Dark Souls REMASTERED Discussion (OUT NOW!)

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Juggs, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. CmC_HAt

    CmC_HAt Noob

    OMG , remastered smoug and ornstein, what a nightmare..::!
  2. Tweedy

    Tweedy Noob

    When I first started playing this game, I didn't think it was possible to get tired of it. I definitely have tho. Was hoping for Demon Souls since that game is only on ps3 and older than Dark Souls 1.

    Pvp is cool but i'm not playing Dark Souls for online multiplayer when i'll have dbfz, inj 2, soul calibur 6, etc.
  3. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    This will honestly be such a hype killer for me. DS1 was mechanically perfect to me, I honestly feel that DS3 is clunkier and more shallow in comparison. I want to be dead angling, fake casting pyromancey, etc.
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  4. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    I totally disagree, maybe its due to the amount of hours spent in that game, but 99% of the controls are very comfortable and fit like a glove to me. DS3 added a few QoL improvements, but a lot of the general engine/combat system changes really watered the game down.
  5. Chernyy Volk

    Chernyy Volk Wolf lord, footsie bully, chronic corner abuser.

    It'd be optimized obviously. FROMsoft just sucks at optimization. This is confirmed to be rebuilt on top of the 3/Bloodborne engine though.
  6. wsj515

    wsj515 I will spit on your tomb

    So does that mean its just going to be a "reskinned" version of DS3?
  7. Chernyy Volk

    Chernyy Volk Wolf lord, footsie bully, chronic corner abuser.

    They also said they won't re-use DkS3 assets. I don't fucking know.
  8. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY buff erron
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    Agreed. I don't really want them to touch anything, it seems like they're improving on things that drastically needed improving like the servers and FPS which is good. Just don't touch the gameplay. I also wouldn't mind them touching up areas like Lost Izalith to make them less annoying and shitty.

    Also yeah, I like DS3 but something about it is so unsatisfying to me. Would be really disappointed if they adjust it to be more like DS3.
  9. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    Well it’s on the DS3 engine, so it’s probably DS1 played like DS3. That’s what I’m guessing at least.
  10. DownfouralitY

    DownfouralitY buff erron
    Premium Supporter

    I'm curious, I know you're a huge fan of the series so how would you feel about that? I'd personally be disappointed if this is the case.
  11. GGA Max

    GGA Max Well-Known Member

    4 months away, that's cool, have wanted to play it, I watch speed runs but I'm sure I'll still get some lore and new experiences
  12. Error

    Error DF2+R2

    Let's pvp so i can mix you up with dead angles and chain backstab oki
  13. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    Not really sure honestly. In theory I wouldn’t really mind it because some of the movement is awkward in the first Dark Souls, especially in relation to rolling. Basically, I never had a complaint with Dark Souls 3’s movements or mechanics, but HAVE complained about Dark Souls 1.
  14. Steven_a

    Steven_a Light Bringer

    ok i got my wotg ready boi
  15. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    At the time of his post that was the information we had available. The initial press release indicated this was the case back in January. In January this was a factual statement. You can't be criticizing January statements in April, man.

    Nobody is going to argue with you now that everything has been clarified by the developer.
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  16. Killphil

    Killphil A prop on the stage of life.

    I'd bother to ask you to get the information that says what you're saying there, but its not anywhere in the January 11th press release or the listing on the bandai namco site.

    Honestly I wasn't criticizing, that would imply there's still an argument to be made when its clear I was right from the start. (off topic)

    Anyway long story short - Remake != Remaster and what a few people in here were trying to tell me back then was implying the game was being remade. I challenged that because the only "factual" things I found were power phrases like '4k resolution' and 'stunning high definition visuals'.

    All you had to do was read the 60fps and you know anything about "bloodborne/dark souls 3" visuals is out the window.
  17. EntropicByDesign

    EntropicByDesign Confused and afraid.

    Ill buy this on PC out of pure loyalty to the series. I had left gaming entirely for years, and DS1 brought me back. I actually just reinstalled it yesterday, and got the latest DSFix. Cranked it all up, and it runs smooth as butter. The game looks so different @1080 and 60fps.

    I REALLY wish this was a Demon Souls remaster though, never played it.
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  18. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    So who’s getting this and on what system(s)?

    I might do both PS4 and XB1 since I have friends who only have one or the other, and with now being able to presumably summon 3 phantoms, should be hella crazy and fun.

    I’ll also be invading like crazy and beating up on the plebs who have never played Dark Souls before... I can hear their screams of rage now!! Muahahahaha
  19. Gamer68

    Gamer68 Let's put you on ice!

    So the Switch version and the PC/XBO/PS4 versions are being handled by two separate developers. There are some video and picture comparisons going around that show the PS4 Pro version of the game compared to the original PS3 version of the game. The environments look better, but armor and the bonfires actually look worse. Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/darksouls/comments/89it7e/remastered_worse_armour_textures_and_lighting/

    Honestly, I love the Dark Souls games along with Bloodborne. Can't wait to play what FromSoftware is making next. But this port does look low-effort considering those comparison shots.

    The good news is that the Switch version is much closer to the original version. Bonfires still look the same and everything. The bad news is that there is no 60fps and there are framerate issues, and of course less enhancements elsewhere since it's almost a direct port it seems.

    I will probably still get the game even though it is disappointing to see that it isn't a big remaster, and more like a port. I'll get it on Switch since it's portable and it doesn't have the arguably-worse-than-the-original changes that the other versions have. Plus I still haven't got a new PS4 since my old one broke, lol.
  20. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    Not sure where the information came from, but we were all under that impression at the time. Could have been overzealous speculation from the media. Doesn't matter. We were all kind of under that impression at the time.

    I was just trying to say "brah, chill it was Januaryyyy," lol. I don't think you intended to but your post came down hard as fuck, lol. Needed to point out that the passion was misguided.
  21. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    Remaster looks worse than the original lol

    Not going to buy this, seems lazy. Colours look washed out, graphical quality as a whole is only vaguely improved, it looks like it's lost the most important thing of #1 which was its vibe, and not updated any of the lesser aspects gameplay wise. I'd understand if this was the first PC version of the game and we wanted a perfectly accurate one in preservation, however we've already got that, so if you're going to re-release, it is time to update some of the flaws this game has.

    Ah well, the fanboys will still blindly throw money to From for whatever they serve up and I'm sure that's what they are banking on here. For the average Souls fan though I think this is a pass.
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  22. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    I mean it’s for sure underwhelming. I figured it was going to be like this once I saw the first footage about a month ago. Prominent Dark Souls players like Peeve were arguing with me saying it’s a big difference and that the PS4 and XB1 versions would be way different... but it seems I was right afterall.

    Still going to get it for PvP purposes. To both play with friends who I never got to play it with and invade all the new plebs. But I would not at all fault anyone who passes on this. Seems incredibly lazy and disappointing, and in a sense disrespectful to the masterpiece. I’d say if you have little interest in PvP and already played the original, probably best to skip this one.

    That said, won’t know 100% my opinion on this until I play it.
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  23. Espio

    Espio Wind Maiden
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    I agree, even if they weren't going to add any new areas, items, controls or balance the graphics really don't look objectively better. Some stuff looks better, some looks worse.

    Also when I think of remastered, I think of addressing notable gameplay flaws if nothing else.

    I was originally excited and granted I had perhaps too high of expectations thinking it would be more like how Scholar of the First sin was, but there's not enough incentive to get me to buy it again with the minimal effort/changes involved.
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  24. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    Yeah I hadn't seen footage till recently, I don't know what people could have been seeing in this to be feeling that this is of much higher quality, but I'm with you, definitely not seeing it myself.

    People still PvP on the old one, and that's where they have all their sets and shit grinded out, so I'm wondering what the point in buying this for PvP will actually be. I guess it will bring a bump to the number of active players? And a restart to everyone's stats? I think within a month or two though people will be back near max, and the playerbase will have gone back to the same old people PvPing who were doing it before, except now with a community fractured between two games.

    I'm a big Souls fan myself, and I was planning to buy this, but I guess I was expecting something a little more than the minimum. I'd have been happy with significantly better graphics and no gameplay changes, or just this semi-better graphics with gameplay updates, but I'm not so rabid for them that I'll pay $40 USD for what seems to be essentially nothing.

    The review I saw recommended it as pretty much a decent purchase for new Souls players in 2018 but not for returning players, which seems a fair statement, but I'm not even sure it's that. Prepare to Die edition is half this price for the original experience, if my friends asked me I'd still be recommending that over this, why would I tell them to get this one?

    All I can think of is maybe if I didn't have nostalgia for the first one, this remaster might look better than it currently does to me. No biggie I guess, just a remaster. That $40 price tag feels kinda rich though, some triple A games are released at that price point.
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  25. Undergroundepict

    Undergroundepict I am like the blue rose

    I'm still hyped because I don't have a PS3 anymore, and my PC situation isn't favorable to gaming, so I have been looking forward to replaying DS1 for years. In that sense, having DS1, 2 and 3 on PS4 is useful, especially when looking to introduce the series to new players and being reluctant to get them started on DS2 (not a Souls game lol) or 3.

    That said, if you still have a PS3 or run it on PC already, then this game has no value. It's clearly more of a port than a remaster. Maybe they shouldn't throw around the term "remaster" so casually.

    For the same reasons I wouldn't mind if God of War 1&2 were rereleased on PS4 again.
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