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D'Vorah Revealed for Mortal Kombat 11


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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i had lowkey given up on her coming back but i'm so glad to see her. She looks fuckin gnarly in the best kind of way and i'm fully expecting some real vile bug stuff when the time comes for her trailer. Hope this is a good sign for how the rest of the roster fills out.


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I mean, I think the technical difficulties with the Kabal trailer kinda made the reveal a bit dull for everyone. And the way they did the D'Vorah reveal was trash imo. It was just a render with Ed saying "Hey! She's in too!!"

Could've at least done a trailer.
Kano fans know the feel.
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NRS did a really amazing job on her design. She looks nightmarishy to look at. I'm assuming brand new moves and maybe still keeps her relentless pressure and her funky moves.

To show my appreciation to her my Baraka will perform every single Krushing blow and end every match by killing her.



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I, for one, am very happy about this reveal. D'Vorah was one of the best new characters of MKX and one of the coolest designs in any MK period. I'd take her over any 3D era character.


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YESSSSS!!! I started having so much fun with her towards the end of MKX so I'm very happy with this, such an amazing character. That new design is gnarly.


Ugh. Her design is horrible. What are those weak ass dreads??? They should've done better but I guess this doesn't matter since there's customization.

Well, I hope she plays well at least.


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While I never really played her, and was not a massive fan, I am really glad she is back. She is one of the stronger characters to come out of MK11 and deserves a spot on the roster.


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want to see her gameplay, not a fan of the redesign but the gameplay is more important to me.


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She looks like an absolute monster
Fucking good.

I was always disappointed with how afraid they were of making truly monstrous female characters like they did with males. They were always

just gives the females more variety to have some of them look like complete horror shows

In MKX I thought she looked good for a weird bug lady, but now she makes my dick want to crawl inside my body out of fear, and that’s awesome.

I do hope she gets some clothes though. I feel like if this was her initial design it wouldn’t feel as weird, but the fact that she used have clothes but now doesn’t makes her seem especially naked.