D'Vorah Revealed for Mortal Kombat 11

Discussion in 'D'Vorah' started by Gamer68, Feb 5, 2019.

By Gamer68 on Feb 5, 2019 at 5:29 PM
  1. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    So the Inside Xbox stream for February happened. It's apparently something they do to show off new games coming out. And one of the games for this month's stream was Mortal Kombat 11. And boy, did they reveal some stuff you can find out below.

    Announced on the Xbox livestream by Ed Boon. They only showed her render.

    Post by @MortalKombat:


    EDIT: Clip of the reveal posted by @Braindead https://clips.twitch.tv/MoralEnchantingParrotKappa
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Discussion in 'D'Vorah' started by Gamer68, Feb 5, 2019.

    1. pure.Wasted
      I kinda agree and kinda don’t. Like, my first impression was, nothing wrong with a monstrous unattractive character, and few fit the bill better than her. But then I remembered that she was animated as a very sassy lady in MKX’s story mode. Sassy and monstrous is a... very odd combination. Not seeing how it comes together yet without totally retconning her character.
    2. Jhonnykiller45
      Fucking lol
    3. Pterodactyl
      I don’t see how being a hideous monster makes you unable to be highly opiniated.
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    4. Espio
      Only pretty people can be assholes duh!!
    5. Sablicious
      Like: D'vorah
      Dislike: D'vorah's face
      Qualifier: D'vorah will have alternate outfits (faces)
    6. Lord Greyjoy
      Lord Greyjoy
      Glad to see another non-MK9er. New design is wack, though.
    7. Jynks
      ^6 page thread... not going to read it all... but incase it is not posted yet..

      HonneyBee seems pleased : )
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    8. xXRagingFlameXx
      Y'all really calling a bug woman a butterface? That just goes to show some of y'all really be jackin off to these pixels because who the fuck looks at a bug woman who's meant to look monstrous and scary and says "....She should look like a model."

      Y'all never gonna get laid ew lmfao. D'Vorah I'm so sorry they trying to get off to you, you deserve so much better. NRS female faces are looking better than ever before, and we haven't even seen a female character who conventionally is gorgeous. Save the 'butterface' comments for Kitana or Jade. Characters who are meant to look pretty. Nasty asses.

      I hope she kills your favs in the story again. Bad bitch tingz.
    9. pure.Wasted
      Of course she can still be opinionated, but the question is at what point does an appearance change so much that it's basically a retcon, because it changes your entire perception of the character.

      MKX D'Vorah was totally rocking a haughty, regal "I'm too hot for this shit" bitch vibe. Between her animations, her black lipstick, her necklace, and literally having biological high heels, you can't tell me it wasn't all creating a certain impression. With her new appearance, I'm not seeing how she pulls that off. She looks more ready to crouch down on all fours and pouce than to walk around like she owns the fucking royal palace.

      I'm not saying I hate this redesign. I'm keeping an open mind. Maybe after the disaster that was Shinnok's defeat, she canonically devolves into some kind of bestial form and goes into survival mode. I dunno. I'm just not seeing how this design makes sense with the scenes she had in MKX.
    10. Bucketfeet
      Noooooo waste of character space.... my worst character from mkx

      On that note her redesign looks pretty cool. Almost android like. Congrats to those who are happy I guess...

      So pretty much confirmed that she's the next kombat cast since they kept eluding to a 'her' for the next episode
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    11. I suck at fighting games
      I suck at fighting games
      I'm optimistic about her. I'm curious to what her 3 changeable gear pieces are. Any thoughts?

      -Maybe her crazy long ass bug legs
      -Her head (not face but maybe different types of hair/hoods/masks?)
      -And then maybe her bug friends that are flying around her. They become more effective tools in combat for defense and possible zoning. Maybe several different types of bug cosmetics hahaha.
    12. xXRagingFlameXx
      They confirmed that the next Kombat Kast is not D'Vorah.
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    13. Bucketfeet
      That's cool if they did. Tbh because she's not anywhere near being my fav I dont mind if they got her out of the way early and leave the 'good' ones till later.
    14. Pterodactyl
      Always fun seeing character loyalist react to seeing their mains return
    15. MKF30
      I dont know why but I'm getting a Borg Queen vibe from D'Vorah in MK 11 based off this look anyway. Looks alright. Kabal looks cooler.

      Sidenote, I don't understand the bitching about her face/attraction. Umm she's not even fucking human, she's a bug race....You're not going to get Cindy Crawford in MK. lol
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    16. gitblame
      Sonya is about 50 year old. All her life in military. Had a child. -> People complain about her face being not cute
      Dvorah is a evil bug monster -> People complain she looks hideous.

      Being a profesional Mortal Kombat meat beater must be hard these days.
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    17. Aramonde
      I expected of the new MKX characters we'd get Cassie, one more Kombat kid, Erron and Kotal. I think we're just gonna have to come to terms that we'll MAYBE get one 3D era character(that's including the ones we usually see like Kenshi or Quan)

      This roster is gonna be mk9 characters + mkx newbies.
    18. xXRagingFlameXx
      Can I be honest? I don't see Erron coming back so idk if you should get your hopes up for him. Kotal's a possibility and I'd love to see Kotal VS. Shao. Would be sick to see those two big ass emperors going at it.

      Cassie's in and the only Kombat Kid that was popular enough to warrant a comeback was Takeda and I personally wouldn't mind him taking Kenshi's spot.

      But, at this point NRS have been killing it so hard with the MK11 redesigns that no matter who gets revealed, 3D/MK9/MKX whoever, I'll be fine. I just wanna see more dope shit.
    19. BlackShade
      Beautiful. Cant wait to try her out.
    20. projectzero00
      Meh not my favourite, not sure how I feel about her look yet might warm up to it. If Sheeva, Mileena and Nitara are not in then I'm happy we at least got one female monster.
    21. Dankster Morgan
      Dankster Morgan
      I don’t see D’Vorah coming back and not Kotal Kahn. I’d still imagine Takeda will come back and there’s nothing saying they won’t be DLC either
    22. HiddenSelectCounterPick
      All shinnok mains die :(
    23. Second Saint
      Second Saint
      Keep in mind that the core of D'vorah's character in mkx was deception and betrayal. In the comics, when Shao Kahn showed up at her home, she immediately bent the knee and joined the cause. Then Kotal, then Shinnok, and going by her arcade ending, she'd been planning to turn Shinnok into an immortal incubator to pump out her super babies.

      My point is she has always hidden her intentions to fit into a role. Going by this redesign, I don't think she's hiding anything anymore.
    24. HiddenSelectCounterPick
      We need more Black Dragon, heck since MK 11 is gonna be a meta like DFV put Kobra in!
    25. Darth-Nero
      " this stupid bitch D'aborah, why is she so goddamn plus on that goddamn puddle, +22, really Paulo? really??"

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