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"BIG (new) MKX News Koming This Week...." "...Encore?

Hey Fellow Mk'ers

Me and a group of friends put together our first gaming video talking about Ed Boons teases at a new stage for MKX.

We would love to know your thoughts positive or negative, we had a lot of fun putting this video together and plan on making more so any feedback will be welcomed



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The video was well done but I thought it was pretty obvious that it is going to be the pit. Don't really know why there needed to be a video on it but alright :)


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Is that a castle in the background? Queens live in castles. Sindel is a queen. Sindel could've been the queen who lived in that castle.

Sindel confirmed.
Sjqifjqk deadT
If queen of Milfs is not in, i will not buy any NRS game ever
Ok i probably will, but i will be also very angry... which no one will care about but i will...
Please... Eddy, give me my Scream Queen back


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I'd like to take this time to pitch my vote for the KP2 cast in list of my personal priority:

Kabal, Smoke, Sindel, Nightwolf, and Stryker.

My reasoning behind my choices is that if Kitana, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, etc. get to be playable even though they were revenants, why not the others? It would also give the KP a theme, which is the "Revenant Pack."

I'd also like to say to the people claiming no other Kombat Packs, it would make NRS look very stupid/misleading if they named the first KP as KP1. Not saying that confirms it, since anything can/can not happen.


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A comic pack would be so tight, with

and give Blood God skins to them and all the other people who got turned. Also, erase the games story mode and replace it with the comics story.

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With the definition of encore being what it is easy enough to discern whats going on

your new dlc characters
kenshi again

Sorry you get duplicate of kenshi but thems the breaks.


If they dont announce KP2 soon its not gonna happen. So its either now or never in my oppinion.
Especially with the start of ESL S2 being at hand & Inj2 probably being release next year i cant see it any other way.

Anyway... if they made all this hype for anything but the KP2 its one of the most pathetic things ever.
Nothing against new arenas but it still would be a let down after all this. As for skins... i luv skins but i couldnt care less considering the way many past ones turned out. Most didnt look as if they put much effort into them. Besides - we will probably get more skins for Sub, Scorp, Johnny and Co. while others still dont have any. Not to mention that all this fuss for just skins would be silly.

But hey... maybe we get an "you are so great cuz u made it the best selling game"-package
1 new chars, 2 new arenas and a couple of skins for 30-40 bucks.... probably still a better deal than Arkham Knight got lol


It's gotta be a KP2 or at least a few more characters. They wouldn't lead us on like that if it's nothing, and they said that announcements are coming this week. I'm not giving up hope on this shit lol

But if it's just a few more stages or costumes, I would be completely cool with that.
Also Tyler said at the end of the Tremor stream: "This is it for Kombat pack ONE".


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Really hoping encore means return / encore for mk9 characters that are dead in a comic book or whatever
This is pretty much what I think. Characters that "canonically died" between the comic and MKX's conclusion. Sektor, Havik, Reiko, Smoke, Noob, Baraka, ect.

Mmm, throw in Shang, Rain, Bo' Rai Cho, or Cyrax and we've got a deal.


Guys, this is koncept art of the The Pit II in MK2011, this is no Photoshop. Boon is just teasing the return of The Pit stage for MKX + other klassics like he already mentioned in a past tweet.
The video was well done but I thought it was pretty obvious that it is going to be the pit. Don't really know why there needed to be a video on it but alright :)
Thanks I'm glad you thought the video was well done, I can see how it'd be very obvious to most mk fans, but hopefully some people learned something new :)