dealing with everyone's fatal blows. I think we need to let it all play out and let the meta develop. This game is still new and we don't know everything yet and how to deal with everything yet. If we get rid of it or change it too early, you risk unnecessarily nerfing it to where it's not worth using.

I have thoughts on the matter though:

1). I don't think the length needs to be shortened. I can understand people not liking the length, but I think we risk the damage for these moves being set and it removes the little mini game where you can reduce the damage if you're getting hit or increase the damage of you're doing the hitting.

2) I honestly think the timer is fine because you'll probably, more often than not, get killed before it recharges. I think there should be a sliver of hope that it'll comeback. I think making it one and done if it whiffs or gets blocked is too much. It doesn't reward you for playing good defense it a tense situation. If anything, make the cooldown a little bit longer.

My advice is to just keep practicing so you'll know what to do to punish it and how to bait it.


How is having to lose 70% of your life to access your Fatal Blow free?

You're near death and one wrong move can end it all before you even get to use it.
I dunno, it’s still a low risk reward for doing worse than your opponent.
I might have less of a problem if some characters didn’t have better ones than others. I had a match last night against Erron Black, (I play Johnny) and the entire game was neck and neck to a third round, both of us with fatal blow available and he landed his. It felt super cheap and not indicative of the match as a whole.
Honestly, if NRS leaves the move as is, i wouldn’t lose any sleep, but I think the mechanic is kind of stupid.

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Fatal blows make me want to smoke because my hands are idle for so long . Nrs are literally pushing drugs . Im a simple man who doesnt get to play 8 hours a day i dont want literally more than half my playtime taken up with these lord of the rings extended edition cutscenes :DOGE:(
This is not to encourage a debate. This is reserved for everyone who wants to shut their console off every time they see one of these things and loudly express their discontent.

NRS you've successful made the worst mechanic in your history of 5 games.

The neutral is shut down when characters like Geras can walk half screen and win a match he was losing the entire game.

We understand you thought you were being creative with these cinematics. They're atrocious. They're not animated well. They are game breaking. And they spit in the face of players who spend hours in the lab.

Make stricter requirements immediately.
The tears lmao


How is having to lose 70% of your life to access your Fatal Blow free?

You're near death and one wrong move can end it all before you even get to use it.
Dude thats like playing soccer and getting a free penalty after 70min just for playing and having less ball possession than your opponent, then calling it not free cuz you played the game.

You just get it for playing and being hit. As a sole requirment, for me, this is as free as it gets. Its nothing you have earned, saved up, unlocked and its nothing to manage towards and you get to use it without any cost. And before you say it, no whiffing and dying is not a cost, thats valid for everything. I disliked Xrays as a concept more than FBs but at least those werent just given and had a cost.

Yea you are right one wrong move and you might die without being able to use it, but one wrong move from your opponent and you might win the game with it even before your opponent has access to his.

We might just have a different opinion of "free" but for me you couldnt make it more free.