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"BIG (new) MKX News Koming This Week...." "...Encore?


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Is that a castle in the background? Queens live in castles. Sindel is a queen. Sindel could've been the queen who lived in that castle.

Sindel confirmed.
lol no it's just the castles that were in the background of the Pit.

I'm expecting Fujin, Sektor or Cyrax, Rain, and Sareena or Sindel. Not what I want but I can live with it


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Hoping for the 4 S's in KP2: Sindel, Sareena, Smoke and Spawn

But more likely: Rain, Sindel, Sareena, Fujin/Spawn


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If we were solely focusing on what KP2 characters would make the most money for NRS, and NOT your own personal preferences, what characters do you think would be included?

I would guess: (1) Smoke (with cyborg and human variations); (2) Noob; (3) Rain; and (4) Fujin


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Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Madonna and Kylie Minogue are obviously the characters In KP2

I mean, Moon = "take us to the pop stars on the moon" from Kylie's Light Years.


Tl;dr, fuck you.

Not having read all posts, I'll chime in with sumuhmy shit.

I believe this is an obvious and transparent reference to mk1. I don't know why or in what context, but "look to la luna" is the theme here. If anyone wants to expand on that....please do so. Is Noob Saibot the new Reptile-is-waiting-for-you-at-the-bottom-of-The-Pit?

I also believe this: NRS understands it is 2nd to capcom. They get that the FGC at large sees Capcom as the standard bearer for FGs that carry tournament meaning, that provide support and content to their purchasers and supporters for years (keeping them more or less satisfied with their content and their way of releasing said content) and their nuanced updates. I believe that NRS - whether by admission or not - looks to the recent SF4 content and support model as a "guide" on how to treat their community and maximize their profits.

Insofar as the above is the case, I believe we are getting new stages. Classic stages. Shortly after or at the same time, we will get new costumes for some characters, THEN we will see a "super" MKX edition with KP2 which will be available for independent purchase if one does not have MKX already, or for download.

It makes good business sense to do the above; the stream generation brings money along with it and NRS understands that if they don't keep MKX fresh and viable, it will be replaced by another fighter. It just doesn't make good business sense to entertain any other possibility at this time, since the more astute of TYM know they shit the bed on the online experience once again and need another avenue to put smiles on faces and get a return for their other efforts.

A warning, though: MKX support will only last as long as WB decides it's time to focus their efforts on Injustice 2. I can't stress how (soap bar in my mouth) these old farts can be. They will see the DC movie release dates and want to strike while the iron is hot, thus stealing away NRS MKX talent and QA and possibly abandoning the project to cash in on the hot iron.

I hope I'm wrong. I want to play MKX for years knowing there's a dedicated group both in the office and playing their hears out trying to make it a classic. There's so much potential here and so much more to do and explore. Until then, gents, I'm picking up the controller and having me some fun.
Bo Rai Cho
Fujin/ Sareena
Revenant Shao Kahn

Will get

8 more Klassic Fatalities & 4 New/Revamped Arenas

Still Happy but I hope it's not $30