D'Vorah Revealed for Mortal Kombat 11

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By Gamer68 on Feb 5, 2019 at 5:29 PM
  1. Gamer68

    Gamer68 *Stares blankly*

    So the Inside Xbox stream for February happened. It's apparently something they do to show off new games coming out. And one of the games for this month's stream was Mortal Kombat 11. And boy, did they reveal some stuff you can find out below.

    Announced on the Xbox livestream by Ed Boon. They only showed her render.

    Post by @MortalKombat:


    EDIT: Clip of the reveal posted by @Braindead https://clips.twitch.tv/MoralEnchantingParrotKappa
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Discussion in 'D'Vorah' started by Gamer68, Feb 5, 2019.

    1. Crow
      My theory is D'vorah can change her forms now. As default she probably is more human-like (MKX style), but when some conditions are met, she can temporarily unleash her true bug-like form. That would also explain her new appearance which probably represents her true and monstrous bug form (with full exoskeleton and visible ovipositors). I only hope that render doesn't represent her more human form, because it's kinda ugly...
    2. aldazo
      But if it represents her monstrous form then it is lacking. I would say that is her humanoid form but needs some adjustments.
    3. BlackShade
      Only the dreadlocks need to go, otherwise she is perfect.
    4. aldazo
      Tbh I would add more dreadlocks instead (I'm tired of bald Dvorah). But if they keep her bald then put some color on her lips and add some clothes, she looks naked!
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    5. Crow
      If that is her human form, then I'd say that she lost what made her such original and interesting character.

      In MKX she was ambiguous, based on complete opposite traits mixed together in wierd way. On one hand she was very attractive and slightly sexualized (but not oversexualized), almost naked, goth style femme fatale. On the other she was kinda ugly with some off-putting and hideous bug-like things. It obviously caused mixed feelings, but that was the point of her design I believe.

      Now (if we take this render as her human form) she is just ugly, massive (even male-like) worm creature, nothing more. I don't want to sound like a sexist, but in my opinion it wouldn't be a problem if D'vorah was simply a man. Male characters (from video games, movies or comic books) don't have to be attractive to be visually appealing or to be considered "cool". Female characters however, are quite the opposite I believe.

      Do you recall any cool, fan favorite female character from pop-culture, which wasn't physically attractive (at least in some way)? Me neither. Even monstrous Kerrigan, Zerg queen from StarCraft was pretty and sexy. Coincidence?

      If you take female character and stick her mustache, she will look strange (gently speaking). In the same way, you can't just take women and give her as much muscle as Goro... I mean you can, but then you'll get Sheeva. Yes, THAT ugly character, which no one considered good looking in MK9.
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    6. trufenix
      See? 8 pages, but there it is.
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    7. aldazo
      I agree with the rest of the post except this :u part. Sheeva was not that muscular, and she was sexy:
    8. BlackShade
      I really dont understand why people want their videogame female characters to be beautiful and sexy. Do they want to fap to them or something? D'vorah now looks the way she was supossed to. They chickened out with her design in MKX. She should look like a horror movie character.
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    9. Raider
      This D'Vorah is not much different compared to the one from MKX.

      Visually one big difference are antennas on her head. And that's about it. When it comes to her face she just looks older to me and more vile. She looks like she doesn't have anything to hide now, she looks like she is in charge and i guess that's why they got rid of her hood and clothes. They clearly want to make a statement with this design.

      Overall she looks like she evolved from being "deadly but kinda cute" to being vile and sinister. And that's not a problem imo. That's who D'Vorah is supposed to be.
    10. Crow

      I've already explained this before, but let me say that again. Characters in video games must be "visually appealing" to be liked by audience. In other words they have to look in such a way that most people find their appearance attractive. Not necessarily sexually attractive, but just good looking or simply "cool". How can you achieve that? I believe that it differs depending on gender. Male characters can be either handsome, muscular etc., either ugly or creepy, but in the good way, like Goro, Baraka, Jason, Geralt from Witcher series, Cable from Deadpool etc. On the one hand they are off-putting, on the other they look very cool.

      As for the females, in my opinion the matter is much more straightforward, they simply must be physically attractive (at least in some way). I can bet that if Mileena was fat, no one would even like her. She has hideous face (though hidden most of the time) but she also is very attractive and sexualized (in more primal way, but still). Coincidence?

      tl;dr: Females in pop-culture must be physically attractive to be appealing. I've asked couple females and guess what, they agree with me.
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    11. MadPropz101
      No, definitely not true. Hisako from KI is the coolest female character imo, she is definitely not sexy, but unique and extremely creepy. This new D'Vorah design is much more efficient at showing the true nature of the character.
    12. Raider
      Exactly. I agree about both Hisako and D'Vorah.
    13. Crow

      I'd say that you just proved my point :). Say what you want, but on the basic level Hisako IS physically attractive. After all she's young, slender female, though with some off-putting, creepy traits (as she is kind of evil spirit). That's ambiguous and it's simply cool. D'vorah in MKX has exactly the same design idea and that's why I liked her. Now she seems to be just hideous and creepy. For male that would do, for female not really.
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    14. Pizza
      Stop trying to justify your fapping tendencies, you sicko!
    15. MadPropz101
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    16. Crow
      So convince me using arguments, instead of insulting me. Can you?
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    17. MadPropz101
      It's messed up xD?
    18. Crow
      Maybe it is, but then you have to ask yourself why D'Vorah was sexualized in MKX? Why Mileena always was? Why pop culture doesn't "produce" or promote ugly women very often (also old, fat etc.)? Do you believe it's coincidental? I think the reason for this is simple: audience doesn't like them in general (nor males, nor females), because they aren't appealing.
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